Tuesday 30 March 2021

!!! - that was a real shock

I've just done an online calculation for what is considered to be the minimum income and I get less in 4 weeks than it says I should be getting each week!  I get £460.40 every 4 weeks, but this calculation is saying that I should be getting £477.86 each WEEK.  If I was getting that then there would be no issues with our groceries or electric - it's saying that just the groceries alone should be £83 a week, but I'm struggling with paying £45 a week and I can't remember the last time I bought new clothes!

Sunday 28 March 2021

Book Review: "The Doctor Will See You Now: The highs and lows of my life as an NHS GP" By: Dr Amir Khan

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

I wanna start off by saying two things before I forget:  First, every book I read starts off with the full five stars and this book is no different.  Second, I'm a nosey parker so the title of this book really piqued my interest so I bought it straight away... let's hope it doesn't disappoint me now lol

Just finished the first chapter and I'm already fighting back the tears.  I was a bit confused by the first few pages, talking about the authors trip to the garden centre and what on earth it had to do with a GP and his patients.  I was tempted to knock off a star but I'm so glad I didn't now... still a firm 5 stars, thankfully.

Nosey parker question one - the author (who's a newly qualified male GP) has just had to examine a lady "down below" who agreed to a chaperone - all fine and dandy so far yeah?  Here comes the nosey parker bit - does the chaperone have her back to the doctor, reassuring the patient, or does she face the doctor to make sure he's not doing things he shouldn't please?  I've never had a chaperone in any of my examinations (they've been offered, I just haven't felt the need is all) so haven't got a clue what actually happens with them is all and now seems like the ideal opportunity to find out lol

Up to chapter four now and those five stars are still firmly in place.  There was a 3 year old patient with a rare heart problem and the doc wanted to get to know more about her medical issues so that he could keep a better eye on her in the future... I'm wondering if it's like that with my GP too, 'cos I've got two rare illnesses (one neurological and the other with my mental health, fortunately not with my heart), so does my GP rub his hands in excitement each time I contact him, or am I just another patient?

Oh no!  Chapter 6 must have been so hard to write and emotional to re-live!

The end of chapter 9 made me sooo grateful... it must be things like that which make it so worthwhile for doctors and the people they manage to persuade their patients to contact.

Chapter eleven is quite gross, so don't eat or drink anything you want to keep down when you read it.  The doctor has an amazing way of making even the grossest things sound normal and even, dare I say it, fun and humorous!  If only more doctors were like him!

We're onto painkillers and the new advice being to reduce/stop them but that there's no other way to stop the pain atm.  I swear by TENS machines - it takes a bit of trial and error to find the right one for you and they are pretty expensive to buy, but they are an awesome painkiller and literally the only thing that stopped my Endometriosis pain!  If more doctors prescribed those instead of painkillers then surely it'd be cheaper and healthier in the long-run??

Just finished the last page and those five stars are so well deserved... there hasn't been a single reason to knock off a star and I am heartily recommending it to everyone.  Medical bods are under a huge amount of pressure every day at work and the corona virus has added even more pressure.  Next time you use the NHS, please don't hesitate to say "thank you" and maybe consider sending a thank you card too.  Thank you for opening my eyes, Dr Khan and thank you for caring so much about your patients during this awful time!

News on 28th March 2021

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28th March 2021

A Year Of Falling Stars, Evening Swims And Friendship: Animal Crossing Turns One


Charlie Dimmock reveals truth about friendships with former Ground Force co-stars

Justin Theroux contemplates working with ex Jennifer Aniston again, reveals details about their friendship

Torrington Troop 3 members reap rewards of friendship, confidence

'Friendship loss can be an invisible grief... it needs to be validated'

Rescue greyhound Willow cures Sawbridgeworth girl's fear of dogs with help of Ace Hounds


Saturday 27 March 2021

I've decided to...

...start treating friends in the same way they've been treating me for far too long.  This morning I put my music on out loud before Steve had the opportunity to put his podcasts and You Tube video's and stuff on for the first time ever and it's not gonna change for the rest of the day 'cos I have to ask for permission to listen to something out loud usually.

I've called in very rare a favour from Steve, C and M/D and all three of them have agreed to do it, but only C has actually done it so far.

I'm also gonna treat them exactly how they've been treating me, so my supportive messages will only be very short (a couple of sentences, max) and last for a maximum of two before I turn it back to myself.  I'm gonna change the shopping to be mostly my stuff after next week (Steve's meat and spread and stuff just for him is currently over half of each shop and mine comes to less than a fiver each week).  I'm gonna take the grocery bags through to the kitchen then come back in here and relax so that Steve can put everything away for a change.  


I'm gonna promise to do things but delay them for weeks or assume that someone is gonna do what I demand then throw a hissy fit about it when they don't do it.  I'll borrow money off people then conveniently forget about it and deny that they've lent me anything at all, just like Steve and M/D have done too many times in the past.  I'm also gonna deny that they've asked me to do something and say that I did it before I actually did, even if they've got proof that I said I'd do it by a certain day or time or whatever.

