Monday 31 October 2016

4 years and 4 months from now

Just had a statement from BC come through the door and because it's my biggest debt, I'll be totally debt free in 4 years and 4 months from now!

I'm never, ever getting into debt again... if I can't afford it then I'll just have to do without.  It's just not worth the hassle getting into debt - causes way too much stress that could have caused way too much depression and psychosis.

When I've got used to the new payment regime that's starting from next week, I'll be able to put £25 into each savings account and the other £50 into my back-up bank account so I'll be able to pay for Namehog stuff as it comes up and still have enough to pay off a bit extra on my credit cards a couple of times a year too.

I won't pretend it'll be easy, but when I've got into the routine of not spending and kicking my spending addiction into touch, I'll find it a bit easier to save that £100 a month ready for paying off £100 extra every few months, which, in turn, will mean that I don't have as much to pay or as long to wait as I do right now.

Wish me luck!

Taken me supplements too

The iron took 2 mouthfuls of squash but other than that, all 3 of my supplements went down pretty easily again! 


Just got back from walking the pup

I was happy to go for our usual length walk, but the pup kept walking and we ended up doing double the length of her usual walk!

I is poopy-dooped now but it's woken me up and make me appreciate the temperature in here more than when we went out for Mitzi's walk... it's cold and misty out there, but in here it's warm and clear!

Sunday 30 October 2016

All I want is a hard drive imaging programme, but...

I just want to back up my hard drive to the cloud every morning as soon as I boot up so that I've got something to rely on if I need to for any reason.

I've just downloaded and installed something that claimed to be easy to use and I should have known better when it wanted to install C++ as part of the instalation.

Should have just clicked cancel.

But nope, I've got a piece of software that I don't want and can't find a way to uninstall now.

I'll just try backing up the whole computer to the external drive again tomorrow instead.


That's better!

My font is Bradley Hand ITC in size 20 font and it's looking good so far!  I know how to change it now too, so can play around a bit if I get bored again!

That's the temporary internet files cleared from Chrome and Firefox now

Just finished clearing the cache dooberries and I've changed my Firefox font to Comic Sans MS but might see if I can change it to Bradley Hand ITC cos it cuts off the bottom of the letters in my blog for some reason!

Clearing my temporary internet files now, so...

even if I forget to do it on Thursday, there will still be several thousand files less to check through which will hopefully speed up the next virus scan on Friday... wish me luck!  :-)

Saturday 29 October 2016

No viruses or malware on my laptop - yay!

The virus scan has just finished after 35 hours and I ran the malware scan before I got in the bath and they were both clear again - so worth the time and money for the reassurance they offer me!

Just ordered 12 food storage containers and 6 towels for £5.50

For some reason, we've only got 2 towels in the house, so I ordered some more on eBay as well as some plastic storage containers ready for when I make the soup and paid £5.50 instead of twenty quid for them because I had a £15 Nectar voucher waiting for me so that's another good thing happening today.

My Gods and Goddesses have been looking favourably on me today for some reason that I know nothing about but I'm really grateful for their generosity today!

Every Thursday evening, can someone remind me to...

delete my temporary internet files so that hopefully the virus scan that starts first thing on Friday morning won't take as long hopefully please?

Steve said about it earlier and after more than 24 hours, it's still only 60% done!

It's just something I want to try next week is all, just to see if it affects how many files it scans is all  :-)

Just taken me supplements without throwing up too!

It's not even lunch time yet, but there has already been 4 positives so far in today!  I crunched the calcium up into a paste because it's too big for me to swallow whole.  That alone usually makes me retch, but not this morning!

Then I swallowed the iron which usually makes me nauseous because it's such a strong flavour, but not this morning!

Then I swallowed the multivitamin and that went down with just one swallow of squash!

I could get used to this!

Steve's just seen a baby wren in our yard

We've been here since the end of 1998 and the closest we've ever got to seeing wild birds in our yard was seagulls when there was a water feature in the middle of Gloucester and they nested on top of the bus depot.

We haven't even seen seagulls since they got rid of the water in the centre.

To see that baby wren was just another good thing that's happened this morning... I didn't get to see it 'cos I can't see the tree stump from the kitchen window (I'm too short to see much out of the kitchen window) but to know that there are still wild birds around us despite how close we are to the centre is brilliant!

I'm tempted to get a bird table to go outside and fill it up with food now!

The pup has just made a new friend!

