Saturday, 30 November 2019

Saturday 30th November 2019

Morning all.

Another 10½ hours of sleep last night... I obviously needed it 'cos I was asleep before 8pm and awake at 6.51am.  Woke up needing a wee twice overnight and was restless 16 times so it was a pretty disturbed night, but I honestly don't feel like it was... feel awake and well-rested.

Time for my morning pills now... BBS❗

They all went down pretty easily this morning, so hopefully it'll be a pretty good day today 🤞

Gonna take the puppy out for our morning stroll now.  BBS again.

Back now.  The puppy sort of behaved.  I think there must have been a cat underneath one of the cars or something because it took a while to go past the car each time... her nose was stuck under it and her tail was wagging like mad, bless 'er❗

We're back and she's been fed now, so time to upload the photo's to my homepage now... BBS❗

Just bought another 10 courses for £30 at the New Skills Academy... they are all single module video courses so I will, in theory, be able to do several a day.  Got 8 pages full of courses to do now, which'll keep me busy 🤣

Pazza bol an' cheese for lunch 🍴 today apparently 🤤.  Been too long since we last had that and it'll be a yummy change from our normal lunchtime foods.  Can't wait now❗

Taken me Calcium and the pazza bol is on the hob.  Got 2 kisses 💋 from the puppy 🐶 too.  Gonna shut down and put my 💻 laptop on the floor in a bit so that I'm ready to go and grab my lunch as soon as it's ready.

Be back in about an hour 🕐 or so.

Back now.

We both struggled with our lunches today, even though Steve used less pasta and Quorn mince than last time.  I left about ⅓ of mine and Steve left at least ½ of his, so we've both got leftovers for tea and I doubt Steve will be able to cope with his mum's huuuuge Christmas dinner for the first time since I've known him❗  I reckon both of our stomach's (as in the internal organ) have shrunk since we've usually been eating at home instead of take-away's for every meal and both of us are totally stuffed now, so Steve will be sleeping through the rugby that's on the telly this afternoon 🤣.  I won't be late going to bed tonight either 🤣

Just taken me evening pills and struggling to keep my eyes open, so gonna head to bed now.

Nite nite orl.

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