Saturday, 5 May 2018

Hardly fair, is it?

Just completed my third course with and got 12 questions wrong on my first attempt at the assessment so I failed.

Got 7  wrong on the second attempt so failed that one too.

Scraped by with 2.5% above the pass mark on my third attempt and took module 8.

It answered 8 questions that the assessment had asked all three times.  The only reason I scraped by on the third attempt was that I already knew the answers based on a previous course.

If the assessment had been at the end of the course I would have got 4 questions wrong but would still have passed first time on what was supposed to be an assessment of what you had studied throughout the course, so why are so many questions being asked about something you don't even study until after you've taken the assessment??

It would only take a few minutes to change the html for the assessment to be moved from the end of module 7 to the end of module 8 and it would be fairer on future students too!!

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