Saturday, 16 November 2019

Friday 15th November 2019

Morning all.

Was awake and down here before 6am again.  I've emailed someone about clearing our back yard and asked for a quote.  As long as it doesn't come to more than £1,000 then I'm hoping it'll be sorted by the end of the year... we just want everything except the table and chairs gone because the only time we use the back yard now is when we let the puppy out for a wee or a poo 💩 so It might as well all get cleared away.

Gonna walk the puppy as soon as it gets light enough.

That's the puppy walked and fed.  My neighbour walked down the road and forced me and the puppy to lean flat against the house as he walked down the middle of the street.  Twice.

He didn't say anything to me, but I'm not dropping the case with the police this time.  It's harrassment and a hate crime apparently and that's registered with the police.

Just reported the crime to the police online.  He's not getting away with it.

Got an incident number from the police now.  I'll definitely keep reporting it online from now on - so quick and painless❗

That's one of the deliveries arrived and my new debit card through the door too... just need to update the millions of shopping sites I go to now 🤣

The yard clearer is coming over to give us a quote on Sunday morning - she seems friendly enough and our disabilities didn't seem to faze her at all... I've asked that she writes down the quote because of my brain damage and that didn't faze her either, so hopefully it'll be an affordable quote and we can get it sorted quickly❗  It would be good to be able to sit outside in the Summer, enjoying the hopefully warm weather, instead of being stuck indoors the entire time❗

My other delivery was pushed through the letterbox too, so I can relax and watch the concert now... yaaaay❗  😊

Installed an update last night and it's still going 16 hours later so not sure when my next blog post will be... keep checking back to see though!

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