Saturday 31 December 2016

Got a big bruise on my leg from...

Just spotted a big, green bruise as I was putting me new boots on... it can only have come from climbing over the chair after lunch on Christmas Day!

If it is that, it's taken 6 days to come up because it wasn't there yesterday!

I dunno... I'm getting clumsy in my old age!  lol

7 days

By tomorrow we'll have seen Steve's family more in a week than I've seen my mum in 6.5 years!

Hardly fair, is it!

We went over to Steve's family on Christmas Day, yesterday and again tomorrow.

I haven't seen my mum since July 2010 when we went to my dad's funeral and then a few weeks later with the pup.

I gave up literally everything for Steve in 1998 and he gave up bugger all for me!

Friday 30 December 2016

Got back from seeing the in-laws with...

Got back from seeing the in-laws about half an hour ago and we came home with a piece of art from my 20 month old nephew.

He started off being really shy around everyone, but when he remembered us he came out of his shell and his little independent personality really shone through!

He seemed to like his radio controlled car that Steve got for him for Christmas and came up to me several times so that we could play with the controller.  His daddy took a few photo's of me with him... I'm just glad that I didn't know he was doing it at the time, or I would have hidden somewhere!  lol

That's the food processor delivered, so...

The food processor I got from eBay on Christmas Eve has just been delivered, so I'm just waiting for a couple of things from Amazon that I bought on Christmas Day to be delivered, then that's it until June!

Thursday 29 December 2016

Was so cold on Mitzi's walk this morning!

Took the pup out for her normal walkies this morning and it was so cold outside that the frost on the wheelie bins was frozen solid!

Wednesday 28 December 2016

Thank you Steve!

Two weeks ago I asked Steve to tie up and bin the bag in the kitchen bin because I'm not physically tall enough to do it myself.

He agreed that he would do it or I could ask Marie to do it the next week.

He didn't do it, so I asked Marie last week like he said I could.

"I'll do it next week if you stop nagging me" he says.

I've mentioned it once in the 7 days since last week.

He sighed heavily but actually did it this time, then made our lunch!

The actual bin in the kitchen (not the bag, the actual plastic bit of the bin that has the top on it) absolutely stinks so we'll have to find a way to wash it out soon, but I'm so proud of Steve for doing something that he promised to that I really can't do because I'm not tall enough!

Thank you Steve!  Love you!

Another couple from Facebook

This is so me!

I'm the only one in this house who is...

...awake right now!

Mitzi is snoring her head off on the sofa next to me.
Steve is in his chair snoring his head off.
The telly has gone to sleep too!

I dunno. 

Tuesday 27 December 2016

3 of my Christmas gifts arrived this morning, but...

I can only use 2 of them 'cos the phone case is just a little bit too big, so I'll see if Marie want's it if she comes over tomorrow.  If she doesn't, I'll give Steve one last chance then put it on Freegle if he says no again.

I've already ordered a different case, similar to my current case and apparently it's universal, but as long as my white phone fits in and slides out quickly and safely I'll be happy!

Monday 26 December 2016

Rural bus routes/politicians promises

This is just me ranting about politics.

I'm not saying it to cause offense and I don't want any arguements and if you don't want to read it, that's totally OK, but...

Our previous Prime Minister who stepped down after the results of Brexit, promised not to cut any rural bus routes when he was elected.

That's exactly what he did to my mum's village!

There used to be one bus a day, each way, for 6 days a week into Oxford and 3 buses a week to and from Banbury but that was it.

My mum's village got together and arranged a community shuttle bus to the next village that then took the passengers into Banbury or Oxford.

If you missed the shuttle bus though, you were stranded.

My mum is in her early 70's now and can't drive so she's reliant on the shuttle bus to take her to the doctor or dentist or grocery shopping but the ex-PM doesn't seem to care about the promises he made when he was elected and turned them on their head as soon as he came into power!

Hopefully the current PM will enable my mum to get a regular bus route back to her village though - at least I hope she will!

Sunday 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!

I've been spoilt rotten this year... an adorable Westie mug from Steve and Mitzi and £60 of Amazon vouchers from C and H!  Bought myself loads of stuff with the vouchers so the Postie is going to hate me next week!  lol

I hope that you all have a great day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not!

Saturday 24 December 2016

Just bought us...

a food processor on eBay and I didn't pay anything for it thanks to using my Nectar points.

Assuming it works, I can take the food processor off my Amazon wishlist and get lots of small things instead of one big thing for the £80 I would have spent on Amazon.

Steve and his family don't understand why I'm such a fan of Nectar, Quidco and Top Cashback, but just a couple of extra clicks every time I shop online means I can get big things that I wouldn't have been able to afford or would have had to wait months before I could afford - that's how I got the bread maker too - Nectar points!

The more you spend, the more you earn and the more free stuff you can get!

That was unexpected!

Our neighbour who I know enough to say hello to and who helped me close up the wheelchair when I first got it and brought it into the house for me, has just brought over a Christmas magasine, Christmas card and a big box of chocolates!

Mitzi loves him and he's been posting newspapers through our letter box for a few months but I wasn't expecting that at all.

All I know about him is that his name is Thomas and Mitzi approves of him so he must be amazing!

What an awesome neighbour!

Just taken me supplements

Just taken the calcium, the iron and the multivitamin and I can already feel the multivitamin working its magic on me!

I take the calcium because I'm allergic to dairy so can't get it from food.

The iron is because I'm vegetarian so want to make sure that I'm getting enough into my body.

The multivitamin is an all rounder and it's that that I can feel working on me now.

Gonna get another B12 spray to keep in me bag ready for when I feel the need to top it up a bit.

It takes literally seconds for the multivitamin to work and I'm already more awake and motivated than I was before I took it!

It's totally up to you where you get them from, but I get all mine from Simply Supplements and can't recommend them highly enough!

Friday 23 December 2016

Hot chocolate instead of Chocochino this morning

Apparently Steve put 2 heaped spoons of the hot chocolate and it tasted of very dark chocolate, so I'm going to try and remember to ask for 2 leveled spoons in next time.

It's very much a case of experimenting now is all 'cos it was only 3 months ago that I started drinking coffee, then chocochino then tea and this is the first hot chocolate I've had in 20 years and the first ever time I've had this particular hot chocolate, so it'll take a few more mugfuls but we'll get there soon and the trying will be such a horrible experience  😉 lol

Thursday 22 December 2016

We've totally filled both our wheelie bins now!

Usually the small wheelie bin is half full when the bins are emptied every fortnight, but they are both full to their brims this week!  I just hope we haven't got much more rubbish until Monday now 'cos it won't fit in the bins any more!

