Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Virus scan and back-ups finished...

...just gotta remember that it's the monthly virus scan tomorrow, so I need to not open my email programmes again and it'll be going until after lunch again, so that'll be the fourth day this week that I'll be going hungry at lunchtimes and my breakfast won't go anywhere near filling me up for more than a couple of hours, so my belly will be rumbling and I might wake up feeling sick from hunger on Friday, but as long as Steve eats then that's all that matters, right?

Almost time for my lunchtime pill now, so I'd best publish this and take it.


As predicted...

Steve's not gonna cook today either so I'm gonna have to go and do his lunch for him for the third day on the trot, yet apparently he "cooks all the meals" so should have cooked 6 meals by now, right?  So far he hasn't made a single meal for me this week and I've made 100% of them for him.

I'm gonna go and make his sandwiches in a bit, then bring in the fruit for my smoothie again.  I'm making a prediction for tomorrow lunchtime - he won't cook then either, so I'll be making both meals for him then too, same on Friday and both days of the weekend, then it's NaNo on Monday so he won't be cooking for me for at least 10 days 'cos I'll be having instant soup for my only meal until I've written the final word and I can pretty much guarantee that he won't want to cook after that either.  Might get two or three cooked meals at the start of December then he'll be "preparing for my mum's huge Christmas dinner" so I'll be going hungry then too, then it's JanNo so I'll be living off instant soup for the first half of January then it'll all start all over again. He'll still tell everyone that he makes every meal and supports me all day, every day though 😠

Today's breakfast photo

Steve has his regular medical appointment this morning and, as normal, he prolly won't want to cook when he gets home, so this is potentially my only meal of the day again:

Mornin' again all

How are you all doing this morning?

I woke up really hungry, for the first time since having my most recent surgery, so I've already had my breakfast and first pills of the day, I even remembered not to open my email programmes 'cos of the weekly virus scan and it's the monthly virus scan tomorrow so I've gotta remember not to open my email programmes then either lol


I'm gonna go and resize my breakfast photo for you all, ready to put on here and Instagram.




Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Book Review: "An Unusual Boy" by Fiona Higgins



⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

Every book I read starts off with the full 5 stars and I'm always hopeful that I'll close the book with all of 'em still firmly in place.

There are a lot of incredible books out there that I would have happily given the full five stars to... except that they'd used brand names without permission.  I've knocked a star of other books for that reason, so I've very reluctantly removed a star from even the best of books.  Gotta be fair to all books, no matter their quality  ;-)  Same with this book - I want it to end with all five stars in place, but if the author uses brand names without permission, then I'll be taking a star off this book too.

Let's get on with the reading and reviewing now  :-D

I'm on page 4 and I've just been told we're in Australia... I've never left the UK so this should be interesting to see what the similarities and differences are like.  I wonder if the author is gonna deliberately use Australian words like "cobber" or if it'll all be in every day language that I don't have to think about too much?

The first 13 pages are good, but there has just been mention of a social media brand on page 14, so the fifth star is looking wobbly already :-(

Page 26 has got several big brand names, so the fifth star is sliding off and we're already down to four star after only 10% of the book  :-(

For some reason the POV has suddenly changed from the mum to the son and it's a bit weird now 'cos I was only just getting used to being in the mum's head and now, all of a sudden, I've got to get into a child's head!  I'll give it a little while, but the fourth star is already looking wobbly, so soon after the fifth star had to go... it had so much potential in the initial chapters, but now it's just made me incredibly confused!

I've already taken a star off for this, but there are now another three big music star's names being used, potentially without permission... the book started off really well, but that's suddenly changed now which ain't good at all!

Up to chapter 5 now and I'm gonna leave it there for today 'cos I'm absolutely cream crackered, but I'll hopefully be back bright and early in the morning though.

Back now and the POV has changed back to the mother again!  That's three changes in five chapters!  If it changes again before the middle of the book, the fourth star is joining the fifth on the floor unfortunately.

The POV has changed yet again in chapter 6 so the star is sliding off and we are down to three star now  :-(

Up to chapter 11 now and the POVs seem to change every couple of chapters which is sooo confusing... especially as it's written in first person too!

Oh dear!  Poor Jackson doesn't realise or even understand the trouble he could be in now... poor boy!

Oooh, that's screwing with my head a bit lol  Apparently it's cold *until* September in Australia, even though that's when it *starts* cooling down over here in the UK lol

What an inventive mum!  When she said about "Kitchen Science" I thought that was gonna be like learning how to cook rather than disolving eggshells!

Cor lummy!  What a way to end chapter 21!  I can take a wild guess at who was the one causing the problem and I reckon he should be arrested... am I getting too caught up in this book this evening?  lol

Chapter 22 was a huuuge relief... hopefully no permanent damage done?!

