Monday, 20 July 2020

Monday 20th July 2020

Morning all.

Very early start on the puppy's walk this morning 'cos I wanted to be sure we were home in time for the Freegle lady - we were home just over an hour later, same as normal, and we've been able to recover for the last hour now 👍.

I've taken my morning pills... a lot later than usual, so I'll have to take the Calcium at 3pm instead of 1pm.  Such is life I guess.

The rubbish and recycling have been and gone so I've brought the bags and box in for another week now.

Had a reminder for my vision test needing to be done, but there's no way I can afford it atm, so I've put it back until August now... as soon as I've got enough cash, I'll definitely book an appointment though.

I've forgotten to update this page all day, but it's been very boring.  We had Quorn sausages and hash browns for lunch today and I've achieved each blob in the FitBit app so far.  Gonna go out and do my 5pm laps now then update you all about our hair cuts and the Freegle things and hopefully manage an early night tonight!  BBS!

Back now.

Since 8am today, I've managed to get rid of the bras and dog toy, promised a couple of arty things that Marie didn't want, as well as some very out of date baby wipes.  They are all going on Wednesday 'cos we're having our hairs cut on Thursday instead of Wednesday now. 

The last of my eBay clothes arrived this morning too, so I'm gonna have a long soak in a hot bath tomorrow so that I can shave my legs and arms and try on one of the eBay things, then I'll have a shower on Wednesday so that I can wash my hair again, ready for Thursday and I'll try on another eBay item - maybe the denim skirt.

I'm pondering on offering the 2 coats and a denim jacket on Freegle, but wanna try and put them on first, just in case they fit me again now.  There's a weird bath thing that's supposed to shine colours as it floats in the bath, so I'm gonna try and remember to give that a go tomorrow, instead of using bubble bath.  Now that I've started giving stuff away I don't wanna stop 😀

OMG❗❗  I've just tried all the coats on and every single one of them fit me❗  Even the denim jacket, that I was certain would be waaaay too small on me, actually fits... it's snugger than I usually like, but it won't be long before that's wearable too.  The Winter coats are really baggy on me, but that's OK 'cos I like baggy clothes and it's easier to pull them closer to me for extra warmth when I need it.  Means they won't be Freegle'd after all and I'm sorted for coats for all weather's now (except peeing down rain and Indian Summers of course).

I'm absolutely cream crackered, so I'm off to bed now.  Nite nite orl 💤

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