Wednesday 21 December 2016

I hope any Pagan readers out there...

I hope that if any of my readers are Pagan, like me, they have a blessed Yule today!

Tuesday 20 December 2016

That was easier than I was expecting!

I hate using the phone at the best of times but I thought I should phone one of my credit cards as they haven't taken December's payment.

They had been taking it off my debit card instead of by direct debit.

I've now got it sorted and it's coming out by direct debit on the 15th of the month instead of my debit card on the 16th.

I also know how much I still owe them too, and it's less than I was thinking so I'm happy about that too.

On top of that, if I get into money trouble and I start to struggle to pay the monthly payment, I just need to call them again and we can work out a more manageable payment plan, or even have a total break from payments for a couple of months.

I want to try and avoid that if I can though... I'm saving up for paying off all 3 credit cards next year which will save me £150 a month that I can use to pay for more than just the shopping each month... I'll be able to pay the electric or VM stuff or whatever as well as the shopping which will free up a bit more money for Steve to use on whatever he wants instead of paying all the bills himself.  Neither of us are working now, so I want to contribute as much as I can now!

That's Mitzi's food delivered now

It's a huge sack but it'll hopefully keep her going for several months now.

The food that's just been delivered is 6kg and it cost just under £30 including delivery.

The same food from the vet is £12.50 for a 1.5kg bag so I've paid just over double the price for four times the weight!

It'll keep the pup going for several months, instead of relying on Steve's family going over to the vet every month for more food and paying through the nose for it!

Monday 19 December 2016

Twitter email address update

Just been doing a bit of house keeping on Twitter with all my personal messages on one account and all of my writing on a second account.

Thing is though, I want to do one last thing and can't work out how to... does anyone know where I can update my email address please?

I want to keep everything as it is with the followers and following, I just want to update my email address on the writing account is all.  I'll be happy having both accounts then and not get them confused any more!

Even better than moneybags month is...

I'll be getting £100 cashback approved in March for signing up with 3/Three for a contract, so that can go into my bank account too!

I could get used to this!  lol

Moneybags month this coming January

I'll be paid an extra twice in January 'cos there are 5 pay days instead of my usual 3 which means I can put an extra £250 aside for SCBWI membership for D later in the year as well as being able to pay off a bit more than usual of my debts!

Just gotta remember not to spend the extra money on things I don't need until I've paid off all my debts which will give me an extra £150 a month on top of the £100 that I'm already putting aside.  I'll have £250 extra a month to save up ready for emergencies and paying more household bills and stuff.

Just gotta keep the focus on not letting my spending addiction take over again!

The end is in sight now!

Got another cold now :-(

Thankfully it hasn't involved a snotty nose yet, just sneezing with earache and a sore throat is all... starting to get a thick head too.

Oh joy, just in time for Yule  :-(


There is less than 2 weeks left of 2016!

13 days from now will be 1st January 2017!

Sunday 18 December 2016

The pup poo'd in the kitchen

I could tell that Mitzi needed a poo this morning, just by looking at her tail so every hour after we came home I opened the back door in case she wanted to go out but the closest she got to the back door was half way into the kitchen.

Steve went out into the kitchen to make us a couple of hot drinks and discovered that Mitz had poo'd in the middle of the floor.

It wasn't there when I came back into the living room and she didn't ask to go out, so there was literally a 5 minute gap she could have done it in.

We'll know better for next time though... I'll open the back door and leave it open so that she can take herself out and has the privacy she craves.

Just got back from the pup's walk

She was a good girl except the first third of the third time up and down when she picked up, chewed and swallowed something off the pavement before I could stop her and refused to drop it when I told her to so I hope she'll be OK!

Saturday 17 December 2016

Another extra third walked this morning

The pup wanted to go for a longer walk again this morning and I wasn't going to deny her that so we walked up and down 4 times again.

We finished off her first bag of food this morning too and I ordered 4 times the amount for just over double the price online yesterday.  It's £12.50 from the vet for a 1.5kg bag of food.  Yesterday I ordered 6kg for £30 including delivery!  Same food, just a bigger bag at something like £4.50 per kilogram instead of £12.50 for 1.5kgs!

That's everything wrapped up and tagged for Christmas now

Just wrapped up Andrew and Jacki's gifts and everything is in a couple of boxes ready to go for Christmas.

Got meself a battery operated light thing to go in the bath and Steve found a bottle of lavendar bubble bath under the sink so I'm sorted for all my senses except taste next time I get in the bath!  lol

Friday 16 December 2016

That's OK then!

Just got my first bill from 3 - £31.34 which is about what I was expecting.

They are taking it straight out of my account on around 3rd January 2017 then it'll be £27 a month after that  👍


Hope I've cancelled my previous 2 auto top ups and I'm just using the one I set up this morning now!  lol

The email said that all my auto top-ups were cancelled and I set up a new one so I hope I'm topping up £10 on the 18th of every month now, instead of the £30 that I'll never use  lol

Thursday 15 December 2016

Just 2 more gifts to arrive and wrap up now

Just waiting for Andrew and Jacki's gifts to turn up, then I'll wrap them up and that's Christmas done and dusted!

I've bought all the gifts except H's and hopefully tomorrow the gifts for Andrew and Jacki will turn up, I'll wrap them then that really is it - I can concentrate on my writing instead of Christmas... a week later than I'd hoped, but the last 2 gifts really are the last ones this year.  I can sit back and relax for the 9 days in the run-up to Christmas.

Tea and coffee

Up until about 2 months ago, I'd avoided tea and coffee my whole life 'cos I just didn't like the taste.

I decided to try instant coffee a couple of months back... very weak and with lots of sweeteners in it.

It was as bad as I'd been dreading - far too strong with less than a teaspoonful of coffee in  it.

I tried it with 3 sugars in it and it was just about drinkable.

I bit the bullet and tried a coffee out of Steve's machine and that was better than the instant, but still needed a sweetener in it.

We went to get our hair cut at Steve's family about 2 weeks ago and I tried their instant coffee from Tesco... a lot less strong than the Sainsbury's instant coffee.

Steve introduced me to chocochino pods for his machine a week or 10 days ago and I loved it.

Up until then, I still hadn't touched tea.

Until just now.

It's not as strong as I was thinking, so I said to Steve to let it get a bit stronger next time... he couldn't believe his ears!

Not only was I drinking black coffee from a coffee machine but I'm drinking tea now too!  And asking for it to be stronger next time as well!

