Wednesday, 6 November 2019

The weekly virus scan has...

...finished already!!  Under 2 hours this time, so I'm suspicious that it wasn't the deep scan that usually happens, so I'm running it again.  If it *was* the entire machine scan then that's even more impressive than last week and I can seriously consider doing it every day instead of once a week.

Steve's just said it might have been because my email wasn't running (because of NaNo) so, in theory, it'll still take most of the day next week, but that's totally fine by me 'cos it means I don't need to keep my laptop on overnight then and the backups can be done 10 hours after the virus scan starts.

I could get used to this 🤣

Gonna get back on with my writing now.  Assuming I can write 5 chapters a day I'll be allowed a J2O every day and it'll be entirely finished on the 9th instead of the 13th too, which is so totally awesome and smashes my previous best of two weeks to smithereens❗

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