Thursday, 30 July 2020

What a lot of hoo-ha today!

By the time I came down here after waking up, the puppy was faaaast asleep and barely stirred for two hours.  When I eventually got her out at 9am it was waaay too hot for either of us to walk our usual distance, so it'll hopefully be cool enough this evening.

My Fitbit recorded a grand total of 600 steps for the entire morning, so I contacted Fitbit's support bods at lunchtime and because it's still in the warranty period they are sending out a replacement that'll be here in 4-5 business days - they displayed what customer services should be like as standard!

Basically there will be very limited Fitbit stuff to go on my site for this week and most (if not all) of next week while the new Fitbit learns about me again.

I've been reading a book all day and it's still getting a solid 5 stars from me at half way through.

The last of my eBay clothes arrived with the post so I've got a few bits to keep me going instead of wearing the same 2 sets of clothes constantly lol

Gonna carry on reading the book now and I'm hoping to have the review up before I head to bed tonight, but if not I'll have to remember to put it up in the morning.

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