Sunday 14 March 2021

In the end, I managed to...

  • Take all my pills
  • Finish off my last set of squats for the week
  • Ran the daily virus scan (still clear)
  • Upload the spreadsheet to my homepage
  • Prepare the spreadsheet on my phone for next week
  • Do all three sets of news
  • Study (and pass) a course
  • adjusted my navigation page so that it's easier to get to each bit without having to scroll each time...

...which is pretty good, so I'm heading to bed now and I've got a hectic day planned tomorrow 'cos of someone from Freegle coming first thing, then our groceries arriving as well as bringing the canvas rubbish and cardboard/paper bag and recycling stuff in, then hopefully I'll get around to writing for the first time since January.  Wish me luck that I get it all sorted please❓❗

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