Saturday 30 May 2015

They're not finished with me yet!

My Higher Powers have had plenty of opportunities to do away with me if they wanted to... the biggest opportunity was in 2002 when I was hospitalised on Christmas Day and in ICU for a couple of weeks... all they would have had to do was stop my heart and I'd be gone.

More recently, there was the time I fell out of Patrick... they could easily have made my head hit the road and I'd have been gone again.

Then there's the times I've been out and about on my own - I could have stumbled, fell, hit my head and I'd have been gone again.

Even just now I stumbled on my way over to turn the living room light on, if they'd have put something small in my way or even the slightest additional pressure on my back, I'd have fallen over, been hit with my quad cane then broken my ribs which would have punctured a lung which would have stopped my heart.

See where I'm going with this?

Small accidents that could have easily gone wrong and I'd have been a goner, but my Deities have things planned for me at some point in future... I just don't know what it is or when they are planning to surprise me with it yet!

What do they want me to learn though?  What lessons are vital to my survival that I haven't learnt yet?  Is there anything I can do to speed up the lesson learning?  Is it something to do with M or Marie or Chris or Hannah or is it someone I haven't met yet?

They're being very good to me, so are they trying to sweeten me up for a heavy blow in the weeks, months or years to come?

Shall I just shut up and trust them?  lol

Need to order...

... a new cheque book so that I can get it sorted with the DVLA stuff before Thursday so that I can just get my photo taken and send off the form when Chris has signed the back of it!

I just hope it arrives in time!

FAO spammers

It's simple really, you either keep spamming comments to me in my blog and they get marked as spam and deleted.  Or I'll do a bit of research and report you to your ISP.

That's not a threat, it's a promise.  Totally up to you.

20 years on and still as good as ever!

I've spent the morning playing Theme Hospital and it's still as good as when I first got it!

I haven't even been cheating... yet!  lol

OK, so the graphics aren't 3D or whatever, but that doesn't matter to me!  It's addictive and so playable so the graphics don't matter to me!

It is copyrighted 1990-1994 which is another reason the graphics aren't that great but you've improved in the last 20 years just like the graphics on modern-day games have!

Going to have me soup for lunch then play it again to see how far I can get without cheating!

Friday 29 May 2015

That's the photo's up to date

Just finished resizing and making thumbnails out of all the photo's of H ready for when the new parents give me their permission to upload them to my domain... nobody is seeing them before that though!

Typical British weather!

I've just taken the pup for her walk and it's hammering it down with rain out there!

Dogs have to be walked in all weathers though, so it had to be done... there are 6 wet feet and 2 wet bodies now!

90 to go

This is post number 909 so I've got 90 posts to go to reach a big OCD number and 91 to reach the next one!  Yay!

Thursday 28 May 2015

Does anyone know where I can get...

I'm in the UK.

I need to get some temporary bright yellow (not blonde, yellow) hair dye as payment to Gaia for answering one of my bigger prayers a while ago.

I've never dyed my hair before so want it to be temporary in case I get an itchy or painful scalp or whatever, but I want to show my appreciation at the same time!

Gaia was very specific that it had to be a children's crayon yellow, not blonde, so I've been half-heartedly looking around for some but haven't found any yet.

Does it get found in a party/novelty type shop... should that be my next search trip?  In an ideal world, it'd be an online shop that delivers - I don't mind paying P&P or whatever!

Can anyone help me?  Please?

Yummy, scrummy, in my tummy

Just had my first box of cherries of the year... I'd forgotten how good they tasted... why they are my favourite fruit!

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Got 100 photo's sorted, 31 new ones to go

Unfortunately things didn't work out with the quick thumbnails site so I did it all myself this evening and they are all done now.

Just got 31 new photo's of H to work on tomorrow then I'll work on the page, spend Friday putting it all together ready for when I've got permission from the parents to upload it!  I totally respect their wishes not to have H's photo's online yet and they'll stay on my laptop until I've got their permission to upload it all!

Just taken me pills and they are already kicking in so I'm off to bed now! 

Nite nite orl!

Thank you Anita!

One of my 3 readers overnight suggested a programme that will, in theory, do exactly what I've been searching for to make the thumbnails for my new nephews photo's... thank you so much Anita! I'll go and have a look for it now that I know where to start!

