Sunday, 11 October 2020

I think I've worked it out...

...the reason that the puppy has eaten such a small amount in the last week, isn't because she's ill or in pain or on the verge of going to Rainbow Bridge or anything like that, it's not even Westitude, she's just suddenly become a very social eater and doesn't like eating alone any more.




Because since this morning's experiment after her walk of bringing her food bowl into the living room, she's eaten a full meal twice and each time it was when at least one of her humans was eating.  First off it was when the human's were having their lunch, she went to her bowl and polished off pretty much all of her breakfast for the first time in about a week, and I've just opened up my last couple of Graze snacks (both chocolate this time, so I couldn't share them with her) and she went from being deeply asleep to polishing off her breakfast and lunch in one go before I'd even finished the second punnet!

I'm also wondering if she struggles with having her food bowl on the floor 'cos she went straight to her slightly raised food bowl the second time and scoffed the lot.  That small raise seemed to make the world of difference to her too, so I'm thinking for her tea today and all 3 meals tomorrow, we'll try feeding her here in the living room, with us, when we have our meals just to see if my theory is right.  If I am, then it's a tiny adjustment to make to keep our puppy eating and I'll research getting a raised feeding station for her too.


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