Sunday, 3 November 2019

Sunday 3rd November 2019

Another quick blog post, 'cos I'm still doing NaNo, but hoping to get to over a third (chapter 17) of it written today and hopefully another 6 chapters today and 6 tomorrow so that I'm another day ahead of my own personal target.

I've walked the puppy, Steve's given her her pill, I fed her then we took the recycling out and cleared up her poo from the back yard, all with no arguments or even slightly raised voices at all!  Definitely a great week for that... gonna hold on to it for as long as I can 'cos they don't happen very often!

Time to take my morning pills then get on with today's writing.  I'm expecting a delivery from Amazon today, 'cos the charging lead for my phone is starting to come apart so I'd prefer not to use it any more so bought myself a new one last night.

Gonna check on where the delivery is then get started on my writing for the day.

Be back tomorrow prolly.

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