Friday, 9 October 2020

Puppy's been walked and fed for the last time today

It took a while to get her out of her bed and her harness on, bless 'er, but she's been fine ever since then.


I've also decided to get one final birthday gift for Steve, his sister and his dad 'cos I got gifts for his mum and brother, but starting on 1st January 2021 I'm only getting gifts for people who have got me gifts this year, so it really will be 2 gifts and 3 cards for birthdays in 2021 and potentially only 2 Yule gifts for my mum and C.  I don't give to receive and never have, but I don't like spending several hundred pounds on gifts each year when that is rarely returned either. From now on the support and gifts I get is returned and nothing more than that.  If you expect me to support you when you are having a rough day, then I expect that support to be returned.  


Same with money... I'm happy to lend you money if I can afford it, but I also want that money returned.  I'm going to create a spreadsheet of all the money I've lent to people and expect it to be returned too.

I will also not pay for things until they have been delivered either - I've paid Steve to write software for me twice now and I've paid in advance but the first piece of software was getting on for 2 years later than he promised and the most recent piece of software is currently 17 months overdue and is "coming along slowly" despite being promised that it'd only take 10 weeks.

I'm not putting up with it any more.  Come the New Year I'll be a lot less naive and trusting.

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