Saturday, 21 April 2018

14 in 7 days

Just finished me fifth course of the day and I've got a grand total of two left to do tomorrow, then that's all the intermediate courses done and dusted, which means I can move the statements onto their own page and go through the advanced courses, saving the ones I want to do ready for next week!

I'm really getting into the studying thing now!!  Just gotta save up for my first OU undergraduate course!

My confidence has really improved over the last 6 weeks... this time two months ago and I would never have believed that I'd even consider writing this, but my confidence is sky high now... as long as I avoid science and maths courses I'll be OK I reckon!

13 in 7 days

Like at lunchtime, I finished the fourth course of the day just as our tea turned up!

I discovered another course that I hadn't put on the list too, so instead of having two courses left to do now, I've got three so I'll have finished the Level 2 courses by this time tomorrow, ready to make a start on the Advanced (Level 3) courses on Monday!

12 in 7 days

Just finished my third course of the day and it was about health assessments instead of the course assessments I was thinking!  lol

11 in 7 days

Finished off another course while I was having me lunch... this one was so much more interesting!

10 in 7 days

Such a boring course that one!  I can see why it's not a paid for course any more!

Got six more Intermediate courses left to study which, in theory, should be done and dusted by bed time tomorrow!

Supplements taken

I remembered after all.

Feeling bloated with the squash for some reason again though  😕

Took our puppy out for her walk

She was mostly a good girl... wanted to go on the walk that Steve takes her on instead of the one I take her on though  😕

Time for me vitamins then studying for the rest of the day!

You watch me forget the vitamins!  lol


Just ordered meself 2 tops, 2 bras and trousers for under £63 to replace the holey ones that I've been wearing up to now, and I've still got £100 left to spend after all the bills and shopping have come out!

Getting the lump sum for PIP definitely came at the right time!

Friday, 20 April 2018

9 in 6 days

That's me fifth course of the day done and dusted!  Not bad going considering I didn't even start until about 10am today!

8 in 6 days

Just finished my fourth course of the day and I've taken me pills but I'm thinking of doing another course now before I head to bed 'cos I'm still not tired!