Monday, 14 May 2018

What a shock!!

Just had someone come to the door saying that a savings policy that I thought was cancelled when we had money problems is almost ready to be paid out 'cos it matures in July and I'll then get £4,700 which is a total shock 'cos I could have sworn that I'd lost the money I'd paid in when I cancelled the policy... I certainly haven't paid anything into it for a few years so being told that the policy was still running and that it's almost matured was a total shock!

It means I can pay off BC in full and still have £2,000 left over!!  That means I'll be totally debt free and I can work on rebuilding my credit score as well as being able to have money to fall back on while I'm waiting to hear about ESA in November.

In theory, even if I don't get ESA I can cancel all my direct debits and use the money for groceries and stuff each week for 30 months.

I hope I do get ESA in November though, 'cos there's no way I can work so I will, in theory, be living on PIP until September 2019 then I'll be penniless, but at least I'll be out of debt!!

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