Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Tuesday 19th November 2019

Mornin' all❗

First day in 5 of doing a single blog post a day... feels so good to have my laptop back❗

Just need to sort out my email address that doesn't seem to want to work since I tried to install the Windows update on the 15th, so I'm gonna take the puppy for her stroll while Steve tries to fix it for me.


The puppy was great on her walk this morning... she wanted to make friends with a cat but the cat wasn't interested ๐Ÿ˜ž

Steve couldn't find the solution but I managed to spot something on the Googlemail site that said it's because Thunderbird might be out of date and to try again in a week ๐Ÿ˜ž

Time for my supplements now.

All the pills went down amazingly easily this morning... does that mean today is gonna be a good day for me❓  I certainly hope so❗

The post has just come.  The only non-junk was the return of my GP's letter about why I'd been diagnosed and the full name of my diagnosis so I've just gotta hope for the best now.

Time for the Calcium now, before I forget❗

That went down nice and easily too... maybe today really will be a good day after all?  I certainly hope so❗

Can't remember what I've been up to all afternoon and I'm out of the habit of coming here with every thought and thing I do, so maybe it'll take me a few days just to get back into it, but I've worked out that I'll be able to replace the yard clearing by the end of the year and I'll hopefully be able to afford gifts for everyone too, just like every year - Steve doesn't pay a penny towards it yet enjoys all the credit for them.  This'll be the last year though - if he takes credit again, I'll just buy for my family and friends.  Same with the entire weekly groceries which is mostly Steve's stuff and about ¾ of the electricity and the mortgage when I can afford it, which leaves me with pennies left over a month, yet Steve can afford Amazon Prime and podcasts and music and DVDs and all that other kinda stuff.

Well not any more.

This is the last year.

Same with the stuff I paid him for 10 months ago and was promised would take ten weeks max and £1500 but has actually cost me several thousand already and he "hasn't even looked at the software yet" and hasn't touched the webpages since last week.  He's got until the end of the month for the webpages and the end of the year for the software otherwise I will report him to trading standards.

I'm suffering with a rapid onset (as in under an hour) heavy cold so I'm off to bed.

Nite nite orl.

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