I still maintain that hot chocolate is my favourite hot drink, followed by chocochino, then black coffee with one sweetener then tea.

Less than 3 months ago, I was avoiding tea and coffee.

Now I'm drinking both tea and coffee black and strong!

Apparently I'm wanting to try my next mug of tea like Steve's Grandad had it - army strength and black with no sugar!  lol

We walked an extra third this morning!

I usually take the pup up and down the street 3 times then she comes home and has her breakfast.

We walked up and down 4 times this morning though!

The pup was happy to keep walking but came in after the extra walk this morning and she's now got her breakfast waiting for her in the kitchen.

Bless 'er!

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Dust if you must... especially for M

The pup made a new friend on her walk this morning!

The lady came around the corner and Mitzi's little tail was wagging more and more the closer the lady got to us.

The lady crossed over to come and see the pup and Mitzi was in heaven!

The lady stroked the pup for a few seconds and Mitzi couldn't get enough of it, bless her!

The pup is fast asleep now, prolly dreaming of her new friend lol

Tuesday 13 December 2016

That really is it now!

Steve's bought H his Christmas gift and I've bought for the rest of his family... so much for buying for our own families eh? 😞

Bought three more pressies this morning

Just need to get something for Andrew and Jacki now and it's all finished!  Steve's just got something for H so I don't want his parents to feel left out when everyone else has gifts to open and they don't!

Just gotta find out something for them now!

Monday 12 December 2016

Considering I've never been on a diet...

I went into hospital on Christmas Day 2002 with my size 6 skirt being held up by my hip bones.

I came out mid-March 2003 a size 28.

It's now 13 years later and I'm wearing size 12-14.

I haven't been on a diet and I've never had an eating disorder but I'm basically half the size I was when I came out of hospital!

Yay me!

That's the plumber been and gone and...

the mini Christmas tree came too, so that's it for the rest of the day now!

My prescription came a day early too.

Melanie's gift was given to Chris to post yesterday, my mum has already got her gift, Hannah and Chris have theirs, so I just want to get a little something for the in-laws now, then that's it until the New Year!  Yay!

Steve's carer is here now too

Just waiting for the plumber and fake tree now then it's all done and dusted for the day and we can have our lunch in peace, watching the telly and waiting for the shopping to come this evening!

That's the OT been and gone now :-(

Steve's wonderful OT has just said goodbye for the final time and we are both already missing her!  She's done so much for us and like Steve's just said, she's done more for us than the useless hospital ever did.

She was wonderful!

I hope she has a truly spectacular Christmas and 2017!

Going to be a busy day today

Steve's carer, the plumber and the Christmas tree are all coming today... hope they don't all come at once!  lol

Edit - Steve's OT is coming too, to check the rails in the bathroom!

Sunday 11 December 2016

Steve bought a mini Christmas tree this morning

We're going to put it in the living room window and take a photo of it to put on Facebook when it arrives because Marie put photo's of their tree on her wall yesterday.

It's only a little one so it won't take long to dismantle after Christmas... that's our one and only decoration this year!  lol

This is the url to it and I'll put a photo up in my blog when it arrives!  lol

Saturday 10 December 2016

That's the weekly scan finished

No threats found again... yay!

Means that I can turn my laptop off tonight and let the battery cool down again... need to remember to clear my cache on Firefox and Chrome every Thursday evening though, 'cos there was getting on for six million files that it scanned this time!

Nice surprise from Quidco this morning!

I bought some kind of insurance back in April for £105 and I've just had an email from Quidco saying that the £75 cashback is available for payment now.

It's taken 8 months but it's a nice Yule pressie for me and I had £4 already waiting to be paid, so I'll be having £79 in my account soon.

The hubby asked how many thousands I'd spent to get the total so far of £153.71 but I've just been getting cashback on the things I would have bought anyway, it's just been a couple of extra clicks is all!

Just put AVG on the phone now too

I love AVG - I pay for the protection on my laptop and I've got the free version on both mobiles now.  Think I've got it on my Kindle Fire too, but I've definitely got some sort of virus protection on it.

Just taken me supplements

I haven't taken me supplements for a few days and was really starting to feel it, so I've just taken them and they are kicking in already!

I love Simply Supplements and wouldn't go anywhere else now!

They've got an auto dispatch service but I've never used that... it seems to basically mean that they automatically keep track of how long you've got left in the tub and automatically sends out a new batch when you are getting low.

They also provide high quality, fast working supplements as standard.  I took my multivitamin about 15 minutes ago and I can already feel it kicking in!

Friday 9 December 2016

Want a free £25 Amazon gift voucher?

Are you over 18?

Do you live in the UK?

Looking for a new contract on your mobile phone?

Want a 12 month or 24 month contract?

If you answered all those questions with a "yes" then I definitely recommend you signing up with Three on this link!

Going via that link gets us both a £25 Amazon gift voucher, but you have to agree to the 12 or 24 month contract and Three's terms which are available on the site!

What am I getting out of it?

If you sign up according to the terms, then I'll get a £25 Amazon voucher too but that's it... I don't get money or free calls or anything like that, we both just get the voucher and an awesome phone company!

I think I remember reading that it takes 3 months to get the voucher, but if you are prepared to wait for those 3 months it'll definitely be worth it!

Got email, Facebook and my blogs sorted, so...

now I just hope I won't be getting a humongus bill from 3!  lol

Fast work by 3!!

I ordered the SIM at 8.30am yesterday.

It came with the post this morning and it's ready to go already!

So far so good, Three/3!

I'll only be using it for surfing the net and text messages because they are both all you can eat, not for phone calls or anything like that... I'll still be using my O2 number for most stuff,  I know and trust them and I've been with them since I was 19 (I'm 39 now) without any problems, so I've now got 3 mobile numbers but only really use 1 for non-internet stuff.

Feel free to send me a test text on the number you've got for me if you want to and I'll reply as soon as I've got it  :-)

Thursday 8 December 2016

Mitzi has just had a Christmas card from...

...her groomers.

It had a Westie on the front bit and the bit inside wished her a happy Christmas and New Year!

They are awesome they are... why did they send it to Steve and not Mitzi though??

Tuesday 6 December 2016

That's all the pressies wrapped up

Just waiting for the padded envelope to send D's gift to her then that's it. 

I love getting things sorted out before the rush starts!

My new favourite drink

Just tried my very first chocochino pod, without the milk bit, from the machine and it's my new favourite hot drink!

This morning, my favourite hot drink was hot chocolate but now it's milk-less chocochino's.

