Thursday, 8 October 2020

Puppy's been walked and medicated now, but...

...only ate literally 3 bits of her food.  I put her tea down at about 🕡 6.30pm last night, but Steve said it took her until 🕙 10pm to eat it.  She seems healthy in every other way, just doesn't want her food as soon as I put it down for her atm is all.


It started raining so I used the opportunity to try out the jacket I bought with a voucher I got with my birthday.  It's supposed to be unisex but you can almost fit two of me inside the small so it's definitely aimed more at men 🙄🤣

Time to get on with the studying now... maybe a module before lunch then the other four after we've eaten?  We're having burgers again, home-made of course, with mayo and home-grown onions.

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