Monday, 28 March 2016

A diet suitable for everyone... It's worked for me!

I came out of hospital in 2003 a size 28.

As of this morning I'm now half that size.

If you've got weight to loose and you're prepared for a long journey to weight loss and keeping it off, try this:

There's no restrictions about what you eat or when you eat it and the only exercise is walking about 60 yards a day more than you do right now.

The tricks to this diet is to drink a glass of water whenever you feel hungry in case your brain is confusing thirst with hunger.

The second trick is to only eat until you feel full then stop 'cos it takes about 15 minutes for your brain to realise it's full and send out the signal to stop eating.

Feel free to have a couple of bloated sessions a year if you want to... mine is at Christmas with the in-laws!

That's all there is to it... no sins, no forbidden food and very little exercise.

Don't weigh yourself as you do it, go by clothes sizes alone and don't try to rush it because this is a life-long journey.

If you need a reason to walk those extra yards, volunteer to walk a small dog for someone every day.

That really is all there is to it.  No secrets, no plans, no shame, no weigh-ins... I don't even call it a diet and never have!  Just be prepared for the weight to take years to come off instead of a few months is all.

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