Steve said to have a look on Amazon because it would prolly be cheaper than Sainsbury's (£4 for 8 servings) but I've found a pack of 50 (no, that's not a typo, I really do mean fifty) chocochino pods without the milk for less than £14 and it's on Prime too, so I can get it the next day.

The chocochino pods have got the gorgeous flavour of hot chocolate as soon as you have a mouthful, with a taste of coffee as you swallow it.

I thought the coffee would overpower the chocolate, but it doesn't and whoever came up with the idea really understood both chocolate and coffee and came up with the perfect combination!

Whoever created these pods deserves a pay rise I reckon!

Just ordered Steve's Yule gift

Steve already knows what it is 'cos it was him wot told me which one to get.

It'll be here tomorrow addressed to him so that he can use it before he drops and breaks his phone and I'll wrap up his (surprise) Christmas gift this afternoon when the person from Freegle comes to pick up the bag after lunch today.  I hope they are more reliable than the original person yesterday!

I'll be able to put D's gift in the box ready to send her via DHL in a couple of days time then I'm all set for enjoying Yule and Christmas while everyone else is running around like headless chickens lol

Sainsbury's "mellow" instant coffee.

If you enjoy bitter things then go for it, but it's so unmellow it should be arrested under the trade descriptions act.

If I hadn't had coffee machine coffee then it would have been fine, but I'm not going to use up half a pack of sweeteners just for one mug.

I've binned the granuals and washed the pot out and put the jar in the recycling.

I've only been drinking coffee for a couple of months but I can already see why Steve doesn't drink instant coffee.  Tesco's instant is great but the Sainsbury's one is just waay too bitter for me!

14 of my 15 reviews from last night's shopping are...

I did 15 reviews of our shopping before I went to bed last night and 14 of them were posted overnight.

The 15th wasn't because, I'm guessing, I put a suggestion to the supermarket in it.

Not bad going though... first one ever of my reviews not to be accepted!

24 readers of yesterday's post!

I don't know who any of them are, but I've had more than 1 reader an hour on yesterday's 'Blimey Charlie!' post.  Whoever you are, thank you!

Monday 5 December 2016

Blimey Charlie!

I thought I had pennies over £4,000 left to pay on BC but I've actually got £3,937 and some pennies so that was a wonderful surprise... still more that I would like, but I'm noticeably less than I thought!

Yay me!

Sunday 4 December 2016

AVG Free for Android phones

Just installed AVG Free on my mobile and run a scan.

It found 3 issues and took less than 30 seconds to scan the whole phone!

If you've got a smartphone, I can't recommend AVG Free enough.  I use it on my laptop and it scans every Friday and takes about 36 hours to do the whole machine.  Just need to install it on my Kindle Fire and I'm protected on all the things that use email or web browsing!

Go and give it a go... it's free but so worth paying for the peace of mind it gives you!

Review of me lunch

Just finished me lunch of Quorn chicken pieces in a Korma curry and even the hubby, Steve, said how yummy it was!

I don't think I'll be turning him into a vegetarian any time soon, but I seem to be opening his eyes to vegetarian stuff - the meatless meatballs the other day and today's Quorn Korma curry both went down well!

His whole family enjoy meat at most mealtimes and I think the only time they have vegetarian stuff is when I'm there, so for Steve to say he enjoyed 2 vegetarian meals is a huge deal to me!

Just got to get him onto instant coffee and liking squash, mushrooms, and peppers and we will be able to reduce our spending on groceries even more!

We can so do this!

Just done a reviewathon

Just reviewed 5 or 6 things on Sainsbury's and Steve's gross review of the toilet paper was included.  I just hope that no-one is eating around the time of reading it is all!

Saturday 3 December 2016

I've doubled my regular readers!

I used to have 2 regular readers of every blog post until I did the count-up of readers last week or so but now it's 4 regular readers!

I know who 1 of the regular readers is (hi C!) and possibly the second (hi D!) but I haven't got a clue who the 2 new ones are!

Whoever you are, thank you so much for reading my drivel so often... I really appreciate it!

Other half of the butternut squash for lunch today

The butternut squash that came with last week's shopping was too big for just me, so I had half for lunch yesterday and the other half for today's lunch.

Yummy, scrummy, in my tummy!

Just taken me supplements again

The calcium seems to get harder and harder to crunch up though!

Friday 2 December 2016

So tired again!

Took the pup out for her walk and I was wide awake.

We've been home for an hour and I'm totally exhausted right now!

Steve's just had a call on his mobile about another possible job so keep your fingers crossed for him!

Thursday 1 December 2016

We've already got a mixer, so...

I've taken that off my Amazon wishlist and replaced it with a food processor, liquidiser and grinder for under fifty quid.  Put a coat on my wishlist too 'cos the one I've got now isn't wide enough to comfortably go over my shoulders  :-(

I can definitely get both in the New Year, just need to get Yule and Namehog stuff sorted first!

A bit of a tongue twister that I came across yesterday

One-one was a greyhound,
Two-two was one too,
One-one won one race,
Two-two won one too.

It's hard enough saying it while sober but funnier attempted while tipsy!  lol

Wednesday 30 November 2016

10 readers in less than 10 hours!

My first blog post was made at 8.16am.

It's now 5.09pm and it's already had 10 readers!

Thank you to each and every reader but especially my 2 regular readers!

Review of my lunch

Just finished eating the spaghetti and meat-less meatballs with a generous couple of sprinkle sessions with the new cheese sprinkler.

Me and the hubby agreed that we'll have to have it again!

The meat balls tasted of meat to start with then after a couple of chews the soya flavour started to come through.

I have to admit 2 things - first is that I was sceptical  about the size of the pot of parmesan cheese... surely it would need at least 2 of them to fill the sprinkler, wouldn't it?  Secondly it took until my second session with the sprinkler to work out that you need to move the lid of it backwards and forwards, using both hands instead of shaking it with one.

The amount of cheese in the pot was deceptively large... it looked like it would only just fill the bottom of the sprinkler, but when Steve put it in, it came about three quarters of the way up with just enough space left at the top to let the cheese sprinkler at the top to come out of the holes - perfect size!  If you look at the image on the Amazon site that I've linked to up at the top of this post, you'll be able to see how far 120g comes up to!

Definitely worth the money and the cheese will last a long time in the fridge, judging by how much cheese we eat each week!  lol

A wise couple of investments by me I reckon!

For lunch today, I'm having...

On the menu today is spaghetti and meat-less meatballs!

First time trying the meat-less meatballs, so it'll be interesting to see what they taste like!

Me socks and undies have just been delivered

I certainly won't be loosing any of the socks in the wash and apparently I should "keep the zebra print pants for Sunday best!"  lol

Just taken me supplements and...

