Monday, 28 May 2018

Hardly fair is it?!

Just got back from spending another day with Steve's family.

He's seeing his dad again tomorrow.

That's twice in 2 DAYS.

That's the same amount as I've seen my mum for getting on for 8 YEARS!

The only reason I moved so far away was on the proviso that we would regularly go over to see my mum regularly.  I haven't seen my mum since the Summer of 2010 yet Steve sees his family multiple times a WEEK!!

I'm seriously starting to get pissed off with Steve's promises that don't actually appear to exist when the time comes.

I asked him to ask his dad about when would be the best time to take me to have my eyes tested.  It's taken 2 MONTHS to find out that his dad is even happy about taking me but I still can't make an appointment 'cos I don't know when it would be best for his dad!!!

I'm giving him until the end of the month to find out when his dad can/can't drive me over there.  If he still hasn't done it, I'll make the appointment and go in Patrick.

I'm so f**king fed up of Steve promising one thing then 12 hours later him denying that I even asked him!!

I've just asked Steve about if he asked his dad today and he's just promised AGAIN that he'll ask his dad in the car tomorrow.  Who wants to take a bet on him forgetting AGAIN?

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