Sunday, 20 May 2018

I bet he'll complain about it tomorrow too!

Out of a shop costing £59.45, 40p is for the carrier bags which takes the total down to £59.05 yeah?  Take off £4.20 for my drinks and £25.35 for the mutual stuff leaves £29.50 purely for Steve's stuff.  Over £25 for Steve's stuff than my stuff and he's chosen brand name stuff like Toilet Duck (his choice to increase the price of the mutual dooberries) and Go Ahead bars (purely for him) as well as 2 Onken yoghurts costing £1 each (for him only too) as well as 2 malt loaves purely for him that are brand name (Soreen) and Galaxy Minstrels (for him only) and sausages, doughnuts, 3 lots of cake sandwich stuff etc yet all that I've added is 6 bottles of Sainsburys own brand pop. 

Nothing else.

Steve's reasoning?  He put £20 towards the shopping "so we can afford more stuff".  I've put £50 a week aside for the shopping yet my stuff comes to less than a fiver!!

Maybe it's just my maths, but going by Steve's reasoning he should be adding an extra £21 every week *on top of* the money he puts in for his extra's so that it's fairer!

I've got nothing against him adding things to the shopping, but why add brand name stuff when there is the same stuff for less on own brand things?!

Just taken the pup for her walk

I think she's feeling her age because we only went up and down twice today and she's 8 years old so maybe her bones are aching or something?

Supplements taken

They all went down OK this morning!  Even the Calcium crumbs went down pretty easily without going everywhere in my mouth!

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Book review: 3 hour dad by Adam T Hourlution

✰✰✰✰✰ out of 5

Just finished reading this book and it's an adorable but very quick read!

It takes you through the rapid change from fun-loving, innocent, twenty-something who is more interested in completing his Star Wars figure collection than saving money for the future all the way to a brand new dad with the overwhelming responsibility it brings.

The author takes the reader through everything he was feeling, right from the first phone call in the middle of the night telling him to get to the labour ward fast all the way to unpacking all the new things for his surprise new baby!

It's a quick must-read for anyone who thinks it will never happen to them... it can and does as this book proves.  Set yourself up with a savings account just in case you need it and move any leftover money into it... better to be safe than sorry and all that!

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements... the Calcium went everywhere when I crunched it up and the multi kept refusing to be swallowed so it was only the Iron that went down easily!

Friday, 18 May 2018

"chocolate fairy dust cake" for lunch today

Got us a chocolate cake with soya milk in it so that I can have it instead of just Steve.

Had the first slice yesterday and while it was stronger/darker chocolate than I usually like, it was good to finally have a slice of proper cake that didn't make me ill so I'm gonna have another slice for me lunch then a burger for tea... now that all bar one manuscript is edited, I'm gonna have me tea and an early night for the first time this week then start studying either tomorrow or on Monday, depending on when I get the materials sent to me... achieved so much in the last few days!

So proud of myself!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Pupils 1 v Teachers 0 lol

The hubby has just sent me this link about Scottish kids cheating in a literacy test - WTG kids says me!  lol

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements... the Iron was a PITA to get down so it melted, the multi was a struggle to swallow and the crumbs of the Calcium went everywhere in my mouth too!


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Haven't achieved much today unfortunately

I walked the pup this morning then came home and typed out 2 synopses and edited a single manuscript but that's been it for my entire day!  😞

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Taken me 3 supplements

They all went down OK this afternoon, which is good that I didn't have to get bloated with squash from trying to swallow them today, so I'm a happy bunny.

Easily pleased, me!  lol

Monday, 14 May 2018

What a shock!!

Just had someone come to the door saying that a savings policy that I thought was cancelled when we had money problems is almost ready to be paid out 'cos it matures in July and I'll then get £4,700 which is a total shock 'cos I could have sworn that I'd lost the money I'd paid in when I cancelled the policy... I certainly haven't paid anything into it for a few years so being told that the policy was still running and that it's almost matured was a total shock!

It means I can pay off BC in full and still have £2,000 left over!!  That means I'll be totally debt free and I can work on rebuilding my credit score as well as being able to have money to fall back on while I'm waiting to hear about ESA in November.

In theory, even if I don't get ESA I can cancel all my direct debits and use the money for groceries and stuff each week for 30 months.

I hope I do get ESA in November though, 'cos there's no way I can work so I will, in theory, be living on PIP until September 2019 then I'll be penniless, but at least I'll be out of debt!!

Taken me 3 supplements and...

...I've just realised that there are 5 more courses on that I want to do!

So, plans for this week are to do loads of editing of my manuscripts today and tomorrow then carry on studying!  I honestly thought I'd finished all the courses and was feeling lost without things to do, but my to-do list is huge now!  lol

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Just taken me 3 supplements again

They all went down OK this morning, thankfully.

I'm in a foul mood though and I don't know why!

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Supplements taken, but...

Just taken me 3 supplements but the multi was a PITA to get down today.  Got 9 days of Calcium left, so I'd best check I've got some more!!

Got 2 bottles of Iron, 1 of Calcium and none of the multi so I'll need to put in an order for the Calcium and multi soon, just to be sure I don't run out!

Virus free and backed up for another week

The virus scan has finished... seems to take 26 hours to completely scan my entire hard drive.  Backed everything up again too, so if something catastrophic happens to my hard drive, everything is up to date as of about 15 minutes ago.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Just taken me supplements and...