They are keeping me awake and giving me more energy already!

I take Iron because I'm vegetarian, Calcium because I'm allergic to dairy and a multivitamin for a general all-rounder.

I really should take them every morning because their effect only takes a few minutes to be noticeable!

I swear by them, I just wish I didn't have brain damage so that I could feel like this every day, instead of feeling like I'm wading through treacle all day!

-5 today!

Definitely Winter weather!

Gonna give it a couple of hours before I take the pup out for her walk to hopefully get it to heat up a bit.

Tuesday 29 November 2016

-4 out there right now!

Just taken the pup for her morning walk and it's so cold out there!

I'm hot again now that I'm home though!  lol

Monday 28 November 2016

Had 28 readers of the pasta bol post too

If I get 50 readers of that one I'll be a happy bunny  :-)

Got back from having our hair cut

Had our hair cut this morning and got 2 bags of Mitzi food so we are both a lot lighter on our heads and Mitzi's got a couple of months of food too, so we prolly won't need hair cutting or Mitzi food until 2017 now!  Yay!

Between us, we produced enough hair for several garden bird nests to keep them warm during the winter!  lol

My hair grows longer and thicker faster during Winter - I thought that was just me though, but apparently the hair cutter said she finds that with other clients too... what about you?  Does your hair get thicker and longer, faster during Winter too?


Starting on 16th January we'll be able to recycle corugated cardboard, mixed plastics and textiles... that means that pretty much our only rubbish will be Steve's dressings and Mitzi's poo if we get into the habit of using the blue bag and clear bag!

It'll prolly take us a few weeks to get into the habit of using the extra bags, but we will have very little going into the landfil next year... we already struggle to fill our 2 wheelie bins every fortnight so I reckon we can do without the small bin starting next year if we're only getting rid of Steve's dressings and Mitzi's poo every week!

I love recycling stuff 'cos it can be put to use again instead of filling up landfills!

Sunday 27 November 2016

That's Yule bought for this year

Just need to get the things delivered then wrapped up so that I can give C and H their gifts next time I see them and arrange for my mum and D's gifts to be delivered to them!

Steve's gift is already here, just not wrapped up so I'll go on a bit of a wrapathon when everything has been delivered!

Just checked Amazon and my mum's gift is being delivered straight to her, so only need to arrange for D's gift to be sent to her after I've wrapped it up.

Means that I don't need to worry about spending anything else now (other than the delivery of D's gift) until I get the SCBWI membership for D at the start of 2017, ready for her birthday and Yule next year!


I've decided what to get everyone for Yule this year

I'm going to spend the rest of today finding gifts for me mum, C, H and D and make note of the URLs ready for my next pay day when I'll get the gifts sent straight to them then I'll get D a SCBWI membership in the middle of next year ready for her 2017 birthday and Yule gifts and renew it for her every year from then on.

Had pasta bol for lunch today

Yummy scrummy in my tummy!

Saturday 26 November 2016

Steve is almost able to wear...

... the watch I got him for his birthday last year.

It's still tight on him but he can do the strap up and move his wrist now!

Keep on going Steve... you're almost there now!  You've dropped a clothes size, your face is slowly shrinking and seemingly so are your wrists!  If we both keep eating healthily and only having take aways as a treat we'll both keep loosing weight and be a healthy size again.

It's not easy, but small dietary changes make all the difference!  We both have proof of that now!

WTG us!

Friday 25 November 2016

About bleedin' time!

Just worked out how to get both Twitter accounts to show up on a single webpage... still haven't got a clue how to do it in Tweetdeck, but as long as I've got them one way or the other somehow, I'm happy for now!

132 and 109... thank you all so much!

What a way to start Black Friday... both posts being over 100 readers now - thank you to each and every one of you!

Thursday 24 November 2016

If I get another 3 readers of "Blimey Charlie" overnight...

I'm so totally stunned by the number of readers of those two posts and the "Blimey Charlie" post is at 97 readers right now, so it's looking pretty likely that that one will go over 100 reads too... thank you all so so much!

If you want to thank you by name, just reply to this with your name and which post you read and I'll start up a thank you thread especially for those readers!

12 pairs of socks and 10 knickers

Just had a bath and me lunch.

The question about how many pairs of knickers I've got came up.  Again.

I swear the washing machine eats my underwear because it now seems that I've got 2 knickers and 1 pair of socks now!

So, I've just ordered myself 12 pairs of socks and 10 knickers for just over £16 at Amazon.

I'm thinking they won't be good quality because of how cheap they are and the knickers are the next size down too but they will do until the New Year when I'll have £100 a month to myself and can get some better quality undies as well as saving up for Namehog stuff and gifts etc... just gotta make it until mid January then I'll make a conscious to save up that £100 every month and not spend it on things I don't need.

I've got over the worst of it now, just gotta be prepared for me mum's birthday and our anniversary in June, 2 birthday's in October and Yule in December.

Put the washing on and I can almost guarantee that I won't have both socks and my other knickers when the programme finishes!  lol

110 for one and 87 for the other... thank you to you all!

Does anyone wanna help me celebrate with a glittery J2O?  :-D

Thank you, all of you, for reading those 2 posts so many times!  I really do appreciate it!

Wednesday 23 November 2016

91 and 68 now!

It's 10.45am and I've had 91 readers of one post and 68 of the other now... I haven't got a clue who they all are, but I'm really grateful to each and every one of them!

If I get up to 100 and 75 I'll be celebrating with a glittery J2O!

Steve's new phone has just arrived

The pup wanted to inspect it and from the size of the box it's the same size as my very first phone, just thinner!  lol

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Thank you so much, to...

I'm still shocked and stunned by how many people have read two of my posts... I haven't got a clue who any of you are, but I've had 73 people reading 'Impressive speed' and 50 reading 'Blimey Charlie'.  I really appreciate you all and hope you will continue to read my blog!

My review of Carphone Warehouse

The hubby saw an ad for the phone he wants on the Carphone Warehouse ad last night.

He's just finished talking to them on the phone and other than a one-off charge of £9.99 he didn't pay a penny extra and his new phone will be here tomorrow!

He changed over to a Galaxy S7 and the sales person said he wanted an iPhone 7 and he's like, "nope, the Galaxy S7" and everything went well from then on.

He's just got to move his photo's off his current phone now and it might take up to 24 hours for the number to change between phones, but I think I've turned Steve towards Android phones instead of Windows phones now!  lol

The Carphone Warehouse gets 5 out of 5 stars for me and I reckon Steve would agree too!