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Does anyone know please...

...if there is an easier way to make thumbnails than re-sizing the big picture and linking them?

It's just that there are over 100 photo's that I want to put on my site eventually and I was hoping that there was a snazzy bit of freeware that would do it for me... I would point the software to the folder with all the photo's, specify the size of the thumbnail or choose a size option from a drop down box, give the URL of where the photos and thumbnails will be stored, click a button and then everything is sorted seconds later so that I don't need to worry about doing summat wrong 'cos I'm only human an' orl that!


... when I went to get the long-handled pooper scooper and nappy sack then went out to clear up this morning's deposit in the street, Mitzi was really missing me and whining bless her little heart!

I was gone for less than 5 minutes but the poor pup was wanting to know where I was and why I wasn't involving her!

Sorry pup!  I just couldn't have cleared up your deposit and look after you at the same time... I will always come back for you!  Promise!

Aww that was just too cute... she wanted Steve's attention so she nudged over his bottle of pop!  lol

If Steve falls asleep at night with the TV remote in his hand and he accidentally drops it, it wakes Mitzi up, she looks at him, sighs and goes to sleep in the hall... just too cute!

She's a small dog with a huge personality!

Monday 25 May 2015

So proud of our little pup right now!

She's got a plastic bottle with a bit of rope hanging out of the end.

You unscrew the bottom, put in a handful of dry food and screw it back up.

You then pull the rope up the bottle neck and a couple of bits of food come up with the knot at the bottom.

Steve's been doing it for her since we first gave it to her, but just now Mitzi did it herself and produced 2 bits of food... such a proud moment for both of us!

Mitzi is such a clever little pup!

Thank you Gaia!

I've managed to send all the emails I needed to today, find 5 sites to invite to 2 online communities, walked Mitzi first thing and had lunch today!

You watch, the form won't work now!  lol

Sunday 24 May 2015

So vewy vewy tired!

I'm so tired that I'm definitely having an early night tonight and may also go up for an ickle nap soon too... my eyes are so heavy that the lids are covering the tops of the coloured bits of my eyes!

Steve's carer has been and gone and he's watching motor racing now.  I've taken the pup for her walk first thing so I've got no reason to be awake!


Saturday 23 May 2015

Exactly 100 to go!

A big OCD number for me is 999 and 1,000.

This is post 899 so I've got 100 to go before my OCD is... what's the word... relaxed? again!

Argos versus Amazon

The Argos watch that I ordered yesterday, turned up this morning and I'm now wearing it!

I paid £3.95 for the delivery and they turned up when I arranged for it to be delivered.  I'm still waiting for the Amazon watch that I asked to be delivered last Sunday, they emailed me to say it would be 1 - 2 days late on Sunday lunchtime and I'm still waiting for it a week later!

OK, so I didn't pay for the Amazon delivery but we've got Prime and Steve's paid in advance for it!

Not good!

Friday 22 May 2015

Given up waiting for Amazon, so...

I've ordered the watch from Argos and a cordless landline phone that'll be here tomorrow!

I'm thinking I'll use the Amazon watch (if it ever turns up) in the bath and shower and keep the Argos one for day-to-day wearing... it's water resistant to 30m but it's £3 more expensive than the Amazon one so I'll do it like that until it breaks then use the Argos one all the time... they are under a tenner so it's cheaper to get a new watch instead of the hassle of getting a new battery put in!

Kent had a small earthquake this morning!

Apparently it was only a baby earthquake but it's rare over here in the UK to have an earthquake at all!

There was one in Gloucester a few years back and apparently I slept through it!  lol

Thursday 21 May 2015

If you're a shopaholic who wants to get cashback on your purchases...

Love shopping?  I do!

Want to get a percentage of your purchase price back just by doing an extra couple of clicks?  I do!

If you answered "yes" to both of those questions then keep reading!

I love Quidco

I've earned almost £25 so far


Online Cashback

I got the Equifax thing through this site!

It's not only online shopping either - if you register your credit/debit cards with them then you can get cashback on the High Street too, just by activating codes before you leave and you can get free cashback from both sites just by signing up for offers or quotes or surveys or whatever!

Just that one phone call is worth the monthly fee!

I've just signed up for a free trial of Equifax for 30 days and discovered that there's a default on one of my credit cards from 2010 when I was having all sorts of money issues.

