Saturday, 10 February 2018

Steve's taking the pup out on her wander this morning!

"It looks a bit wet out there today" says Steve when I ask him if he wants to join us on our wander.

I know what's coming next.

"So it'll just be me and her again then?" I ask.

"Lemme go for a wee and I'll look out the back" says Steve.

I went to get Mitzi's lead on her and Steve comes out of the bathroom saying "the ground is a bit wet, but it's not raining so I'll take her"

They've just got home and Steve says "it's bitterly cold out there and it's started to rain so we cut it short, but the pup was bloodhounding it all the way there, so I don't know if it was the smells of Friday night or a fox or something, but she had her nose to the ground the whole time!"

Bless her cute little paws!

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