Monday 21 November 2016

My bank balance is now...

£212 which will cover today's and next weeks groceries then I'm paid again in 2 weeks time and I'll have my second pay day the day after.

2 week's today I'll be able to carry on with the grocery shopping.  2 weeks and a day I'll be able to cover my bills coming out on the 15th and instead of moving the money over like I did today, I'll get Yule gifts instead and go back to moving over the hundred in the New Year.

My secondary bank account is looking pretty healthy and I reckon I've beaten my spending addiction too so I is a happy bunny right now!


In less than 24 hours, I've had 45 readers of my Impressive speed blog post and 21 readers of the first post I made yesterday!

Thank you so so much, every single one of you!

Sunday 20 November 2016

Think I've worked out where the 25 extra readers came from

I put up a review that I copied and pasted from the blog post I'd written and said I'd taken it straight off my blog, but that was the Amazon post I made, not the one about the headphone foam ear pads which is what the popular blog post was about so I'm still lost!  lol

Blimey Charlie!

The blog post I made yesterday has been viewed 26 times in just over 24 hours!

That's the most views I've ever had!

Thank you to those 26 people and please keep on reading!

Saturday 19 November 2016

Impressive speed!

I ordered some replacement foam to go on the ear bits of my headphones on eBay Thursday morning and they've just been delivered!  I wasn't expecting them until the middle of next week at the earliest so less than 48 hours later is impressive speed by anyone's standards!  Especially as it was sent by second class post too!

Assuming they don't fall off immediately, they'll be getting a 5 star review from me!

My review of the mobile phone company, 3

In four words: don't go with them.

Steve hasn't used the number for literally years but has been paying for it the whole time.

He cancelled his account last month and they said there was a final £30 charge for cancelling which Steve paid and was told that was it... no more payments, the account was closed.

3 have just been on the landline phone again, asking for another £30 because of the 30 day cooling off period.

So Steve's paid an extra £60 on top of the contract he'd been paying and not using the number for years and years.

He hadn't even used the number for so long that he doesn't know what the phone number on the account was!

If you've got an account with 3 and you're happy with it, that's fine... just expect to pay through the nose for cancelling the contract with them!

Children in Need last night

I went to bed at 10pm when it changed over to BBC2 and they'd already raised over £29.5million in 2.5 hours so they were doing really well already!

Watching the rest of it now, but I hope I texted my twenty quid donation to the right number!  lol

They were aiming for £50million by the end of it and they were already over half way there after 2.5 hours!  lol

Friday 18 November 2016

Just watched the first ever Grand Tour from Amazon

I've never been into cars.


I occasionally glanced at the celeb bits on Top Gear or chuckled at things that weren't about cars but that's the closest I've ever been to watching a car show.

When Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May (had to check the name with the hubby, that's how uninterested I am in car shows) left Top Gear I was like "so what?" and shrugged my shoulders every time it was mentioned either by Steve or on the telly.  I really didn't give two hoots about it.

The Grand Tour thing was good though... took the best bits out of Top Gear and made it even better!  I even watched the bits about cars that I used to skip over on Top Gear.

I still don't reckon I'm "into cars" but if each show is like the first one, Amazon have found themselves a new viewer!  I won't stay up late especially to watch it, but I'll watch it after Masterchef and The Bill re-runs each week.

I haven't got a clue how many millions of pounds Amazon have paid for the programme and I really don't care either, but the humour and craziness and stuff is definitely still worth watching!

Just checked me bank balance

Just checked me bank balance online and I've got £186 in there because my Audible monthly fee thing came out yesterday and I'm being paid again on Monday so the shopping for the next two weeks is sorted, so let's forget about the pay day and grocery shopping and just say that I've got £186 to play with between now and the middle of December.

£50 into my secondary account and £25 into each of my savings accounts means that I've got £86 left over to spend on Yule gifts.

We've already agreed that we'll pay for gifts for our own families and friends.  My brother hasn't got me a gift since I moved to Gloucester, so I'm only getting gifts for me mum, Steve, C,H, D, and K this year.

Steve's almost sorted, just going to get him a little something extra that he doesn't know about.

C, H and K will be something from their Amazon wishlists so that just leaves me with D.  She's trying out SCBWI right now, so if she decides that she wants to become a full member, that's what I'll get for her but I'll find out about that in the next few weeks.

So, if my calculations are right, I'll have £186 to play with every month after the groceries and bills have all been paid.

Put the £100 into my other accounts and I'm still left with £86 to play with every month.  There are two months left until Yule, so 2X£86=£172 which is more than enough for gifts for Steve, my mum, C,H,D and K... just gotta find those gifts now!  lol

Coffee really is a waker-uppererer!

Just had a mug of coffee without sweeteners for the second time ever and it didn't taste as bitter as the first time and it's noticeably woken me up too!

CIN is on tonight so hopefully that'll encourage me to not go to bed at 6pm for the first time since the start of NaNo!

Thursday 17 November 2016

Think I've dropped another clothes size around my waist!

Steve put a white bag of rubbish in the hallway that I took out to the wheelie bin as soon as I saw it.

Thought nothing of it.

Until I went to open the front door.

My trousers started slipping down.

I reached up to open the door and take the rubbish out but my trousers started slipping down again.

I pulled them up and put the bag in the bin.

Had to pull my trousers up again when I closed the front door.

So, I reckon I've pretty much gone down to size 12 around my waist now!

If I have, I've only got one more clothes size to drop until I'm back to the right size for my height and it's all been done without a diet, just changing my portion sizes and a tiny bit of exercise every morning, when I've been walking the pup!

I came out of hospital in 2003 at size 28.  It's now almost 2017 and I'm less than half my size!  Yay!

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Mitzi likes cats, but cats don't like Mitzi

When we went out for Mitzi's walk this morning, a cat dived under a car.

Mitzi wanted to make friends with the cat, but the cat was having none of it!

I also walked her an extra third this morning.  We usually do three lengths of the street, but today we did four... Mitzi wanted to do five, but there's no way my knees would have let me!

Tuesday 15 November 2016

The new bin has just been delivered

After our likkle bin disappearing yesterday morning, Steve phoned for a replacement that's just been delivered!

Impressive speed by the council!

Monday 14 November 2016

Someone's stolen our little bin!

The bin men came today, emptied our bin and put it back.

All good so far.

About 10 or 15 minutes later, the builders at the end of the road moved the bins into the street so that a lorry could go down to deliver supplies.

After the lorry had gone, a builder put all the bins back, except our little tiny one for Steve's dressings!

