Monday, 26 October 2020

Pills taken, virus scan running, website updated...

...electricity just about to be sorted out.  Steve's on the phone to them now and I really can't afford a penny more.


Need to cancel the Dogs Trust stuff though, which I'm not at all happy about.  I've already cancelled everything except the groceries and life insurance but Steve's cancelled buggar all of his payments which I don't see as fair at all 😠


Sunday, 25 October 2020

Talk about calorie overload today lol

My nurse wants me to put on 6kg of weight by January so that she's happy that I'm eating enough to function and I've achieved about 300g gain each week since she told me that.  I just haven't been moving as much and aiming to turn the FitBit calorie graph significantly red each day.

It's been blue (not enough calories in) twice this week, but today will hopefully make up for that, 'cos I've eaten 3,677 calories which is 2,097 calories over target today... woops❗  Definitely one of my highest (if not the actual highest) since I got it and made a conscious effort to control my calories, exercise and weight.  Hopefully the scales will show that I'm at least 54kg when I weigh myself tomorrow... if it does, then I've put on 2kg since the end of August, which is awesome and I'll only have to put on another 4kg before January then.

Sorry I didn't post this morning, but...

...I've taken my pills, had my breakfast (porridge) and lunch (cake) and have been reading a book while waiting to hear about the puppy and when she'll be home.  Gonna spend the rest of the afternoon reading and reviewing the book then take things from there.  The morning's virus scan was clear and I'm slowly building up confidence about going up and down slopes now, after practising using the wheelchair slopes yesterday and just now.  I'm still nervous about it, but my anxiety wasn't through the roof when I did it just now.


Saturday, 24 October 2020

Just taken my last two pills of the day and I'm...

...heading to bed pretty much straight away and hopefully remembering to change the bedroom clock-radio in the knowledge that I'll get an extra hour in bed and that I don't have to be up early to take the puppy for her morning stroll tomorrow.


Apparently the puppy is still off her food so Helen wants to try her with a different one in case it's the flavour that she doesn't like (it seems, for the moment at least, like she doesn't like the "Chappie original" flavour so Helen's gonna try her on the "Chappie chicken and liver" one instead) then we'll take it from there.  Gotta love her pickiness and Westitude 🙄🤣

We had s'getti and meatballs after all lol

I somehow managed to convince the chef to cook the spaghetti and meat free meatballs after all and we agreed that it tasted especially good today too.  We only used half a bag of cheese too, instead of our standard full bag for some reason, so that's back in the fridge ready for us to use again.  We're getting good at this portioning thing and we don't often waste food any more, which is even better❗


Next week is the last full week of solid food until I've finished NaNo, then solid food again in December while I plan out my JanNo novel then start 2021 with zoops again.

Need to work out which course(s) to study this afternoon now.  Which one do you reckon I should do please❓  You can see the list here and leave me a comment to let me know in reply to this blog post.  I'm thinking one of the ones with less than 3 modules so that I can be sure to finish studying at a reasonable time tonight.

The chef has changed his mind about lunch today

"Might be sandwiches for dinner instead today, sorry" which is fine and dandy, as long as he doesn't get back into the not cooking most of the time again, 'cos I can't afford any more bribes until the electric has been paid off.

Pills taken, virus scan clear, email downloaded, teeth brushed...

...puppy's poo moved, soooo I'm all set for the day now.  I'm thinking that I'll go and do laps of the house and yard and practice going up and down the slopey bits today.  Steve's said we're having spaghetti and meat-free balls for lunch today so that we can try and use up more of the mountain of spaghetti we've got... we didn't realise just how much spaghetti is in a 1kg pack so we've barely touched it so far 🙄 and we've got at least two or three more meals in the pack too 😄


I'm hoping to study another course today too... not sure which one yet though, prolly a short one so that I can do the laps, have my lunch and be there for the puppy when she comes home today.  I hope she's eaten and poo'd while she's been gone and she was just having an off-day yesterday with her not wanting to eat after her breakfast and no pooing 😟 

Friday, 23 October 2020

That's the puppy gone and our tea eaten...

...I've taken my pills, so I'm gonna head to bed as soon as my Fitbit has finished charging up.


Puppy's been walked and fed, we've potentially got...

...the money problems and electric sorted and a way to pay for the puppy's vet bill too - apparently we'll have a discussion about it when Steve's finished in the bathroom 🚽.  Things potentially aren't as bleak as they were 24 hours ago though❗


Virus scan finished, morning pills taken...

Still free of nasties and I'm dosed up until lunchtime, just waiting for the puppy to be ready for her stroll, Steve to phone the nPower man that came out at lunchtime yesterday, the can covers to arrive and the puppy to go back with Helen.

The puppy seems to be ready for her walk now, so I'll take her out and settle in for the rest of the day then.