Steve had 2 carers come out to see him this morning and one of them has just made friends with Mitzi and her little tail was wagging like anything!  I think it was the first time this carer had been because Steve said he gave the carer Mitzi's life story and the carer really wanted to see her before she left.

Mitzi is such a friendly girl and makes friends with whoever pays her attention!

She's really grown in confidence and friendlyness since we got her 6 years ago and I couldn't be without her now!  The Dogs Trust made her into a fantastic little girl who slotted right in to our house and I think she knows she's got a furever home with us now so her confidence and friendliness is really shining through!

The pup was grateful for the usual length walk today

After being wiped out after her vet visit yesterday, she trotted along just in front of me on her walk and was happy to come home after her usual length of walk today and she's fast asleep now, bless her tiny furry paws!

Friday 28 October 2016

The pup is puffing and panting after coming home from the vet!

Mitzi got home from her visit to the vet, puffing and panting so she'll sleep well tonight... be interesting to see how much she wants to walk tomorrow and if she sleeps all night or if she even wants to go out for a wee, bless her!

Cheeky cow!

A female has just parked in front of the house.

Got out of her car.

Locked it up.

No problem so far, until...

She came right up to the living room window, cupped her hands on the glass and stared in!

Nobody should do that, let alone someone who doesn't live in the street!


Mitzi's going for her boosters and general MOT...

at the vet in a couple of hours and I'm missing her already!

Thursday 27 October 2016

That's me finished being creative until the weekend now!

Just revamped my twins' site so the rest of the week is mine to do whatever I want with now!

Gonna have a read of my planned out NaNo novel ready for starting it on Tuesday and try getting into the writing creativity instead of the visual creativity I've been in since Sunday!

Steve's just said, according to the news this morning...

Panda's are no longer endangered - yay!

However, elephants (Steve's favourite animal) are.  He came out with a jokey suggestion that "the moment an elephant dies, their tusks turn to jelly or something" to change that once and for all!

I reckon he's onto a great idea there!

Wednesday 26 October 2016


Just revamped my main site all on my lonesome!

I was having a few minor issues with the html when the OT lady came for Steve so I had no choice but to sort them out myself!

Just gotta work on my twins pages now and it's all finished in 3 days!

Feeling really proud of myself right now!

Mitzi loves...

her Bark Beats box this month... she got a bag of treats, a shampoo, a squeaky pumpkin and a toy giraffe.  She's running around with her pumpkin right now, bless her!

Steve also found her a bar of doggy chocolate and a bag of Kong stuffers so she's being spoilt today, bless her tiny little paws!

Tuesday 25 October 2016

My navigation page is sorted too now

Just given my navigation page a re-vamp as well so I've just got my main site to sort out tomorrow now!

Nite nite orl!

Half way there with my revampathon

Steve showed me how to put the title image onto my Stories For Children site using CSS, so I've been sorting that out on all the pages over the last couple of hours and I've just got my main site and navigation page to do now.

Gonna work on my navigation page tomorrow then come up with a webset for my twins on Thursday and then set to work on my main site on Friday for the whole weekend so that it's all done and dusted at the start of next week... wish me creativity!  lol

That's the S4C site mostly re-vamped...

Just waiting for Steve to tell me how to put the title image into the CSS then I can upload it all and work on my personal site which will be a lot easier 'cos that's already got a CSS thing I think, so only need to change it in one place instead of every single page of the bazillion that are currently there, then it's my navigation page et voila!  All done!

Just heard back about the childhood cancer donation

A lovely man has just called about my donation, explained more about the charity and I've now set up a £3 monthly donation to come off my phone every month.

He originally asked about setting up a £10 monthly direct debit which I said no to but I could do it if it came off my mobile phone credit.

That's now set up and it means I'm sending £6 a month to 2 charities (£3 to Childhood cancer UK and the other £3 to the Dogs Trust) and which leaves me £4 a month for calls and texts which I rarely use so that will builld up too that I can use whenever I need to!  On top of that, I get free calls and texts to other O2 numbers so things are looking good!

So proud of myself right now!

Last bit of maths for now

I get £766 a month
My bills are £236 a month
That leaves me with £530 a month so far, yeah?
Shopping is, for easy calculations, £430.
That leaves me with £100 a month on average, yeah?

I owe Steve £50 for bailing me out last week when I was overdrawn and the shopping came to £61 this week, of which only £4.50 was my own stuff, so we've called it even steven's now.