*big sigh*

Sunday 13 November 2016

Mitzi loves our neighbour!

Just got back from taking the pup for her walk and our neighbour came around the corner at the top of the road.

Her little tail was wagging really hard and hitting the bin... anyone would think that she lived with him, not us!  The neighbour said hello to her and stroked her, while Mitzi lapped it up!

Bless 'er!

Money, money, money!

Just checked me bank balance and after the shopping comes tomorrow I'll have £314 in there.

Bills come out on Tuesday which will leave me with £197 which means I can put £50 in my secondary account and £25 in each of my savings accounts as well as having enough left over to get Yule gifts!

I really can do it this week and I'm paid again next Monday (not tomorrow, the week after) that I can use for the shopping and Yule gifts and stuff like that!

I'm so proud of myself right now!  I've definitely beaten the spending addiction now!  Yaay!

Saturday 12 November 2016

Tried something new for lunch today

Spotted a ripped box with a 'sweet potato roast' in it while I was getting something out of the big freezer for our lunch yesterday.

Steve cooked it for my lunch today and it was so yummy!

We'll definitely be getting it again, but it's definitely a share it thing rather than an "eat on it's own with nothing else on the plate" thing!  lol

Decided last night, to...

I decided last night to walk the pup up and down the street four times instead of our usual three.

Just about remembered this morning and while it's not a huge difference, it is the start of both of us losing even more weight.

The pup came in and is now on the arm of Steve's chair going "what the frig was that about??" bless her furry little paws.

I also worked out this morning that I'll have £50 to spare so I'm gonna put £30 into my secondary account and £10 in each of my savings accounts.

Then I'll use the money in my secondary account for Yule gifts for my mum, C and H 'cos I've already got Steve's gift.

Then, starting in the New Year, I'll put £100 a month into my secondary account that I'll use for Namehog stuff, gifts and clothes throughout the year and hopefully still be able to pay for the shopping every Monday too.

I hope I've come out the other side of my spending addiction now!  Yay!

Also, last night I took my pills at about 5.30pm and was awake by 6.30 this morning, and I've already written more this morning than I usually do until lunchtime, so it's not the blood sugar alone, my creativity comes from it being dark outside!

Friday 11 November 2016

Cauliflower cheese grills and lattice potato's for lunch today

Just to finish up the 2 grills that were left over from yesterday and a whole packet of lattices for lunch today.  I'm going to have sweet potato roast for lunch tomorrow 'cos the box has come apart and don't want to risk it getting frostbite or whatever it's called.

Going to get some frozen veg with the shopping too, just to make them even healthier lunches.

Steve has one take-away a week now, on a Monday after the shopping has been and gone and I can't remember when I last had a take away!  I definitely prefer home cooked food to junk food!

Thursday 10 November 2016

So tired!

Good day today but I'm wiped out now so I'm going to bed... nite nite!

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Just found out my SILIL is going to be...

Just found out that Jacki is going to be in the same position as me and Steve come 2nd December.

It's a hard road to travel, but we can both do it and support each other through it as we both know what it's like to be in-laws!

Maybe Jacki could get Andrew to be creative at home and Steve could come up with a website to showcase each piece to future employers or something like that?

Internet problems yesterday

My internet connection kept dropping out yesterday so couldn't post anything... sorry!

Monday 7 November 2016

Marie came over to help with the shopping today

The shopping has just come and Marie is helping to put the shopping away today even though she's got a cold and has worked from home today.

Thank you Marie!

Pasta 'n' sauce with a sprinkling of cheese today

Just finished me lunch of pasta and sauce with grated cheese and it was yummy, scrummy, in my tummy.

Steve said that if we go back to having it regularly, we'll have to invest in a pot of grated parmesan to go with it like we used to have.

Steve is also noticeably losing weight now too... the sides and front of his belly are dipped in now instead of being pushed out.

I'm loosing weight too so it won't be long before we're the size we both want to be!  Cutting out the daily junk food is already showing us rewards!

Sunday 6 November 2016

Yep, definitely blood sugar affecting my Muse!

Just had a single Pop Tart for breakfast and I've written more since eating it than I did between coming back with the pup and eating it!

I also took my supplements which have woken me up, so I've got everything going in my direction to write another four chapters today!


Just got back from walking the pup again

We did five and a third lengths of the street and she met our neighbour on the other side who made a real fuss of the pup and the pup loved every second of it... she was called cute and was stroked and was talked to and she couldn't get enough of it bless her!

Saturday 5 November 2016

My non-scientific mind says that...

I've written 2.5 chapters since having lunch so I reckon it's the sugar my body needs more than anything.

I'm going to try having something for breakfast tomorrow before I start writing to see if it really is my blood sugar affecting my muse...

Especially now that I've got to the semi-fantasy bit of the novel!

Blood sugar

I reckon my difficulty with writing in the morning is because of needing some kind of sugar spike to get my muse working away... I bet you anything you like I'll achieve more now that I've had me lunch than I have done all morning!

All I've done this morning is walked the pup and written 1,997 words.

What will I achieve this afternoon?

Friday 4 November 2016

Veggie chili and rice for lunch today - yummy!

Celebrating writing 2k words in 4 hours by having veggie chili and rice for lunch today!  Yummy!

Thursday 3 November 2016

Potato latices and veggie ravioli for lunch

We're really getting into this "cooked lunch" thing every day now.

Steve is noticibly loosing weight from just not having take aways at every opportunity and I'm feeling healthier for not having take aways every day too.

Steve's already dropped a clothes size and I'm well on my way to dropping a clothes size too.  Neither of us are exercising more than we did a couple of months back, it's all from cutting out the take aways!

We've got a full freezer that gets re-filled every Monday, a full fridge that gets re-filled every week too and a small freezer on top of the fridge that still has my dairy free ice cream in it that I ordered in August but still haven't eaten!  lol

Going by the temperature on Mitzi's walk this morning...

When I took the pup out for her walk this morning, it was so cold that it was almost snowing temperature!

One day closer to Summer and nice warm temperatures again though... we're closer to it today than we were yesterday and all that!

Wednesday 2 November 2016

Had cheesy mushrooms for lunch

The stuffed mushrooms I ordered with this weeks shopping was substituted with a box of 4 fresh mushrooms.

Steve doesn't like mushrooms so I had all 4 meself with grated cheese and they were yummy.

I'm going to order stuffed mushrooms and stuffed peppers with next weeks shopping again, but other than grated cheese and garlic paste, what else can I stuff mushrooms with please?

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Yummy scrummy in my tummy

Just had me tea.  Potato slices and mediterranian veg all done from the fridge, onto a baking sheet, into the oven for 25 minutes, onto a plate and into my tummy.  Yummy!

