Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Had a reasonably busy morning so far

Came downstairs, set the virus scan going (even remembered not to open my email programmes), Steve opened his birthday gifts from me and my mum, took my morning pills, had my brekkie and ordered my FILs birthday gift from me and the puppy.  Deliberately didn't put Steve's name on it and it'll hopefully be obvious that Steve had no input into it when he opens it.  The only time Steve's name is going on gifts for Yule is for our two nephews, everyone else will just be from me and the puppy.

I'm missing our little puppy sooo much and can't wait for her to get home this evening - she's the smallest being in the house, but has a huuuge personality and really fills the house with love, more than her humans ever could!

I'm not gonna move far from the sofa today, so that I can make the calories in/out graph even redder than usual, which, in turn, will hopefully help me to put on weight next week.

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