Sunday, 6 March 2016

Does anyone know, please...

... anything about clicker training dogs?

I'd love to train Mitzi using a clicker, but I know precisely nothing about how to use it!

According to the Dogs Trust site, you use the clicker as a sort of signal that the dog has done what you've asked and they get a reward after you've clicked the button when they do it.

Doesn't the dog get a bit reliant on the clicker thing though?  Could I use a toy instead of food or use her breakfast kibbles to reward her or something like that?

The pup is a bit overweight so don't want to use much food in her training so that she keeps loosing the weight but at the same time, I want to reward her when she does well too!  Could I maybe insert the clicker training in between the walking and feeding her so that she still gets the same amount of food but she has to work for it maybe?

I'm interested to know what you all think to this!

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