I'm fed up of being taken for granted, so starting from Tuesday that's stopping and if they don't like how I'm treating them then they need to look at how they've been treating me.

Friday 26 March 2021

Where on earth has the day gone?!

I haven't got a clue where the day's disappeared to, but I've achieved a fair bit today:  

*  We had our take away after all for lunch

*  I took my afternoon pill

*  Did my exercise

*  Semi-studied this afternoon, but still managed to pass the course first time, so coded and uploaded the certificate to my 'completed courses' page on my navigation site

*  Caught up with Facebook

*  Took my evening pills, so now I'm gonna shut down and head to bed for another early night.


Nite nite 🌛 orl and I'll sea ewe in the morning 💤.

Pills taken, breakfast eaten, virus scan finished, no news so far...

...just got the news for my navigation site to try and sort out now, then I can try and study again.

We were originally going to have curry for lunch today, but Steve's been paid so he's suggested getting either Greggs or Subway for lunch instead... I'm not gonna turn down that offer considering the teeny tiny amount of take-aways we have now!


Gonna try and remember to do my exercises before then though, just need to try and get the news sorted first though.


Thursday 25 March 2021

Lunch eaten, news sorted, exercise completed, which means...

...that I can spend the rest of the afternoon and evening catching up on Facebook, my emails and maybe even studying while Steve's asleep.  Again.  He blamed his sleepiness on the puppy dog wanting to go out several times a night, but he said this morning that he was watching videos/podcasts until the early hours, then dozed until 3am and he was awake from then onwards... the puppy went to Rainbow Bridge in November 2020 so it's impossible that she is keeping him awake now!

Pills taken, virus scan finished, breakfast eaten...

...so it's time to make a start on the news now.  Today is gonna be a good day, I've decided.  Need to remember to do my exersizes at some point before I forget today.  We're gonna be having some kind of fresh potato product for lunch, but Steve hasn't decided if that's gonna be wedges or slices yet... either way is fine by me, as long as it's cooked all the way through so that neither of us get food poisoning!


Tuesday 23 March 2021

Studying finished for the day now...

...I was expecting to fail the assessment horribly (as in 60% with the passing score of 70%) but I somehow managed to scrape through with a score of 87% and I haven't got a clue how that happened.  Means I can reward myself with lunch 🍴 now though 😌

News sorted, remembered Steve's milk and apparently...

...Steve reckons "it's almost good enough for me mum" but I must have accidentally put 2 teabags in instead of one 'cos there's still one in his mug even though I know I took a bag out of both of our mugs❕  Woops❕


Lunch today is Hovis biscuits and spread which'll send my calories through the roof today 'cos I've already had spread on me bread for breakfast❕


Gonna spend all afternoon studying now I reckon.  BBL.


Nearly forgot that I need to do me exercises, but I really will spend the afternoon studying then though.


Third day without news!

There isn't any news again today, so it'll just be selfish posts today, sorry about that.


I've taken my daily pills sorted, put in a prescription request, the virus scan was clear, did the teeny tiny amount of news on my writing site and just got my navigation site's news to do now, then I can check my emails and Facebook and stuff.  Gotta remember to do my exercises and have a shower at some point today too.  I've charged up my Fitbit and the fitness tracker on my wrist, so I'm good to go for a few days now.  Wanna try and study this afternoon too.


Not feeling too positive right now 'cos I tried to help someone with their NaNo novel and was shot down in flames so I won't be reading the NaNo forums any more, just using the dashboard each November.  I'm fed up of trying to help and support people only for them to have a go at me about things.

Monday 22 March 2021

That's the...

...news and studying done and dusted for the day, so I'm gonna catch up on Facebook and my emails this afternoon, after I've taken my afternoon pill.




No news today either, but...

...Steve's books have just gone, I've taken my pills, still virus free and as predicted we didn't have porridge for breakfast after all (despite Steve promising yesterday), so that's it now until the shopping arrives this afternoon.  Gonna work on the news for my navigation site now, then try and do a bit more studying this afternoon.  Need to do my exercises before I forget first though 🙄 🤣

Sunday 21 March 2021

No news today, so I've had...

...a pretty gentle day off.


I've taken all my daily pills, put the rubbish and recycling out, the virus scan was clear, done my exercises and uploaded the weekly spreadsheet to my site, had a yummy lunch and now I'm just waiting to find out what time the books are being collected for the charity tomorrow.


Saturday 20 March 2021

Still haven't been able to...

...study again today, however I've managed to scan in my Neuro appointment letter and taken all my pills, so I'm gonna have an early night now I reckon.


Nite nite orl, sea ewe in the morning.