I've just phoned the place from the report and the wonderful lady I spoke to reassured me that the default stays on my credit record for 6 years then it's taken off and updated so my credit score will look a lot healthier in a couple of months because I've been paying back regularly so that will replace the red square with a grey one which will improve my credit rating too!

It's £15 a month after the free trial and just that one phone call is worth the money and I'll be able to keep a check on it as my rating improves!

If you're in the UK and want to see what your credit rating thing is like, join Equifax and find out - just the free trial is worth it and will help to put your mind at rest or sort out any issues you find like I did!

*sigh* knew it was too simple to be true :-(

I wish it had said on the driving license application form that I needed a photo... I could have got it done last week and sent off this week but nope, I need a photo and someone who knows me has to sign the back to show it's a true likeness which means it'll be at least 10 days before I can even fill in the form then I need to work out how to include the photo with the form and send my certificates as well.  I can almost guarantee I'll forget something which will mean it's a month before I even get a sniff of it coming through!


I know it's only a month and I've got no reason to want it sooner than that, I just want it in my hands so that I can use the driving license holder I've got and proof of age, name and address if I'm ever asked like I was in the bank a few weeks back!

Feel free to call me impatient!  lol

It's only taken 3 weeks, but... certificates have just arrived so I can send off for my driving license now!  Yay!

Now I'm just waiting for my watch from Amazon that is 4 days late now  :-(  I'm giving it until 2.30pm on Saturday which is 7 days since I ordered it then I'll get the Argos watch ordered!  *sigh*

Thank you Mother Nature!

It's a hot, dry, beautiful day out there and we both enjoyed Mitzi's walk this morning!  Thank you for the wonderful morning, Mother Nature!

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Gonna give Amazon until Saturday afternoon, then...

... it'll be a week since I ordered the watch that was supposed to be here on Sunday because it was a Prime watch!

I've got my eye on a watch at Argos that is better than the one I ordered from Amazon and it's only £3 more expensive but it's water resistant to 30 metres and the face glows in the dark too as well as having a 2 year manufacturers guarantee and I can get a free alteration of the strap if it's too big too!  All for less than a tenner!

Waiting for my certificates so that I can get a provisional driving license too so that I've got proof of my age if I'm asked in a pub or whatever and when I've got Steve his car, I'll look into driving lessons for me too!

Took 4 attempts today, but...

... we got there eventually!

Attempt 1 – half way up the street because Mitzi was having a loud conversation with her boyfriend

Attempt 2 – other half of the street until bloke at the end went to other end and opened gate, I didn’t want Mitzi to get into a fight so we came home.

Attempt 3 – Steve's carer arrived which made Mitzi excited so only managed twice up and down the road

Attempt 4 – finished off with the final 3 walks up and down the street

If I'd just carried on with the first attempt instead of worrying about the conversation waking people up at 9.30am then we could have been back before 10am and my legs would probably feel better too.

I'm just paranoid about the pup though!

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Post number 888

Only 111 posts to go before my next OCD number then one more after that and I'll have written 1,000 posts which is also an OCD number for me!

Not happy with Amazon!

My previous watch broke on Saturday morning... it was only a cheap one so was expecting it to happen sooner or later and it's cheaper to get a new watch than getting a new battery put in.

I put in an order for a new watch on Saturday afternoon and because it was on Prime I assumed it'd be here on Sunday.

It was dispatched on Saturday night (10.45pmish) and the Amazon site said that it's estimated date was the next day by Amazon Logistics.

While I was out with Chris and Hannah I was expecting it to be delivered while I was out and about

Not a problem so far.

While I was out and about, I got an email from Amazon to say it had been delayed and it'd be with me in "1 to 2 days".

Didn't arrive yesterday, on day one.  *sigh*  Maybe it would turn up on day two?  Today?

Waited in all day for it to arrive and haven't seen hide nor hare of it.

Steve ordered something on Prime yesterday afternoon.

It arrived before lunchtime today!

Not a happy bunny right now!

I'm going to give it until 6pm tomorrow then I'll contact Amazon to find out where it's gone and what's happening with it and consider going to Argos instead!

Mitzi made a firm friend on her walk this morning!

