Friday, 9 February 2018

That's twice...

Had a phone call from the tribunal for my PIP appeal while Steve was at his appointment.

The man said that if the judge agreed, we could do the hearing over the phone instead of in person which sounds good to me!

I asked Steve to write a list of bullet points he wanted to cover as my carer and he said he would so I sent him some examples of things he might want to say in his own time to talk to the tribunal bods about the care he provides for me.

No problem.

I just reminded him and I got the "stop nagging me and I'll do it" speech.  That's it now - no more reminders or anything about it... if it's not done by the time I head to bed I'll make it public on Facebook that my carer doesn't care and I'll repeat it every time it happens.  I'm fed up of him getting credit and support for things he doesn't do!

He's got time to watch a 3 hour film but can't find 10 minutes to write out the list and potentially stop me getting the PIP!

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