Saturday, 5 May 2018

Such a good girl!

Mitzi gets a VivaDogs box every month with toys and stuff in it.

There was a pack of wipes and food with this months box.  She's on a diet atm so I put the food onto Freegle but if nobody wants it today then it'll be binned tomorrow.

She's a spectacular pup though 'cos I've just wiped her down with one of the wipes and she's white again now!

She wasn't sure at first so I didn't force her but she was a brave little pup and eventually let me wipe most of her body apart from her legs and chest.  I don't want to force her into something so new to her so I just did her body and face then binned the wipe.

Mitzi was an amazing girl though... just stood there and let me do it!

Just stood there and let me do it!

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