Friday, 9 October 2020

Busy morning so far!

I've taken my morning pills, completed the virus scan, gone through my emails, caught up with the 3 things I've got on Freegle, had my breakfast and sorted out the photo's Steve took of the puppy dog and put it on my site - there was literally no difference between them, so I've just put one up.  My birthday boots are due either today or tomorrow then that's it.


I've decided that starting in 2021 I will only get gifts for people who have got me gifts the previous year, so it should be a very cheap year... two gifts (to my mum and C) and three cards (to my mum, C and the in-laws).  I'm guessing it'll be the same at Christmas too, a card for my mum and C and the same with the gifts.  I'm fed up of spending my money on gifts for people and either Steve getting credit (because I "must have forgotten to add my [Steve's] name") for it or nothing at all in return (Steve, H and D).  I'll donate money to the two people who donated to mine but that's it.  


No more.  


I refuse to keep being forgotten and everyone else assuming that I'll get them a gift.  I'll get gifts for both of my nephews and say that it's from Steve too, 'cos they are waaaay too young to understand, but everyone else will get what they've given me the previous year.  I'm not going to be a push-over any more.

The puppy's awake now, so I'm gonna take her for her first stroll of the day now.

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