What a great ending to a fantastic book!  If it hadn't been for those couple of stars dropping off at the start, then I would have gladly awarded this book the full five... a definite must-read, as long as you can see past those couple of things that I can't.

As I predicted again this morning... carer isn't cooking again, despite promising that he would every time I've mentioned it since the weekend.  His "definitely tomorrow though, promise" is worthless until it actually happens 'cos out of the four meals he says he cooks for me, he's actually cooked bugger all of them and has relied on me to get his meals out of the fridge for him too.  Out of a potential five meals that he's had yesterday and today, they have all been made by me - he hasn't even prepared one of them - not even getting things out of the fridge.

Without being pessimistic, I don't reckon he'll cook at all this week and I've got nothing that I can have (he's got sandwich spreads and a pork pie) that doesn't need cooking, so it'll be dairy-free chocolate and biscuits for me while my carer expects me to make him a proper lunch each day, just like yesterday and today.

I'm gonna go and make myself some bread and spread and make lunch for my carer at the same time.  Again.  Then go and sort out the wild birds' water as well, like my carer promised that he'd help with last week.

Morning all

Had a busy morning so far and I've bought a year's delivery pass at Morrisons, so we can spend the weekly budget purely on groceries without having to calculate the delivery fee for the next year too!  It means I've had to reschedule the next three weeks deliveries to a Tuesday, rather than a Monday, but that's OK as long as I remember to change the third week tomorrow so that we can take full advantage of it.  


I've asked Steve about having puds with our lunch every now and then and he agreed "as long as it doesn't mean any more work" so I'm thinking tinned fruit salads or whatever.  It doesn't need to be anything fancy 'cos it's just the two of us, but it'd fill us up a bit more and might get more fruit into our diet too, which can only be a good thing!

I've taken my morning pills and the virus scan was clear again, so I just need to put the breakfast photo up now - t'was a huuuge disappointment this morning 'cos it was so light and bland and I used up such a huge amount of the box just for one breakfast too, so won't be getting them again.

Here's the photo before I forget again:

I'm hoping it'll be scrambled egg and chips for lunch, hopefully with onion rings too (assuming onion rings go with eggs??  Opinions on that please!) but anything at all that's cooked is better than yesterday!

I'm hoping to do a bit more reading and reviewing this afternoon, after I've done the news and hopefully had my lunch... we shall see though.  Need to sort the wild birds' water bowl out at some point too.

Monday, 25 October 2021

Food tomorrow will apparently be...

...choccie Shreddies™ for Steve and Morrisons own brand of Sugar Puffs™ for me for brekkie and scrambled eggs and chips for lunch.  Assuming Steve does the washing up tomorrow then hopefully we'll both be able to have something 'cos I won't be on my feet for 20 minutes just for him.  I won't believe that we'll have lunch until it's right there in front of me though, same as today.

I'm gonna be having a banana and pineapple smoothie for elevenses tomorrow so that we can use up last weeks bananas before they go off again.

I wanna try and build up a bit of weight and energy 'cos I'll only be having instant soup for the first ten days of November 'cos of NaNo which won't give me anywhere near enough calories, so I wanna build up a bit extra this week to keep me going until I've finished writing... it's only twice a year and I'm hoping to write my final word on the 10th this year so that I've got 20 days to get out of the head of my main character and back into real life instead of the fictional world I'll be creating.

I've had the reminder come up to take my last two pills of the day, so I'll take those now and wait until my carer wakes up enough to say goodnight to me, then I'll head to bed for an early night.  Doubt I'll post again before I head upstairs, so I'll say nite nite to you all now.

As I predicted first thing... carer didn't make lunch, so I had to make it for him and he's wasted £5.90's worth of groceries for his lunch alone 'cos he didn't have his sandwich spreads or pork pie before they went out of date again.

I'm having a smoothie for my lunch 'cos my legs gave way as I brought in part two of my carer's lunch, so it isn't safe for me to be out there making myself bread and butter.  If the rest of the week goes as normal then I'll be having nothing to eat if my carer wants to 'cos I very much doubt he'll be cooking this week either.  He's got cake and biscuits and meat and I've got bugger all coming with today's groceries, so it's gonna be another week of me having very little to eat and next week is the start of NaNo so I won't be eating for at least the first 10 days of that, but my carer doesn't seem to give a flying fuck as long as he has something to eat!

My entire calorie count for today is gonna be 1,131 calories, thanks mainly to the 4 wheat biscuits and the litre of soya milk I've had today.  Good job I need to lose 2¼kg really 😏

Today's breakfast photo

I slopped waaay too much soya milk onto the first part, so decided to put the second part in with the first, to dry it up a bit.  I pretty significantly over-sugared too, so overall a sloppy and sugary breakfast  lol


Here's the photo: