Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Wednesday 9th January 2019

Just got back from walking and feeding the pup.

Another 400% again today, so that's the challenge completed already and we've still got more than half the week to go!  It's also a huge 1000% extra walkies in the bank already too.  We might get to 2000% extra this week which'll be awesome!

We can soooo do this!

Steve's just said about doing a couple of spreadsheets and recording how many percent we do on out walk every day and my total number of steps too so that I can do a weekly/monthly comparison showing how many steps I do and how many %s we do every day.  You can do awesome little graphs and charts showing all the information which will be awesome and I'll try and remember to put it on my site every week/month so that I can keep track of my fitness, considering the app doesn't work on my phone so I'll have to do it all manually.

It'll be an interesting comparison to see what my activity levels are like over the weeks and months and it'll hopefully chart how much stronger my legs are getting too!

My daily target is 1000 steps and at least 300% a day with the pup from now until the end of the week then I'll take it from there.

It won't be easy, but I've gotta challenge myself so that I don't just sit in front of the laptop all day, every day!

Quick virus scan shows that I'm still free of viruses and malware, thankfully, because I'm a paranoid Pandora about getting infected by nasties.  Being able to do a quick scan everyday helps me to feel secure and protected in between the weekly deep virus scans and being able to do them on my phone too is even better.  AVG isn't the cheapest on the market, but that's OK with me 'cos it keeps me safe and is easy to use which is what I want from the programmes I use.

Just finished the book and left a review on Amazon, my writing blog and writing site.  It's taken four days and I have to say I'm glad I got to the end... it just really didn't need the first 4 chapters.

The author is only 17 yet his main characters were 22!!

Going to jump in a long, hot, bubble bath as a reward for finally getting through it!

Back again now... and the water was light grey this time instead of the gross greeny-grey that it was when I got into the bath straight from having washed my hair, so maybe it's my hair that's going mouldy instead of my skin?  lol

Steve's also "gone a foot down the clothes box and found 2 tops" for me, so I'll take 'em up and hang them up tonight when I go to bed... assuming I remember of course!  lol

Got a £10 Amazon voucher for doing a survey for my bank... it only took like 10 or 15 minutes to do and I'd totally forgotten about this reward for doing it, but it means I can have a look around Amazon and see what I can get for free/almost free with it.  It's things like that, that make doing the surveys every day worthwhile... getting those points slowly builds up then you're rewarded when you get to a certain level, either with an Amazon voucher or money into your PayPal account or, with a couple of them, cheques!

It takes a lot of surveys over a longish period of time (as in many months of daily surveys) but the rewards slowly build up then you get rewarded eventually!

Having a Burger King meal for tea as a reward for getting through the book  lol

Going to bed now, nite nite orl!

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