Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Just taken my pills and prepared the review text file, sooo...

...I'm gonna take the puppy for her stroll when she wakes up and hope that this Wednesday's walk actually gets recorded now that I seem to have fixed the issue I was having with the sleep and exercise not being recorded... we shall see though.





My FitBit is working properly again!!!! 


The issue really was a PICNIC (Problem In Chair, Not In Computer) after all and I could have had a week's worth of needed data if I'd only realised sooner❗

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Off to bed now... gotta remember not to... my email programmes until the weekly virus scan has finished - hope I don't forget❗ 🤞

Nite nite orl... sea ewe in the morning.  💤

I've fixed one of the issues I was having with the FitBit app

For some reason my FitBit hadn't been logging my exercise or sleep for the last week.  All my online settings were the same and hadn't been changed so I figured I'd check the actual tracker that was around my ankle and try resetting it again.

I took it off my ankle, reset it and was suddenly inspired to check the settings on it.  It was set to "On Clip" rather than "On Wrist" for some bizarre reason, so I changed it back to the right setting and it obviously worked 'cos it tracked this afternoon's walk with the puppy automatically again 👍

I obviously don't know if it'll go back to tracking my sleep again, 'cos I haven't been up to bed yet and there's no way it could have happened by accident 'cos I had to press the button on the side, do several swipes and click on the screen, then swipe back to reset it, so I must have done it as an experiment and forgotten that I'd done it... d'oheth.

It's hopefully all sorted now though 😌

The photo's are now up and ready for your viewing pleasure

There's only 3 photos today, but that's better than nothing.  You can see them on my homepage if you want to.

Puppy walked, fed and medicated for the last time today...

...she was a great little girl again and it's time for her humans to have their tea now.  Got a photo of her to put on my site and she's actually looking through her fur straight at you this time, which is awesome 👌

Time to have our cake and put the photo on my site now.  BBL.

This week's email report from FitBit is up on my homepage now

Just coded and uploaded my weekly email report from FitBit, so that's everything sorted for another week now.


Had our lunch and my calorie count is right through the roof today

Thanks to the vegan spread for breakfast and the cake for lunch, I've eaten almost 3,000 calories today which will hopefully help the scales increase in 6 days time.  I've also got my official invitation for my flu jab and I wanna ask Marie to take me down so that I don't have to get into an argument with Steve about pumping Patrick's 🦼 tyres up again.  Hopefully he'll phone and ask before he goes to his medical appointment, but if not I'll try and remember to ask him to call to ask when he gets home.

The puppy has been walked, fed and medicated and is currently snoring away in her bed, bless 'er

It was slow going to start with, but by half way through, the puppy was walking normally and enjoying it so much that she walked me an extra length at the end.  Means that it's one less this afternoon too... you watch me forget though 😩.  As long as we do the right number of lengths a day, I take my lead from the puppy dog.

Fitbit fully charged and back around my ankle, another 500ml drunk and...

...we're having "treacle sandwiches" for breakfast and cake for lunch today, then it's zoop tomorrow 'cos of the virus scan.