Thursday, 24 May 2018

Just finished Module 1 after 8 hours, so...

...the 10-15 hours studying actually means... 10-15 hours per module rather than per course!!

There are 18 modules and 4 in-course assessments as well as an end of course assessment too!

Considering I was struggling to make any notes for the first couple of hours, I've now got over 20 pages of them just for the first module!!

I've already taken me prescription so I'm gonna read my email, do a few surveys then head to bed I reckon after only getting 6 hours sleep a couple of nights ago!

It's getting me ready for the modules and courses I'm going to take with the OU if I'm awarded ESA in November.  If I'm not awarded it then it'll kill me because there's no way anyone can live on under £220 a month that I'll get from PIP until September 2019.

No, I'm not being melodramatic, just honest.  Brutally honest.

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