I walk the pup up and down the road 6 times every morning and if we see a human and they say hello to me, I say hello back and Mitzi's little tail is wagging almost into a blur and the human carries on walking.

This morning though, the pup stopped and started wagging her little tail and wouldn't move until a lady walked across the top of the road.

Mitzi's little tail was a blur by this point and I thought the lady would just carry on walking but nope, she stopped, said hello to me and Mitzi then stroked her and talked to her and Mitzi was on her back legs enjoying every second of it!

There really are some dog lovers around here!

Monday 18 May 2015

I feel sorry for...

...the bloke at the end of the road.  He's obviously got nothing better to do with his time than follow me and the pup up and down the street!

I'm 90% sure that he's my regular reader too because he hasn't said a word since I wrote about it in here, so, to the bloke at the end of the road, I'll be calling the police tomorrow if you follow us again because I consider it to be harassment.

That's not a threat, it's a promise.

Sunday 17 May 2015

Just got back from having lunch with...

...Chris and H - we went to the localist Harvester, yumsk!

H gave me permission to use her name instead of the first initial in my blog, so H is the lovely Hannah.

I've got to remember to email Chris with the url of the depression forum I'm with... you watch me forget now though!  lol

On Mitzi's walk this morning...

Mitzi is a terrier and I'm sure you've seen terriers in their terrier pose, (front legs straight down, back legs diagonal, face pointing forward paying close attention) well this morning Mitzi did that 3 times, totally naturally and without any sound from me!  Something in the street got her attention and she was going to hunt it down!  lol

That's the first time I've seen a terrier do that without help from someone pulling their tail up and forcing their face to where they wanted it.

Mitzi is a wonderful little pup!

Saturday 16 May 2015

The batteries didn't need to be charged up, so...

... everything is good to go tomorrow, just got to move the 2 chairs and boxed-up Yoga chair out of the hall, ready to put Patrick together to meet up with Chris and H for lunch tomorrow!

Just got to have a bath this afternoon and it's all sorted!

Of course, it might help if...

...I put the lead into Patrick the right way around to charge him up ready for tomorrow!  D'oh!  lol

I reckon...

...the bloke at the end of the road reads my blog y'know?

We saw him twice on Mitzi's walk this morning and he kept his mouth shut both times!

I've got no problem with that, if he's my regular reader then that's totally OK... I don't say anything in here that I wouldn't say to his face if he asked!

Friday 15 May 2015

Namehog are fantastic!

I've just re-opened a support ticket to Namehog to see what's happening with a domain I'm transferring to them.

It took literally a couple of minutes to answer it and reassure me that because it's a global transfer from America, it will be sorted by "close of play tomorrow" and it'll be ready to rock and roll by Sunday morning.

Namehog are wonderful hosts... just need to find a new counter now to put into the page ready for uploading on Sunday and Bravenet will be getting my custom for that because I've used them for years too!

It means that I can go back to inviting on Monday and get back into my normal routine... I've been bored out of my tree this week!  lol

As well as my usual bills being paid, I've also paid extra for...

taxi (£18)
2 parcels of dog toys (£45)
PPC for another year (£104)
transfer and hosting of a domain (£55)
chair yoga stuff (£59)
replacement certificates (£50)

So I've spent well over £300 extra already in May so I've done really well to only be £50 overdrawn and it'll only be for 10 days so I'm extra specially proud of myself!  It'll also mean that I save myself £300 in June which will go into my other account ready for the extra £250 that's due to come out of my main account at the start of June for Steve's car.

Screw you spending addiction... I've pretty much beaten you into the ground now and you'll never win again.  Ever!

OK, so there will be times I go overdrawn but never as much as before, ever again.  It'll be the odd £50 but never more than £75.  Sod off spending addiction.  If I never see you again it'll be too soon.

Good going by me!

Just checked me bank account and I'll only be about £50 overdrawn and only for 10 days which is great going by me 'cos I was thinking it'd be at least £200 because of paying for 2 parcels for the pup and my PPC as well as the £450 I was expecting today!

I've just had a peek at all my standing orders and direct debits and most of them have either already come out or will come out after my 2 pay days in 10 days time!

I've spent more than I was expecting this month so I was dreading looking at my account but I got a nice surprise!

