Sunday, 23 September 2018

Sunday 23rd September 2018

That's the puppy walked and fed.

Steve didn't come with us this morning 'cos it's hosing it down with rain so I knew he wouldn't be joining us today.

The temperature is OK, it's just soggy out there atm, so we'll put the bin bag, recycling box and cardboard bag out there when it's stopped (or at least slowed) down with the rain.

Gonna listen to the Visual Studio video now though so that I can dry off a bit.

Gotta take me supplements first though!  Almost forgot!  lol

That's them taken then.  The Calcium crumbs went everywhere in my mouth so it took 2 mouthfuls of squash to get 'em all down but the other 3 went down with just a single mouthful!  Nice and easy this morning!

Gonna work on the Visual Studio thingy now.

Oh cool!  Steve's just added a couple of things to our grocery order that's coming tomorrow and I discovered a way to ask them not to substitute the conditioner.  I've just read the email about the adjustments and it says that they won't substitute the conditioner then lists the things they will subsitute if our wanted thingies aren't available!  How awesome is that!

Steve's only just noticed the dietary profile thingy that I put there 8 days ago and thought it was for high fat foods 'n' stuff until I explained it was for vegetarians and vegans and and lactose-free and gluten-free and shellfish-free etc etc.  Another great move by Sainsbury's!

The rubbish bag and recycling box have just gone out without any arguments or stress or anything this week!

Just gotta put the blue cardboard bag out then that's it until we need to bring it all back in on Monday!


I've just written my first lines of code too and I'm less than 15 minutes into the four and a half hour video!

Total awesomesauce!

Just had a Sunday roast dinner delivered to us... yummy scrummy in my tummy!  The only criticism was that it could do with being hotter and the vegetarian one could do with some kind of protein instead of just the scrummy veggies, Yorkshire puds and stuffing.  A Quorn roast would be ideal but other protein would work equally as well!

If you know anyone close to the centre of Gloucester in the UK (as in the GL1 area at a guess) who wants a hassle free Sunday lunch cooked and delivered to them who don't mind ordering on the Saturday, just go here and be prepared to sleep away Sunday afternoon lol  You need to pay in cash but 2 Sunday roasts and 1 pud from this place is less than a single pizza let alone sides for one person from Domino's or Pizza Hut and soooo much healthier too!

I've given up on the video tutorial for Visual Studio less than an hour into it because I kept getting errors when I tried to run the code and I still don't know why that was happening!  Steve's talking me through what I want and need to know to add things to his software which is all I wanted to know to start with then I'll be able to totally take that off his hands and do it all myself from now on.

I haven't got the patience to be a programmer!  lol

Not a happy bunny.

I wasted all morning and most of the afternoon trying and failing to learn something that wasn't even needed.

Took all of 10 or 15 minutes to do it instead of the 8 hours I wasted trying to learn f**king Visual Studio today.  Took longer to think up a new name, save and encrypt it than doing the actual programming that never needed to happen in the first place!!


Virus and malware free again.  I've taken me prescription too, so I'm just gonna wait for it to start kicking in again now then I'll hopefully be able to have a well-deserved early night for a change!

That's the pup's poo cleared up too... almost forgot this week!  lol

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