Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Just got back from walking the pup and me legs are weak and sore now because we did 400% of our walking distance this morning!!

I was happy to come home after our usual 100% but the pup kept on walking, so I was thinking she wanted to double the distance this morning but nope, she kept walking and walking and walking until she'd walked 400%!

There's no way I can do anything else for the rest of the day now though 'cos there's no way my legs will hold me up any more!

Steve came out with us even though he said yesterday that he wanted to rest his legs today so yesterday's promises lasted less than 24 hours, as predicted.  He's got control of the remote again and yours truly had to deal with the landline phone again last night and this morning, so technically it was only 12 hours, despite him saying in reply to my Facebook memory yesterday morning that all I had to do was ask.

I asked him about phoning to arrange the taxi yesterday afternoon and he huffed angrilly and blamed me but eventually emailed them.  By the time the shopping had been and gone, it was back to his normal "I'll do it when you stop nagging me about it!" again.

As predicted.

Steve's just too predictable, so every time I ask him to do something I'll record it on my blog along with his response and see how long it takes to get done.

He said I only had to ask 22 hours ago and I've just asked him to email me his CV so that I can look over it and give him some feedback about it.  He's got a medical appointment at lunchtime today so I'll give it until he comes back then I'll ask him again and I bet he won't!  I'm trying to help him FFS, so why doesn't he keep his promises to me that he made 22 hours ago?

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