I could do with more nice surprises like that!  lol

Just ranting

There's an idiot at the end of the road who, every time he sees me walking Mitzi, he says "if your dog pisses there you'll have to clear it up".

The first time he said it, Steve phoned the council and the police and we're not doing anything wrong... it's not illegal for a dog to wee on the street, just poo.  Yes, Mitzi does sometimes poo on the street but when she does, I bring her home, get the long-handled pooper scooper from our yard and a nappy sack out of the pack in the kitchen and go and clear it up.  Always have, always will.  I don't enjoy it but it comes with the responsibility of owning a dog.

Mitzi usually only wee's outside her house then that's it until we come home.  I can count the number of times she's wee'd elsewhere on the street on one hand and still have fingers left.

So, I'm going to keep walking Mitzi down that side of the road because it's a public footpath and we're not doing anything wrong.  Next time the bloke says it to me I'll just say something along the lines of "this is a public footpath.  The police have already told us that we're not breaking the law so please leave me alone" then carry on with Mitzi's walk.  If he says anything about it after that I'll get him arrested for harassing me and Mitzi.

He thinks he owns the whole flippin' street but he doesn't and we're not breaking any laws so leave me alone!

Thursday 14 May 2015

At least 6 times this morning, probably more

Took the pup for her morning walk and lost count of the number of times we walked up and down the road but it was somewhere between 6 and 10! lol

I got to numbers 3 and 4 and least three times each, number 5 once but could have been more and number 6 once, maybe twice... the little pup is fast asleep on the back of the sofa now, bless 'er!

She made lots of human friends on her walk too!  Usually it's a quiet walk other than the dog at the end of the road that Mitzi fancies the fur off, but she was wagging her little tail into a blur on about 90% of her walk this morning! 

Most of the people were on the other side of the street, but 5 of them crossed at the top of the street when we were there and the little pup wanted to make friends with them and refused to go any further until they'd gone out of site!

Such a friendly little puppy!

I've just taken the Folic Acid too and it's definitely a good idea to take it in the morning instead of the evening 'cos I'm wide awake now!

Wednesday 13 May 2015

I've decided when I'll take the Folic Acid

I took the Folic Acid at the same time as my other 2 prescriptions last night and was awake until the early hours so I'm not going to take it tonight but I'll start taking it first thing as of tomorrow morning to see if it keeps me more awake and alert during the day like it did last night!

We shall see!

We're both getting used to...

... the 600 yard walk every morning, just need to take it slowly for a few more days and then it'll be fine - my legs won't hurt and Mitzi will be awake most of the day instead of asleep!  Bless her little furry paws!

Tuesday 12 May 2015

To quote Steve just now...

"you must be the only person in the world who reads those leaflets!"

The patient information leaflets are there for a reason!  I read supplement bottles too before I start taking a new one.

Better to be safe than sorry IMO!

The folic acid pills are teeny tiny!

I've just taken my 3 prescriptions and the Folic Acid pills are smaller than the very end of my AP... not even a millimetre!  The sort of size that doesn't even require anything to wash it down with - saliva is all it needs!

I'd have been happy with a pill the size of the AD, I just didn't want it to be a capsule!

I'm a happy bunny this evening!

Mitzi approves of her toys!

I ordered Mitzi some toys and treats on Saturday evening, they were dispatched at 11.30pm the same day and the delivery estimate was 2 to 3 working days.

They've just turned up!  1 and a bit working days later!  I was thinking it would be Wednesday (tomorrow) at the earliest because the delivery company (Yodel) would have to take the package back to their office on Monday (yesterday), do the paperwork and find where I live today (Tuesday) then deliver it tomorrow!

I'm a really happy bunny and Zooplus and Yodel will definitely be getting a fantastic review and a returning customer from me and Mitzi!

Less than 24 hours and it's in my hands!

The pharmacy have just delivered the Folic Acid that I'm low in and it's less than 24 hours since I was told I needed it!  Fast work by anyone's standards!  lol

Not so sure I like being recognised by the pharmacy deliverer though!  lol  He asked me how I was and knew exactly how long it takes for me to sign my name!

No more trips to the doc for 3 months now though, gotta take the folic acid and then get re-tested to see how it's doing then... I'm happy with anything now that I've got the phone number for a taxi service and the pharmacy will not only deliver but collect my prescriptions too!

