Friday, 29 November 2019

Friday 29th November 2019

Mornin' all

Gonna take the puppy out for our morning stroll as soon as it's light enough out there.  I've worked out that I use about half a single roll of the 16 toilet rolls we get each fortnight, which means Steve uses up more than a roll a day by himself❗❗  I could survive on a roll a month but Steve would use that in a single day❗❗ 🤯

Taken the 🐶 puppy out for our daily morning stroll and she made another friend - the 🐶 puppy got stroked and talked to and everything❗  She was so friendly and excited, bless her... such an amazing girl.

Time to take my first pills of the day, to give my body everything it needs to keep going.

And they're swallowed.  Not the easiest ever, but far from the hardest too, so hopefully that means that I'll have a reasonable day again.  I'm hoping my mum's gift will be delivered either today or at the weekend, then I'm just waiting for Steve's gifts and I'll get the last two on Monday.  Gonna be a busy week next week - gotta wrap up and send off my mum's gift, send off Melanie's, get Patrick assessed on Wednesday, the back yard cleared up on Thursday, then the puppy home again on Thursday or Friday... Tuesday is gonna be my only free day next week 🤣


Just used my postal vote... the envelopes weren't as gross to lick as last year but envelope B wouldn't seal so I used sellotape to seal it. Hope that doesn't stop my vote from being counted, considering it wasn't my fault that the envelope didn't seal❗ 

 Absolutely exhausted, so gonna take my evening pills and head to bed for another early night.

Nite nite orl

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