Monday, 12 October 2020

Busy morning again

So far today I've started the virus scan, taken my morning pills, brought the rubbish sack in, walked the puppy, brought the cardboard bag and recycling box back through, had my breakfast, fed the puppy (she didn't eat as much as I'd hoped yesterday) and weighed myself.

I've somehow lost 750g in the last 7 days, and the only thing I can think that has changed has been that I had breakfast and weighed myself before taking the puppy out for her stroll last week and Steve "can't be arsed" to cook earlier now and the puppy isn't so eager to go for her walks any more, so I'm gonna take this week's weight as the baseline to work from unless/until things change again.  I've still put on 1kg since I was weighed to start with by the nurse though, so it's going in the right direction at least.  Assuming I put on at least that much every month, hopefully the nurse will be happy when I go back and see her in January.

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