Already achieved more than I was expecting today, so...

I'm going to read my emails, have tea and go to bed ready for checking my email and setting off the email back-up going tomorrow morning.

Monday 31 October 2016

4 years and 4 months from now

Just had a statement from BC come through the door and because it's my biggest debt, I'll be totally debt free in 4 years and 4 months from now!

I'm never, ever getting into debt again... if I can't afford it then I'll just have to do without.  It's just not worth the hassle getting into debt - causes way too much stress that could have caused way too much depression and psychosis.

When I've got used to the new payment regime that's starting from next week, I'll be able to put £25 into each savings account and the other £50 into my back-up bank account so I'll be able to pay for Namehog stuff as it comes up and still have enough to pay off a bit extra on my credit cards a couple of times a year too.

I won't pretend it'll be easy, but when I've got into the routine of not spending and kicking my spending addiction into touch, I'll find it a bit easier to save that £100 a month ready for paying off £100 extra every few months, which, in turn, will mean that I don't have as much to pay or as long to wait as I do right now.

Wish me luck!

Taken me supplements too

The iron took 2 mouthfuls of squash but other than that, all 3 of my supplements went down pretty easily again! 


Just got back from walking the pup

I was happy to go for our usual length walk, but the pup kept walking and we ended up doing double the length of her usual walk!

I is poopy-dooped now but it's woken me up and make me appreciate the temperature in here more than when we went out for Mitzi's walk... it's cold and misty out there, but in here it's warm and clear!

Sunday 30 October 2016

All I want is a hard drive imaging programme, but...

I just want to back up my hard drive to the cloud every morning as soon as I boot up so that I've got something to rely on if I need to for any reason.

I've just downloaded and installed something that claimed to be easy to use and I should have known better when it wanted to install C++ as part of the instalation.

Should have just clicked cancel.

But nope, I've got a piece of software that I don't want and can't find a way to uninstall now.

I'll just try backing up the whole computer to the external drive again tomorrow instead.


That's better!

My font is Bradley Hand ITC in size 20 font and it's looking good so far!  I know how to change it now too, so can play around a bit if I get bored again!

That's the temporary internet files cleared from Chrome and Firefox now

Just finished clearing the cache dooberries and I've changed my Firefox font to Comic Sans MS but might see if I can change it to Bradley Hand ITC cos it cuts off the bottom of the letters in my blog for some reason!

Clearing my temporary internet files now, so...

even if I forget to do it on Thursday, there will still be several thousand files less to check through which will hopefully speed up the next virus scan on Friday... wish me luck!  :-)

Saturday 29 October 2016

No viruses or malware on my laptop - yay!

The virus scan has just finished after 35 hours and I ran the malware scan before I got in the bath and they were both clear again - so worth the time and money for the reassurance they offer me!

Just ordered 12 food storage containers and 6 towels for £5.50

For some reason, we've only got 2 towels in the house, so I ordered some more on eBay as well as some plastic storage containers ready for when I make the soup and paid £5.50 instead of twenty quid for them because I had a £15 Nectar voucher waiting for me so that's another good thing happening today.

My Gods and Goddesses have been looking favourably on me today for some reason that I know nothing about but I'm really grateful for their generosity today!

Every Thursday evening, can someone remind me to...

delete my temporary internet files so that hopefully the virus scan that starts first thing on Friday morning won't take as long hopefully please?

Steve said about it earlier and after more than 24 hours, it's still only 60% done!

It's just something I want to try next week is all, just to see if it affects how many files it scans is all  :-)

Just taken me supplements without throwing up too!

It's not even lunch time yet, but there has already been 4 positives so far in today!  I crunched the calcium up into a paste because it's too big for me to swallow whole.  That alone usually makes me retch, but not this morning!

Then I swallowed the iron which usually makes me nauseous because it's such a strong flavour, but not this morning!

Then I swallowed the multivitamin and that went down with just one swallow of squash!

I could get used to this!

Steve's just seen a baby wren in our yard

We've been here since the end of 1998 and the closest we've ever got to seeing wild birds in our yard was seagulls when there was a water feature in the middle of Gloucester and they nested on top of the bus depot.

We haven't even seen seagulls since they got rid of the water in the centre.

To see that baby wren was just another good thing that's happened this morning... I didn't get to see it 'cos I can't see the tree stump from the kitchen window (I'm too short to see much out of the kitchen window) but to know that there are still wild birds around us despite how close we are to the centre is brilliant!

I'm tempted to get a bird table to go outside and fill it up with food now!

The pup has just made a new friend!

Steve had 2 carers come out to see him this morning and one of them has just made friends with Mitzi and her little tail was wagging like anything!  I think it was the first time this carer had been because Steve said he gave the carer Mitzi's life story and the carer really wanted to see her before she left.

Mitzi is such a friendly girl and makes friends with whoever pays her attention!

She's really grown in confidence and friendlyness since we got her 6 years ago and I couldn't be without her now!  The Dogs Trust made her into a fantastic little girl who slotted right in to our house and I think she knows she's got a furever home with us now so her confidence and friendliness is really shining through!

The pup was grateful for the usual length walk today

After being wiped out after her vet visit yesterday, she trotted along just in front of me on her walk and was happy to come home after her usual length of walk today and she's fast asleep now, bless her tiny furry paws!

Friday 28 October 2016

The pup is puffing and panting after coming home from the vet!

Mitzi got home from her visit to the vet, puffing and panting so she'll sleep well tonight... be interesting to see how much she wants to walk tomorrow and if she sleeps all night or if she even wants to go out for a wee, bless her!

Cheeky cow!

A female has just parked in front of the house.

Got out of her car.

Locked it up.

No problem so far, until...

She came right up to the living room window, cupped her hands on the glass and stared in!

Nobody should do that, let alone someone who doesn't live in the street!


Mitzi's going for her boosters and general MOT...

at the vet in a couple of hours and I'm missing her already!

Thursday 27 October 2016

That's me finished being creative until the weekend now!

Just revamped my twins' site so the rest of the week is mine to do whatever I want with now!

Gonna have a read of my planned out NaNo novel ready for starting it on Tuesday and try getting into the writing creativity instead of the visual creativity I've been in since Sunday!

Steve's just said, according to the news this morning...

Panda's are no longer endangered - yay!

However, elephants (Steve's favourite animal) are.  He came out with a jokey suggestion that "the moment an elephant dies, their tusks turn to jelly or something" to change that once and for all!

I reckon he's onto a great idea there!