Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The wooziness has started then!

I wasn't awarded PIP when I updated my DLA claim to a different GP so I went through the mandatory reconsideration, the face-to-face assessment, the paper appeal and now I've got an oral appeal hearing on Wednesday.

Everything has been fine and dandy all day, except for the last hour or so.

I asked HMCTS if I needed to take my medical records with me and if the court was wheelchair accessible.

Someone wrote back saying that the court was wheelchair accessible and that I'd just need to take a copy of everything I'd sent for the appeal.

Thankfully I kept a copy of it all so tried to print it off.

The printer decided to go offline and not print anything so my blood pressure went through the roof and poor Steve and Mitzi bore the brunt of my anger.

I rebooted the laptop and tried to print it all off again.

The printer ran out of paper.

I reloaded the paper tray and my anger was starting to bubble over when the printer decided the paper tray wasn't in properly.

My anger hit boiling point.

When I eventually got everything printed off and tried to put it in the envelope, Steve said to count to 10.

I hit the roof at him.

Mitzi's little ears disappeared in sadness or fear or shock or something.

Steve asked if it was the wooziness from suddenly stopping the Citalopram that my GP warned me might happen.

Just as quickly as I got angry, I calmed down too!

Just hope it doesn't happen again while I'm at the court!

I just wanna kill meself and be done with it right now  😔

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