Friday, 24 July 2020

Immediate thoughts on my newest bra

This bra has just arrived and I've put it on... it's definitely the right size and I feel significantly more comfortable and supported than I did in the bra I was wearing half an hour ago.  So far it's getting a 5 star review from me, just wanna see what it's like when I take the puppy out for her evening stroll and what it's like to sleep in too.

It's not sold as a minimising bra, but my chest really is significantly smaller too.  I put it on totally alone instead of relying on Steve to do it up for me, which was the whole reason for trying a front fastening bra for the first time in my life.  So far I definitely recommend it.

Hold on while I take the puppy out for her stroll...

Back now.  Still very much 5 stars, so being able to sleep in it will be it's final test.  If I can comfortably sleep in it and take the puppy on a longer walk in the morning, it'll be getting the full 5 stars tomorrow afternoon.

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