So next week will be another small shop, Steve's going to transfer £25 over to me to help with next week's shopping and I've got a Namehog thing coming out for £137 so let's start afresh starting the week after.

Using the calculations up there ↑ (I hope that worked lol) every month and transfering the £100 out of my current account into my other accounts means that I'll have £200 by the end of this year and I can keep saving up every month to use for Namehog and insurance for my wheelchair and SCBWI membership and stuff that aren't monthly.

Just gotta hope that my spending addiction behaves itself now!

Monday 24 October 2016

That's the shopping delivered and put away

Thank you Marie!  Your help is really appreciated by me!

Pretty productive afternoon for me today!

I know very basic CSS but Steve's been on at me for years about using CSS on my sites and the tutorial I did on one of my communities a few years back was the gentle introduction I'd been after, so I worked on the graphics for my S4C site yesterday and Steve helped me with slightly more advanced CSS this afternoon.

Just gotta work out how to put the title image in the CSS tomorrow, then put the CSS onto all the pages, upload them then that's something else done and dusted!

Just gotta work on my main site and my navigation page then everything has a totally new look!


The pup made a new friend on her walk this morning

Mitzi spotted a woman starting to come down our road and she started wagging her tail into a blur.

She started talking to the pup and stroking her and stuff.

Mitzi was in heaven!

Sunday 23 October 2016

Both blogs revamped...

Tomorrow morning it'll be walking Mitzi, then watching Masterchef and The Bill, then working on the style sheet with Steve's help... wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!  lol

Childhood cancer

Just donated £3 via my mobile to Children With Cancer UK in memory of my twins.

AFAIK it's just a single donation, but even if it's not, I've got enough credit on my phone for another 10 donations and an extra 3 every month too so I'm not too worried about that right now, as long as it's not a daily donation then I'm happy to let them have the donation as often as they want to!

Something else from FB

 I've got 4 of 'em - M, BS, J and F.

Don't worry about typing yes to this unless you want to... I pinched it off FB which is why it's there  :-)

Since 25th July this year, I've been doing...

Including 25th July 2016, I've done the shopping every week and in those 3 months, I've spent £1,079.26 on just the shopping.  Steve hasn't spent anything on it but seems to be able to afford take-aways every day again.

If he can afford take-aways then he shouldn't complain about how much difference there is between getting benefits and working!

I've got literally £3 a month after all my regular bills and the shopping has come out of my benefits money so I can't afford any take aways at all, so how come Steve can??

Saturday 22 October 2016

My dates were right, but my maths was wrong yesterday

I kept forgetting to pay for 2 weeks shopping so after that and my bills have come out, I'll have £36 a month to pay for Namehog and gifts and other stuff I want and need.

I'm thinking that I'll put the £30 into my secondary bank account every month that I can use for Namehog which will leave me £6 in my primary bank account every month.

Steve says he's getting £700 less than he's used to a month but what about me?  I've already used all my savings and I'm shelling out an extra £400 on top of my bills and I'm being left with £6 a month but he can still afford a take away for his tea every evening!


Friday 21 October 2016

Are my dates right please?

Got ESA and DLA last week.  I get £306 DLA every 4 weeks on a Tuesday and £230 ESA every 2 weeks on a Monday.  My bills are £227 on the 15th of every month and shopping is about £100 a week.


Mon 24 Oct I get ESA and can pay for the shopping, my Namehog stuff and £25 back to Steve

I'll have literally pennies left over but that's as tight as things get until April 2017 so how about we just say that I'm starting from nothing from here?

Mon 7 Nov I get ESA and I pay Steve back the other £25 I owe him and the shopping again so I'll have just over £200 for the shopping for the next 2 weeks
Tues 8 Nov I get DLA - £300+£200 is £500
Tues 15 Nov - my direct debits come out so £500-£227 is £273 for the next 2 weeks shopping yeah?
Mon 21 Nov I get ESA and pay for the shopping, so let's say I've got £50 left over after the shopping

Mon 5 Dec I get ESA so £230+£50 is £280 yeah?  Pay for the shopping so it's £280-£200 is £80.  Start getting Yule gifts leaves me with £30 yeah?
Tues 6 Dec I get DLA £300+£30=£330
Thurs 15 Dec my direct debits come out £330-£227=£103
Mon 19 Dec I get ESA £103+£230=£333 and pay for the shopping £333-£200=£133.  Finish getting and wrapping Yule gifts. - £133-£100=£33 yeah?