Friendship news and one opinion for 20th March 2021

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20th March 2021

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‘I'd be very lonely without the club’: How Comic Relief-funded charity helps Londoners in need of a friend - Amanda's comment: What a fantastic idea! There used to be a club-house for people with mental health problems, but that wasn't great for people who were socially anxious or shy... being paired up with just one other person would be perfect in so many ways though!
Demisexuality: 8 signs you might be demisexual and what it really means

Friday 19 March 2021

That's most of the books all boxed up

Discovered a pack of small postal boxes while I was tidying up too, so I've put most of the books in those and brought down the packing tape, just gotta wait for them to go on Monday, then I can put the brown packaging tape tower and the 'fragile' tape tower along with the giftwrap on Freegle when we've got more room at the bottom of the stairs.  Not bad going for a days preparation for Monday and I was pretty much the only one doing it too, so I'm feeling rightly proud of myself.


Another productive afternoon!

After I'd had me lunch, I heard about the books being suitable for the charity, so I withdrew each of the offers on Freegle and sorted out the rest of the books that were hanging around literally getting dusty, brought them all down (bagged up and Steve at the bottom of the stairs to take them off me).


I still felt like tidying up after that, so after a brief rest I sorted out the huge pile of clean clothes on top of the washer/drier, took a small bag of my clothes, a bag of towels and 2 bedsheets upstairs then took Steve's clothes back through to the kitchen, so they are totally his clothes up there now, so if he doesn't get them sorted then they will be binned, he will be left with what he's wearing and he won't be able to blame me for a change.

I reached my target of 2,500 steps by about 5.15pm and my body is now kinda going "don't do anything else or we'll fuck you up good and proper" so I'm listening to my body and only leaving the sofa to go for a wee, until bedtime now.  I'm thinking it'll be an early night, hopefully without too much restlessness so that my poor body can recover.

Blimey Charlie!

Just finished putting the news up on my navigation site and there are 33 pieces (yes, I counted 🙄🤣) today - I think that's a new record for any of the three sites since I started doing it back at the start of December 2020❗❗


My daily virus scan was clear this morning too, which was reassuring.

Steve's just put our lunch ("Pig Out Rolls" by the Naughty Vegan) into the oven and a reminder has come up to take my lunchtime pill, so I'll take that then work out which course to study this afternoon, do my exercise then put my laptop on the floor in preparation for lunch. 

News and two opinions for 19th March 2021

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19th March 2021

Big and little brothers celebrate a 50-year friendship
Tell us: have you forged unlikely friendships during the pandemic?
Letters to the Editor: 'Always room for more friendship'
When It Comes to Celebrity Friendships, Few Can Top Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato's
Unlikely friendship formed on Kamloops bus route a highlight of Transit Driver Appreciation Day - Amanda's comment: What a beautiful friendship and it obviously makes both of their days to see each other... the bus driver just taking those few extra seconds to greet the child each time obviously makes the child's day and the drivers friendship might even inspire the child to make driving buses his career as he grows up too and it hasn't cost either of them any money yet brightens their day!
A bookstore rooted in friendship
They Only Know The Old You And Other Signs Your Friendship Is Going Through The Motions
What's Your Drama: A Busy Body & Opposite Sex Friendships
Uncover the hidden secrets behind Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship
NHS and social care funding - Amanda's comment: For the first time during this pandemic, it sounds like the NHS is getting a big (£6.6 billion "This money is in addition to the £3 billion committed at the Spending Review last November to help the NHS meet the additional costs of COVID") boost to funding. I'm not holding my breath and I'll believe it when I see it, but if it turns out to be true then it's much-needed but could do with more than that after what they've been put through over the last 12 months!
£7 billion for NHS and social care for COVID-19 response and recovery
Joining my local footy club has made me confront my social anxiety
Social prescribing in England receives £2m transformation investment


Thursday 18 March 2021

So far today, I've managed to...

...achieve a decent amount.


Had breakfast (as predicted, not porridge, but I had sultanas and an apple insted), gave two things to Freegle bods, did one set of news, took my day-time pills, potentially found a way to get rid of Steve's barely touched books, almost finished a second set of news, had lunch (spaghetti and meat-free meatballs), finished off the second and final sets of news, "studied" (it's in quotes 'cos all I did was keep pressing the 'next' button so that I could take the first assessment today), passed an assessment first time, with literally no knowledge of the course and now I'm gonna veg out and eat biscuits and surf the 'net and stuff for the rest of the day.

When the creative stuff goes tomorrow and the news has been sorted, I'll hopefully be able to spend the rest of the day properly studying at a different site 🤞

Steve had a telephone appointment with a doc this morning, who has sent him a link to an NHS talking therapy place to see if that helps him with his grief over Mitzi.  I will, of course, do my best to support him too, but having someone trained and who didn't know her so won't get upset too, will hopefully help him to cope with it a bit better.

I also got told that self-published authors (like me with my NaNo book) could submit to a SCBWI member exclusive (UV2020) which is awesome and gives me something to motivate myself to get one of my MS' knocked into the best shape it can be before then.

Overall, I've had a really good day today, which I'm sooo thankful for.

Time to do my daily exercises now and hope that it wipes me out so that I can have an early night tonight.

News for 18th March 2021

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18th March 2021

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Kimberley Walsh speaks of 'deep friendship' as Girls Aloud band rallies to support Sarah Harding in cancer diagnosis
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Russia reaches out to Turkey on centennial of friendship treaty
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