Just waiting for my certificates and Mitzi's toys to turn up now then that's it until tomorrow!

600 yards a day now

Just worked out, with Steve's help, that 1 trip up and down the street is about 100 yards, we walk up and down the street 6 times so that's 600 yards a day and with the help of a search engine that's like a third of a mile which means that the pup is walking 2.5 miles a week!

No wonder she's so hungry, thirsty and tired when we get back every morning!

I'll keep doing it though, I won't increase it any more, just walk up and down the street 6 times a day and leave it at that!

Monday 11 May 2015

Me + B vitamins = ?

In the last decade and a bit I've been deficient in 3 B vitamins.

First up was B1 (Thiamin) in 2002/2003
Next up was B12 in 2014
Now it's B9 (Folic acid) in 2015

There's something weird going on in my body that uses up the B vitamins seemly faster than they should!

I'm going to be taking the Folic acid for a couple of months and I'll keep taking my supplements too... I just need to take them every morning!  Just need to get back into the habit again now 'cos I definitely notice the difference when I don't take them!

Mitzi was a little hero on her walk this morning!

I'm not steady on my feet at the best of times, but my legs stopped working 3 times on Mitzi's walk this morning and I started slowly falling backwards.

Mitzi looked behind her and gently pulled on her lead so that my legs stopped and gently pulled me back to standing again.

Not once or twice, but 3 times!

I've just had my GP on the phone too... everything was normal except my Folic Acid being slightly low, so the wonderful Dr F is going to leave a prescription on the front desk for 3 months supply and I've just phoned the pharmacy and they are going to pick up the prescription and deliver it to me tomorrow, all without me leaving the house!

I could get used to this!  lol

Sunday 10 May 2015

Well that was a very...

...mediocre bath at best.

I was in there for an hour and a half but the water only stayed warm for 15 minutes, if that, at a time and the water that I used to refill the bath each time was colder for longer than it was warm!  If it was the middle of winter with deep snow outside then I could understand it but it's supposed to be 19 degrees outside right now so why was the water barely tepid after 15 minutes each time?


Mitzi's walk this morning

Took Mitzi on her morning walk and did the 6 lengths again.

My legs are killing me and I'm so hot right now.

Steve's carer has just arrived, literally 2 minutes after we came home... just enough time for me to sit down and for Mitzi to have a little drink.  Thankfully Steve answered the door this time!

I think the 2 extra lengths are wearing the poor pup out 'cos she's flailed out right next to me now!  As the weather heats up I'll slowly increase it to 10 lengths but that's it then I reckon... 10 times a day will be enough for her little legs!  It'll be about 500 yards so that's enough for any pup - she's fast asleep on her side now, snoring her little head off like a good'un!

Saturday 9 May 2015

Namehog every time!

I'm the owner of SUGAR.

On recommendation of the founder, I registered the domain name and hosting with an American company.

A lady mentioned that the site was over-run with ads after the first page... no content that had been uploaded by me, the founder or her assistant, just full page adverts.

I've transferred the name to Namehog and bought hosting from them too even though there are still 355 days until the renewal at the other hosting place.

They obviously don't appreciate their customers!

I've been with Namehog for over a decade and from now on they will be the only hosting company I go with - I know and trust them and they don't spam a site that is hosted with them!

Their support is fantastic and fast and they put their customers first.  WTG Namehog!

Took 3 attempts, but...

... we walked up and down Mitzi's street 6 times again today and now she's asleep behind Steve who is also asleep - I'm the only one awake in the house and it's only 11.30am!

I tried to send the scanning between walks 2 and 3 but there wasn't enough power in the handset to send it for some reason, so it's hopefully charging up now and I'll try again in an hour!

Typical, innit!  lol

Friday 8 May 2015

Now I know why... left arm hurt so much after yesterday's blood test!

There's a huge bruise in the whole area the needle went in and there's a line of blood just under the skin to both sides of the site she took it from too!  I don't know what happened with the nurse taking the blood yesterday but my arm rebelled against it for 24 hours!

No wonder it hurt so much for so long!


Mitzi's usual walk consists of walking up and down the street 4 times.

The pup refused to go any further after 3 walks up and down the street so we came home and she jumped up onto the back of the sofa and fell asleep.