Is that right so far?  It means I'll have about £30 left over until the New Year but I'm just concentrating on the rest of 2016 right now  lol

Just got back from Mitzi's walkies

I usually walk the pup up and down between number 5 and number 9 three times every morning.

I was happy to come home after the normal three lengths but the pup carried on walking.

We didn't do four lengths.

Or even five lengths.

We doubled it and she wanted to carry on but my legs were getting painful and wobbly so I didn't want to risk it.

It'll definitely help me and Mitzi to loose weight if we occasionally double the normal three lengths!

So proud of Mitzi as well as Steve now... just gotta find something for me to be proud of me for now, then it's the whole house that has had a reason to be proud of all three of us now!

Did that last sentence even make sense?  lol

So proud of Steve!

It was Steve's birthday last week and I got him some clothes the next size down.

He already knew he was the next size down for tops, but he's the next size down around the waist too now!

He's said he hasn't dropped a clothes size since he played rugby at school 30 years ago... I'm so proud of him! 

Not eating junk every day really does make a difference!

Keep going Steve... you really can keep doing it now that you've made a start!

Just done a bit of maths, and...

I spent £211.80 on things in the last 2 weeks which made me £50 overdrawn.

Steve lent me the money so I'm back in credit now by 5p.

I've got a Namehog bill coming out in 10ish days for £130

That means that I'm spending £180 in the next couple of weeks and still have £32 to play with and I prolly won't be spending much in November because of NaNo so I'll be £243.80 in credit starting in December.  I can use that for Yule gifts and still be in credit to start 2017!


Thursday 20 October 2016

Don't judge me

Another one from FB that is mainly for M but any others out there who judge me haven't got a bloody clue what they're on about.

Just had one of my credit cards on the phone

Went through a review of my spending and apparently I've got £212 free a month.

I'm currently paying them £50 a month and I've got about £1,750 left to pay off.

One of my other credit cards gets paid £75 a month and I've got about £4,000 left to pay off on that one.

"Can you increase your payment to £100 a month?" she asks.

Erm, no.  If I did that I'd be paying £25 a month more on a card that has a balance of less than half of it!  It would also only leave me £100 a month for charity donations and Namehog stuff as well as things like gifts and cards and you know, stuff I want to get myself for things like clothes and shoes and stuff.

They should be grateful that I'm even paying them £50!


Wednesday 19 October 2016

I'll be paid on Monday, so...

I'm going to store the extra £100 a month to use for my domain names and if we keep getting own brand things, I'll have about £50 extra a month to save up for gifts and I've got a £137 bill coming out mid November that'll be taken in 16 days but if I'm a tight git then everything will be fine starting in the New Year.

It's only August, June, October and December that are tight months but if I stop spending on things I don't need and can do without and save up the rest of the year, then I can use the money I don't spend during the tight months.

Hard going but definitely do-able!

Tuesday 18 October 2016

My arse really stinks right now!

I don't know what's caused it but I've been producing stinky farts all day so I hope they stop by tomorrow when I'm meeting up with C to give him his birthday gifts!

Monday 17 October 2016

Just had me lunch

Had a tomato and pasta pot, yumsk!  Gotta remember to add some to next week's shopping now!

Sunday 16 October 2016

Just changed me online shopping password

You watch me forget it now!  lol

It's the one that starts with an M if I forget again!  lol

Saturday 15 October 2016

Had pasta bake for lunch

Steve's fast asleep in his chair.

I can barely keep my eyes open.

Going to head to bed in a bit to catch some sleep - I is exhaustapaytid!

Friday 14 October 2016

Shoulda known

Just tried to order Steve's birthday tea and had to change my password.

I didn't realise until after I'd changed it that my Caps Lock was on.

My bank don't make it easy to change it back again either!

That means I've got to buy something before I forget what I changed it to!

I give up.

Mandarin oranges - just remembered why I don't eat them

I haven't eaten them since last year for one simple reason...

I can't stop eating them when I start!  lol

Eaten three of 'em in the last 10 minutes!  lol

Mitzi is being a right royal PITA today

Her tail is sticking up, so when she went to the back door I let her out.

She did absolutely nothing.

Just sniffed, so I called her in.

She ignored me and went over to the top corner.

I shouted at her.

She looked at me and sniffed under the table.

I called again.

She sniffed around by the drain.

I thought she was going to come in then but she turned around and went to the other corner.

I shouted.

