Wednesday 24 March 2010

This may sounds silly but...

Guess who!

Tomorrow is the day I go into hospital to have my coil replaced and I'm not looking forward to it!

Don't get me wrong, it doesn't hurt to have it done or anything (although getting the stitches out is a bit ouchie), it's just in case I don't wake up and things like that! I'm a real scaredy cat about it as I've got so much going right for me and I don't want to die yet! Silly huh? That's what it comes down to though!

Hopefully I'll be home tomorrow evening as I really don't want to stay in overnight!

Tuesday 9 March 2010

I want to get but don't have the money for...

Me again!

I want to get a smartphone and laptop but I'm over £600 overdrawn at the bank so it won't be happening for a while unfortunately!! :-(

If you know of a legal way to earn about £2000 without becoming a spammer then let me know please so that I can get both!

I might ask Steven to get together with my family and get me a laptop for our anniversary at the end of June and again for my birthday at the beginning of October so that I can get a smartphone... can I wait that long though?

Tuesday 2 March 2010

I think I need to go to bed in a bit!!

Me again

I've spent all day "playing" in PSP Photo X2 trying to create text on a curve and it just didn't want to happen! I just couldn't get the curve to happen no matter what I tried to do!! I gave it one last chance this afternoon and luckily it worked this time!! I don't know what I did differently so can't recreate it but it's done and up on my site at last!

Now I've just got 2 more things to do before Sunday and I'll be a happy bunny!!

The first thing I've got to do is write more in the children's book I'm writing as I haven't added anything to it for ages!!

The other thing is that I'd like to try and find more people to join friends without faces (fwf) as I haven't invited *anyone* today!! I did my 7 invites yesterday but I wanted to try and invite extra people this week as I'm the only member in catchers!! If you are over 18 and have an active email address then take a trip to and join up (hint, hint)! It's totally free which can't be said about a lot of things!!

Steven is back at work on Thursday so I'll be staying downstairs in case anyone comes to the door or the phone goes or anything like that!!