Monday, 5 October 2020

Happy birthday to me

H.appy birthday to me,
Squashed tomatoes for tea,
There's a nutter, in the gutter
And yes, it is me.

Morning all.

I'm 43 as of 7 hours ago and as a gift, my flu jab arm is aching, I'm getting blood taken and I'm not sure if I should have taken my vitamin pills this morning or not.  It's too late now, 'cos I just have, but we shall see.

Not got anything out of the ordinary planned for today, other than the blood test, it's just another day to get through as well as I can.

I've put on 50g in the last week though, which is better than losing it, but nowhere near as much as I was hoping unfortunately 😞


Still free of nasties though, and I'm not gonna take the puppy for her stroll until I get back 'cos she's snoring her head off again and I don't want my legs to give way from exhaustion while I'm in the hospital.

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