Friday, 25 May 2018

Module 2 finished just now, soooo...

I'm thinking the 10-15 hours it quotes on the Alison site is almost certainly a per module studying time instead of the whole course time.

Either way, if I pass this course I'm gonna pay to get the digital diploma to display proudly to show that I still know me onions even though I haven't even worked with children for 15 years and haven't studied them for over 20!

Not sure I approve of the Reggio Emilia schools 'cos they seem to believe that children learn best when they are told to sit down and shut up with very little play or creativity allowed which just ain't right IMNSHO!

I'm gonna aim to study one module a day and take loads of notes so that I don't fail any of the assessments purely because of my brain damage/memory problems.

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