An hour later, I took her on the second set of 3 which makes 6 times up and down the street, yeah?

That makes 150% of her usual walk, don't it?

She's fast asleep in her bed again now, bless her!

I might make it a regular thing to take her on 2 walks every morning, 3 times up and down each way... it'll help us both to loose weight and won't be so tiring to do every day in one go!  We just need to take things steadily until we're both used to it, then we'll increase it again!

Thursday 7 May 2015

OK, so it cost 12 quid to go less than a mile, but...

... there is no way I could have safely got to the appointment and back without the taxi!

It's done for another year though and they take my debit card in the car so it's worth it, I reckon!


Just got back from having the blood test and it hurt more than usual when the needle went in and came out and it's still hurting now!  :-(

According to Steve, just now, and I quote...

"men would have evolved zips if they gave birth instead of huge South African women pulling the baby out with them things [forceps] with all their might!"

We're watching 'one born every minute' on the telly atm!

Well ain't that just typical!

Just taken Mitzi for her walk and there's a huuuuuge gap in the road, right outside the door so I can, in theory take Patrick for the blood test and cancel the taxi.

Doing that though, I can almost guarantee that the road will be full of cars and I'll have to re-order the taxi which won't put anyone in a good mood!

The taxi is staying booked and Patrick is staying in the kitchen... sorted.

Wednesday 6 May 2015

*sigh* stupid publisher :-(

My publisher has just been on the phone and the bloke I spoke to was useless... I've easily spent thousands of pounds with them and the bloke pretty much called me a liar because the payments I was disputing didn't have the person's name on them so therefore I'm lying because "our employee's aren't able to take money using our system".

Newsflash AH!  They may not be able to using your system and it won't come out of my account and into yours, the person who fraudulently took my money didn't use your effing system!  I'm guessing he had a way to put the money straight into his account without even a hint that it was going through your effing system!

JE had obviously done it before and knew exactly what to say to reel me into his trust and I stupidly fell for it hook, line and sinker!

Would I recommend AH?  If you can afford to loose thousands of pounds then go for it, but if not, run away the speed of the wind in a hurricane and don't even think about it!  Yes, you'll get your book published, eventually, but that's it.  You'll be promised things that aren't recorded or even available and you'll loose your money then be told to contact your bank about the money you've lost because AH's system is totally secure!

If you want to get your book published then go for it, just don't pay for it!  Half decent publishers don't want money in advance, they publish your book without you paying a penny for it and they support you and answer your questions and offer reassurance for free!

I've learnt my lesson... don't pay to be published - it's not worth it.

Cold and tired right now :-(

I is feezy cold and so tired because I didn't get to sleep until gone 10pm yesterday because I was playing Pet Rescue Saga on my Kindle Fire even though I took me pills at 7.30pm!


Tuesday 5 May 2015

Post number 10 today and the day hasn't come to an end yet!

It's only Tuesday, but I've done everything for the week except going to my GP surgery on Thursday and the phone call from my publisher tomorrow afternoon but that's it now!  The rest of the week I can relax!

Done and dusted for the day

Just got out of the bath and I've achieved 100% of what I was needing to do this morning... yay!

That's the taxi booked

Just booked the taxi for 9.30am on Thursday and apparently all the cars have card machines in them... I just hope the 2 drivers know how to use them!  lol

Bath time now then it's all done and dusted until tomorrow!  Yay!

Got to drink my can of Diet Coke first though!

OCD number 850

This is post number 850 which is an OCD number for me, but not as much as posts number 999 and 1,000 will be!

Achieved 90% of the stuff already today and it's only 3.15pm!

Just got to phone for the taxi and have a bath and I'm sorted!

Steve reckons I should phone for the taxi tomorrow and I need to remember to request a driver that knows how to take card payments because I haven't got any cash on me!

Most of the stuff done already and it's only lunchtime!

Just got to wait for a Fregler to come and pick the stairgate up, phone to book a taxi for Thursday which Steve reckons I should do tomorrow and have a bath.

Everything else is done and it's not even 2pm yet!

I love Freegle!

I've just given 2 dog coats that were too small for Mitzi to a lady and her partner that had rescued their dog as well!  The coats fitted their dog perfectly so they got them for free and I didn't waste £25.

