Thursday, 15 October 2020

Book Review: "To Argue With Oblivion" by Anthony Wright

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

This is my second ever memoir and it's starting off, like all the books I review, with the full 5 stars... I hope it keeps them all the way through!

I'm currently reading chapter 2 and I've already found a possible inconsistency between real geography and what the author has written lol.

Ah right, I've just been proved wrong by the hubby's quick search of the internet... apparently the distance is about right and the 18 hour days could be the time he was working as opposed to travelling, so ignore that part of the review up there ^^  lol

This is a fantastic book so far... I'm currently up to chapter 6 and I'll keep reading and reviewing it when I log on tomorrow.  Goodnight for now though.

Morning!  I'm about half way through the book now and I'm still enjoying it... I agree with the author's regret over not keeping a record of my achievements and mistakes since I came out of hospital... my memory is still atrocious and can barely remember 5 minutes ago, but that's a vast improvement to when I first came out of hospital and I couldn't even make it through saying a short sentence before I forgot what I was going to say and holding a conversation was pretty much impossible unless each speaker only said maybe 4 or 5 words, maximum.  I can hold a very short conversation with people I know well now though which is a huuuuge improvement and the diary would have shown me just how great that improvement had been.  I wish this book had been written and published 17 years ago, for that reason alone!

I'm reading chapter 10 atm and I'm wondering if mindfullness might help my damaged brain too, even after all these years?!  I certainly hope so and I'm gonna try and remember to ask a doc about it during my next appointment with them.  This book would have really helped me over 15 years ago after I came out of the Neurology ward!

This man is incredible!  He's running now, so maybe if he can do it then I just need to find the right focus and motivation too?  His was collecting up all his golf balls, maybe mine can be something similar?  Tiny steps and aims but hopefully that would make things more achievable wouldn't it?

Just finished and it's been a fantastic book throughout - it should be recommended to all patients with Neurological issues and has completely deserved the full 5 stars throughout.  A definite must-read.

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