...all 3 of 'em put up a fight today!  😞

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Supplements taken again

Just taken me three supplements again.

The Iron disintegrated but other than that, things weren't too bad today, fortunately.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Supplements taken and more details about getting 20% off

Just taken me 3 supplements and they all went down pretty easily this morning.

If you want to get 20% off at Simply Supplements, just use my name (Amanda George) and email address ( in the referred by a friend box, give it a couple of minutes and the 20% will automatically be applied to your order!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Intrigued by my posts about taking me supplements?

If you're in the UK and you're looking for a fantastic supplement provider and you want 20% off your first order, I can't recommend Simply Supplements highly enough!

Just use this link or my name (Amanda George) at the checkout et voila!  They even cater for vegetarians (which a lot of other places don't) and they are happy to answer any questions about any of the supplements they sell... I've been buying all my supplements off them for 15 years and wouldn't go anywhere else now!

They even do supplements for pets and offer a student discount too as well as frequent offers and sales... you really can't find a better place for supplements online!

Supplements taken

Just taken me three supplements and it was the multivitamin that was a nightmare to swallow this time, so I'm now bloated because of all the squash I had to drink to swallow it!

Monday, 7 May 2018

It's taken 30 years, but...

I've never been good at maths, but I woke up this morning knowing my 9 times table!!

I'm far from fast, but I can, for the first time in my life, work out what the answer to any of the 9 times tables without a calculator!

Steve asked me a couple of multiplication questions at random and while it took me a few seconds, I got them right without any kind of calculation device in sight!

He asked me what 8x8 was and I didn't have a clue, but I got the 9 times table questions right each time!

I'll never be a Countdown contestant, but I'm so proud of myself right now!

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Fourth course on Alison

Just finished my fourth course on and there was another error that meant I only completed 90% of one of the modules until I did the assessment, went back to the topic, read it for at least the fifth time and this time it actually worked!

They obviously don't test their courses before they release them to the world!  Tsk!

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Hardly fair, is it?

Just completed my third course with and got 12 questions wrong on my first attempt at the assessment so I failed.

Got 7  wrong on the second attempt so failed that one too.

Scraped by with 2.5% above the pass mark on my third attempt and took module 8.

It answered 8 questions that the assessment had asked all three times.  The only reason I scraped by on the third attempt was that I already knew the answers based on a previous course.

If the assessment had been at the end of the course I would have got 4 questions wrong but would still have passed first time on what was supposed to be an assessment of what you had studied throughout the course, so why are so many questions being asked about something you don't even study until after you've taken the assessment??

It would only take a few minutes to change the html for the assessment to be moved from the end of module 7 to the end of module 8 and it would be fairer on future students too!!

Such a good girl!

Mitzi gets a VivaDogs box every month with toys and stuff in it.

There was a pack of wipes and food with this months box.  She's on a diet atm so I put the food onto Freegle but if nobody wants it today then it'll be binned tomorrow.

She's a spectacular pup though 'cos I've just wiped her down with one of the wipes and she's white again now!

She wasn't sure at first so I didn't force her but she was a brave little pup and eventually let me wipe most of her body apart from her legs and chest.  I don't want to force her into something so new to her so I just did her body and face then binned the wipe.

Mitzi was an amazing girl though... just stood there and let me do it!

Just stood there and let me do it!

Supplements taken

Just taken me three supplements... the Iron kept refusing to go down for some reason though!

Friday, 4 May 2018

Power cuts

Just had 2 power cuts which meant our internet, TV and landline phone were all out of action and our laptops were quickly using up battery power too!

Apparently Steve only gets an hour on his battery but I get 5½ hours on mine!!

Just unenrolled from last night's Alison course

The Alison course that I was whining about yesterday has been unenrolled from now... I was wasteing my time on it and because I couldn't remember what I'd learnt yesterday I failed the first assessment.

I'm gonna concentrate on the courses I'm passionate about now - childcare and mental health, nothing else.


Thursday, 3 May 2018

Third Alison course is taking forever!

It's a business course that was supposed to last 6-10 hours but I haven't even got through a third of it!!

There's an assessment too that I'll have to take but I can't even remember what I learnt this morning, let alone after 36 hours!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

First course finished

Just scraped through the test on my first course with a score of 88%.  I had to get 80% to pass.

I know what to expect now though and I'm about to start on my second course which only takes about an hour so I'll be able to have an early night tonight, thankfully!

Just got back from walking our senior pup

She seems to have something programmed into her that means she only poo's when she's out with Steve... maybe she knows that I need to bring her home to get the long handled pooper scooper but Steve can bend over with a carrier bag 'cos that's what happens when she's out with him?

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements again and I'm trying to put heading tags in the HTML that I've been learning on a course, but it hasn't been working so Steve's in control now!  lol

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements and I'm belching for England now!  lol


I hope any fellow Pagans have a blessed Beltane today... bright blessings!

Family walkies this morning

We both took the pup out for her walkies this morning... I took her for 50% of her normal walk with me then Steve took her for 50% of her normal walk with him so she went for a decent length and it was more interesting for her too!

She did 2 wee's and a poo which Steve cleared up and put into our back yard ready for picking up and putting into the rubbish bag on Sunday evening ready for Monday's pick-up by the rubbish collectors!

She seems to be a bit sore or doddery in her legs so maybe she's starting to feel her age now and we shouldn't walk her as far?