She went over to the rose bush and sniffed.

I yelled at her.

She ignored me.

Steve came to the back door and yelled at her at the top of his voice.


She pottered in looking innocent.

Neither of her humans were happy with her.

We've both got sore throats now too.

Naughty little madam!

Thursday 13 October 2016

That's the gifts sorted until the end of November now

Just ordered C's birthday gift that'll be here with the shopping on Monday, then I can concentrate on NaNo until the end of November, get the Christmas gifts and that's it then!

Wednesday 12 October 2016

That's C's birthday gifts just been delivered

It's C's birthday a week from today and his gifts have just arrived... just gotta get some wrapping and a card now!

That's a relief then!

Just checked me bank account and I've got enough in there to cover my bills that'll come out on the 15th and another grocery shop too... I'll have pennies left after that, but I get paid again the week after then it all starts all over again.  I'm saving meself £101 a month by cancelling the private health insurance and the lottery but that money will go on Mitzi's stuff and my domains and hosting and stuff.

It'll be a very tight thing every month, but everything will be covered somehow.

I hope!

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Don't read this if you don't want to read about tiny babies

Steve's previous carer has just come to the door with her tiny baby son... such a little cutie!

She's in the kitchen with Steve and today's carer and she looks incredibly happy... her little son is sort of going "where's this, Mummy?" in his little car carrier.

J (Steve's previous carer) is going to be an awesome mum to little H but this could get confusing on the blog because my nephew's name begins with an H and his mum begins with a J too  lol

That was easier than I was expecting!

Just phoned the pharmacy to order my repeat prescription.

Usuallly I get all tongue tied and never know what to say and stuff, even if I've rehearsed it before calling them.

This time I just said "hi, I'm Amanda George.  Could I order a repeat prescription for delivery please?"

The lady I spoke to said "Just the two items?"

I said "yes please"

She said "OK, we can get that delivered on Friday... is that OK?"

"That's brilliant!" I said.

"OK, thank you, bye!" she said.

"Bye" I said and hung up.

It took less than a minute and I didn't get flustered compared to the usual 5 minutes of talking nervously and still not being sure I've got everything ordered.

Roll on next time!  Now that I've done it once and I've got the script I'll be able to practise again in 4 weeks time!

Monday 10 October 2016

C's birthday gifts have been dispatched

I'm just hoping he's not offended by them!  lol

Malware free laptop too

Just done an anti-malware scan too.  Only took 33 minutes and I'm free of Malware as well as Viruses too!

Sunday 9 October 2016

That's C's birthday pressie ordered now

Just ordered C's gift... need to get some wrapping paper and a card now though!  lol

My weekly virus scan of the whole computer

The scan has just finished and I'm virus free for another week... yay!

Kitchen appliances we now have

I'm just going to list them and link to the Amazon page so you can get them as well if you want to:

Vegetable steamer
Slow cooker
Bread machine
Food mixer
Coffee machine
Ice cream maker
Pasta machine

I just want a food processor and a tidy work surface then I can play with them to my heart's content!

I was wrong yesterday

The last of my birthday pressies turned up yesterday, but I'm still waiting for the last part of Steve's birthday pressie and Marie's Christmas pressies to turn up... that really is it then!

Just gotta find something for C's birthday and Christmas, something for H for Christmas and something for Melanie for Christmas too!

Saturday 8 October 2016

That's the last 2 deliveries just arrived

The pasta machine and game have just arrived that I ordered on my birthday so that's it now!

I also stopped 2 direct debits saving me £101 a month and a regular debit card payment saving me £60 a quarter last night too which saves me almost £1,500 a year which will pay for the shopping every week, Mitzi's pet insurance every month and I'll still be able to pay for my domain names, hosting and monthly bills too.

I could get used to this!

Friday 7 October 2016

Just taken me supplements and...

Other than the taste of the Vitamin C being a bit strong for my liking, I'm already feeling better than I was before I took 'em.

Psychosomatic?  Yeah, maybe, but I'll keep telling myself that to encourage me to take them every morning!  lol

Thursday 6 October 2016

Another delivery has just arrived

Just waiting for Theme Hospital game and a pasta machine along with the 2 gifts for Steve and Marie then that's it.

Gotta find something for C's birthday in 13 days time then that's it until after NaNo.

I saved meself £101 a month and £60 a quarter this morning too, by cancelling 2 DDs and a regular card payment so I'm going to move that over to my secondary account to use on Namehog payments and still being able to pay for the shopping every week and the bills every month.  I'll use the £240 a year for gifts and stuff.

