Thursday, 21 November 2019

Thursday 21st November 2019

Mornin' all.

How are you all doing this morning❓

Time to take me 6 morning pills before I forget. 

My FIL is gonna bring the squeezy honey and fresh lemons over at some point today, so I'll be dosing myself up whenever I can, to try and knock this cold on the head.  Hope it works as quickly as last year❗  I love natural things like that... if I can feel better without having to pop a pill then so much the better❗  Honey and Lemon for colds and Ginger for nausea are my go-to's and they work a lot faster than manufactured pills and potions❗

Steve's dad has just brought the honey and lemon over and I've just bought Steve's Yule gift from Mitzi, so just waiting until pay day then I'll buy my FIL's, SIL's, BIL's, Jacki's and my lil nephew's gift then I'll go on a wrapathon and send off my mum's gift and then I can relax in the lead-up to Christmas while everyone else is running around like headless chicken's at the last minute 🤣

Just taken me pills and the puppy obviously isn't coming home today, so I'm off to bed 🛌 now... nite nite orl❗  😴

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