At some point today, someone is coming to pick up the stair gate too, for free and that's another £15 not gone to waste!

It saves us room in our ickle 'ouse, helps someone to get something for free and the money hasn't been wasted!

I've only ever given stuff on Freecycle and Freegle so have no experience of what happens when you receive something and I've never bought something with the intention of passing it on, just the things that were the wrong size or no longer needed or whatever, but giving things to others on Freegle means that it's not wasted money and it saves useful things ending up in the landfill too!  Total aceness all around!

Mitzi's food has just arrived, and...

... I've just had someone from my publisher on the phone.

The money that was taken and shouldn't have been has now "been escalated" and a manager is going to phone me tomorrow at 3pm to discuss it!

It sounds like someone is going to be in serious trouble for taking money from me and not following through on their promises and taking the money off me wrongly too!

Steve's carer has just arrived, so...

... the district nurse will hopefully be here soon to do what she does, then Mitzi's food is due between 10.50am and 11.50am today then the Freegler is due at 12 then I can arrange the taxi and jump in the bath... can't I??

Busy day today!

Wake up (done, obviously)
walk Mitzi (done)
do yesterdays scanning (done)
feed Mitzi (done)
answer door to Steve's carer
answer door to Steve's district nurse
answer door to Mitzi's food
answer door to Freegler who wants to try the dog coats on her dog at my suggestion
send email to Freegle if the coats are taken or email another Freegler if not
phone to book taxi for Thursday morning
have bath
relax!  At last!  lol

Monday 4 May 2015

My Deities have been great to me today!

I woke up nice and early.

Mitzi was a good dog on part 1 of her morning walk.

The recycling bods took everything that we put in both our recycling boxes and the waste food caddy, even though most of the waste food was still in it's wrapper.

The rubbish bods emptied both of our bins.

Mitzi was a great pup on part 2 of her morning walk.

I checked in with all my communities.

I've just finished doing my invites so have just got to send them off and it's only lunchtime!

Thank you Green Man, Mother Earth and Gaia!

Steve realised yesterday that...

... taxi's can take you to wherever you want to go, not just medical appointments!  lol

The Harvester is my favourite restaurant so we'll hopefully be going, eating then coming home for the first time since Steve got rid of his car!

So, hopefully one of us will pay for the taxi both ways and the other will pay for the food... can't wait now!

Sunday 3 May 2015

I'd love to get your opinion on... navigation site's look.

It's totally anonymous, the only time you have to give your name is in the guestbook... the rest of it is totally private and, like this blog, I will only know numbers, nothing else!

Can't wait to get my first opinion on the page!

Be on the lookout for...

... a page on my homepage about my little nephew!  I'm not going to link to it until I have permission from the parents, but it will be coming soon!

Saturday 2 May 2015

Mitzi was having an amazing dream until Steve disturbed her!

Our little pup is fast asleep on the back of the sofa, snoring in Steve's ear with an occasional soft growl.

Steve was snoring away too.

Mitzi let out a soft yap, then a bark and it was getting louder and more often until Steve woke up and sat forward and the pup hasn't made a sound since then!

She was having oneheckuva dream, yapping and barking really loudly in her sleep, bless her!

Just done the scanning and...

... it went first time!

Steve says that happens a lot so maybe to only send the scanning on Saturday's?  I'll do the scanning as I buy things but I'll only send on Saturday's for a while now methinks.

Friday 1 May 2015

Achieved a lot today!

Woke up, walked Mitzi, fed and watered the pup, read my email, made 4 graphic gifts for GoF, had lunch, caught up with my forums, made an anniversary page, uploaded it et voila!

Yesterday's webpage

I bought a domain name and the most basic hosting Namehog do so that I could link to just the one page in emails and on forums and stuff instead of having a 10 line sig that's usually longer than what I write!

I've asked Steve what colour I should make the background on it (it's white atm) and he said to have a bright green background with bright yellow text like my very first website.

Erm... no!  lol

Cars in the street again

I took the pup for her walk at 9.30am and there was a huge gap in front of the house with no cars in it.

I went out 10 minutes later to put some recycling in the box and the road was packed again!

There's sign in our window asking that no-one parks in front of the house because I'm disabled and need wheelchair access at all times.  The first few days it was up, drivers took notice of it and didn't park in front of the house.

Not any more though!