You and me head on now, spending addiction!

That's me supplements just arrived, so...

...just waiting for 2 things from eBay and the Amazon things I bought with my birthday vouchers yesterday now!

Wednesday 5 October 2016

My landline phone has just died, so...

Me and him had a landline phone each (same number, just two cordless handsets) and mine died at some point this afternoon so instead of getting a new one, we'll just go back to sharing the one handset

Happy birthday to me!

It's me birthday today and I've had an awesome day!

The pup was a good girl on her walk
I remembered to have breakfast
Checked me email and forums
Met up with C
Splashed out on loads of Amazon things
Vegged out with Steve and Mitzi
Lasagne for tea
Then a really early night for a change!

Thank you for all the cards, gifts and FB messages today... I really appreciate them all!

Tuesday 4 October 2016

It's me birthday tomorrow and...

I'm meeting up with C for my birthday tomorrow it's been too long since I last saw him... didn't see him the Sunday just gone and I'm really missing him!

Not a good day so far

Everything that could have gone wrong this morning, has gone wrong.  I've had enough of the day and it's not even 11.30am!

Monday 3 October 2016

Feel so much cleaner and smell a lot nicer now!

Just got dressed after a long soak in a hot bubble bath while listening to my favourite radio station.  So much more ready to face the rest of the day now!

Steve's toilet seat has been collected, so...

I'm going to drink my mug of coffee then have a long, hot, luxurious, bubble bath for several hours!

The bins and recycling have already been too!

Our bin was nearly at our neighbours front door and the recyclers came when Steve was with his carer but that really is it for the day now... just waiting for the toilet seat person/people to come and pick it up at 11am then that's it for the day!

Less than 12 hours later, and...

my supplements have been dispatched too!

It's not even 10.15am yet, but...

I've achieved so much in the 2 hours I've been awake so I can just have a bath and check my email and forums and make a start on my writing!

I woke up at 8am
Took the pup out for her walk
Answered the door to Steve's birthday pressies
Let the pup out the back for a poo
Fed the pup
Turned on me laptop
Answered the phone about the toilet thing being picked up at 11am
Answered the door to Steve's carer

All I've got left to do now is have a  long, relaxing bubble bath and start getting into the writing mood again!

Sunday 2 October 2016

How odd!

Gave the back-up one more chance a couple of hours ago and it's just finished... it finished in less than 3 hours instead of being stuck at 99% for over 24 hours.

The only difference?

I went into my folder, selected everything then copied and pasted it into the folder on the external drive instead of copying the actual folder over.

Same difference AFAIK but it worked, so I'm not complaining!

Simply Supplements - blimey Charlie!

I've just placed an order with Simply Supplements and within 30 seconds it was tracked by Quidco.  I love both places.

If you use my name (Amanda George) and email address ( <-- -="" 20="" and="" be="" both="" first="" get="" isp="" my="" next="" off="" on="" order.="" order="" our="" p="" reported="" simply="" spammers="" supplements="" their="" to="" we="" will="" your="">
It's as simple as that, Jack  ;-)

With Quidco, you earn cashback just by making a couple of extra clicks online and you don't need to do anything other than use your registered card on the High Street... haven't tried that out yet though!

It really is too good to believe until you try it out!

Given up on the back-up now

After being stuck on 99% for 24 hours, I've now given up!

Virus scan has just finished

No threats detected.

Back-up still at 99%

Still going!

It's been 24 hours that I set the back up going and it's still on 99%.

The virus scan has moved from 60% to 77% this morning, so I reckon it'll be another long session with the scanning and backing up.

Saturday 1 October 2016

Backing up my whole laptop at the same time as...

I've just started a back-up of my whole machine to an external drive at the same time as running a whole machine virus scan.

It'll be on all night because of the virus scan, so I might as well make use of the time it's on while I'm asleep to do a back-up too!

It's set to do a scheduled scan every Saturday, so I might as well do a weekly back-up too!  That way, if anything happens to my machine I'll only loose a week of stuff instead of a couple of months... makes sense to me!


Just found this recipe on FB from Steve's aunt and cousin and I so want to try it!

Dunno what Spelt is though... is it some kind of allergy free flour or something?

Definitely feels like Autumn now

I'm sat here, shivering and sneezing because I'm so cold so I dread to think what I'll be like next month!  lol