Sunday 30 April 2017

Both my drivers on the podium!

BottomBottom just got his first ever race win
Someone else came second
Rikikikonen came third!

WTG all three of you!  😀

Saturday 29 April 2017

DLA to PIP questions

Just finished typing out a list of how my disabilities affect me.

16 flippin' pages!

There's no way I'll be able to write all that out so I'm going to print it all out and tape it to the PIP form when I get it and hope that's OK... I just can't write out such a huge chunk of text - it's bad enough signing my name!

I'll tick boxes and stuff on the form and ask Steve to fill in my name and address and date of birth and stuff, but the questions that require more than a tick or circle or whatever will all be typed and taped to it.

I'm going to take me pills and head to bed now though - I is totally wiped out!

Money confusion again

I know I've been doing a lot of talking about maths the last few days and every time I do, I come up with something different.

For easy maths I'll round the money to the nearest £10 lol

I get £760 a month
Direct debits come to £280
I move £10 a week into B
Shopping is £100 a week.

So, here's todays maths on the assumption that there are 4 weeks in a month:


Right so far?




So what was I spending that £40 on yesterday?  Why do I have it to spend now but I didn't yesterday?

I give up!  lol

Just had a letter about my updated condition for DLA

I wrote to the benefits agency about 10 days ago and I've just had a letter from them to say that my DLA will soon come to an end if I don't apply for PIP.

I've asked Steve to phone them on Tuesday 'cos he's my carer but I bet he won't!  I just want him to say that I'd like to apply for PIP and get the forms to fill in.

Just hope I remember what I put on my DLA form all those years ago!  lol

That's it done for another week!

Everything sorted - virus scan and malware scan both sorted, hard drive backed up so that's it for another week now!

10.5 hours this time!

I set the virus scan going at 7pm last night.

It finished at 5.30am this morning.

I'm virus free again, going to run the anti-malware scan then back up my hard drive and turn off the laptop for a few hours to let the battery cool down.  Definitely glad that the new look AVG is faster than the previous AVG!

Friday 28 April 2017

My prescription has just been delivered!

I usually phone up for my repeat prescriptions on a Monday and they are delivered on a Friday.

I didn't phone up for the repeat until Tuesday morning this week though.  The lady I spoke to said it'd be delivered today but I didn't believe her... I genuinely thought it'd be Saturday or Monday because I was phoning up a day later than normal.

Should have believed her though!

The maths last night was right, but I was wrong

I forgot to take out the £10 for the last April deposit, so I've only got £390 instead of £400 now  😕

There's an additional week in May too, so most of yesterdays sums were wrong anyway  👎

Let's try again shall we?

£390 currently in my account
£100 a week for shopping
£282 on the bills on 15th of every month
£10 a week into B every Friday
I get £230 every 2 weeks and £307 every 4 weeks.


1st May - £100 for the groceries so £390-£100 is £290 yeah?
5th May - £10 into B which leaves me with £280
8th May - £230 for my first May pay day, so £280+£230 is £510
Take off the shopping - £510-£100 is £410
12th May - £10 into B leaves me with £400
15th May - direct debits come out, so £400-£282 is £118
Take off the shopping leaves me with £18... right so far?
19th May - £10 into B leaves me with £8
22nd May - £230 for my second fortnightly pay day take off £100 for the shopping leaves me with £138 yeah?
23rd May - £307 for my 4 weekly pay day so £138+£307 is £445 yeah?
26th May - £10 into B is £435 left in my account
2 9th May - £100 for the shopping leaves me with £335

Shall we do June as well?

2nd June - £10 into B leaves me with £325
5th June - £230 for my first fortnightly June pay day so £325+£230=£555 yeah?  Take off £100 for the shopping is £455
9th June - £10 into B leaves me with £445
12th June - £100 for the shopping is £345
15th June - direct debits come out means £345-£282=£63
16th June - £10 into B leaves £53
19th June - £230 for my second fortnightly payment, so £63+£230=£293 take £100 for the shopping is £193
20th June - £307 for my 4 weekly pay means £193+£307=£500
23rd June - £10 into B leaves me with £490
26th June - £100 for the shopping is £390
30th June - £10 into B leaves me with £380

Do July as well but that's it then  👌

 3rd July - £100 for the shopping is £280 plus £230 for my first fortnightly July pay day is £510
7th July - £10 into B is £500
10th July - £100 for shopping is £400
14th July - £10 into B is £390
15th July - £282 for the direct debits leaves me with £108 
17th July - £100 for the shopping leaves me with £8 plus £230 for my second fortnightly pay day is £238
18th July - £307 for my 4 weekly pay day plus the £238 is £545
21 July - £10 into B leaves me with £535
24th July - £100 for the shopping is £435
28th July - £10 into B leaves me with £425
31st July - £100 for shopping is £325 plus £230 for my third fortnightly pay day is £555

Seeing a pattern here?  lol

Basically the rest of April and all of May are going to be tough going, but after that, I'll slowly be able to build up a bit each month as well as being able to build up money in B too!

Have I got my maths right this time though?  lol

Thursday 27 April 2017

Got my maths wrong this morning too! lol

My bills come to £330 a month, that includes the £10 a week going in to B so I'll have £70 available to spend, instead of £30.  I just hope that my maths is finally right.

Let's do a bit of detailed adding up and taking away shall we?

I've got £400 in my account right now.
I get £230 every 2 weeks and £307 every 4 weeks.
Direct debits are £330 on the 15th of every month (some come out at the end of the month too, but for easy calculations, let's say they all come out on the 15th  lol).
Groceries are about £100ish a week.

So, I'm thinking:

1st May - £100 for the groceries so £400-£100 is £300 yeah?
8th May - £230 for my first May pay day, so £300+£230 is £530
Take off the shopping - £530-£100 is £430
15th May - direct debits come out, so £430-£330 is £100
Take off the shopping leaves me with nothing... right so far?
22nd May - £230 for my second fortnightly pay day take off £100 for the shopping leaves me with £130 yeah?
23rd May - £307 for my 4 weekly pay day so £130+£307 is £437 yeah?

Etc etc... is that near enough right please?  I hated learning maths at school so I have no confidence in my maths as an adult lol

So where did I get the £70 spare from then?

I hate maths!  lol

Groaner alert!

What do cows read before bedtime?

Dairy Tales

My maths was wrong yesterday

I had £898 in my account.

Took off the £500 overdraft.

I thought that left £298 instead of £398.

Steve lent me £2 to make it up to £900.

Re-calculated the amount this morning and realised that £900-£500=£400 not £300.

That means that I can afford my bills as well as the shopping next week as long as we don't spend more than pennies over £100.  Just gotta not spend anything else until I'm paid again, then I can put £30 towards the rest of my bills for May then it'll be back to £100 a week for the groceries, £10 a week into B and £330 a month for my bills.

It'll be tough going and I won't be able to buy anything else 'cos I'll only have £37 a month left over, take off the £7 for the shopping that's over £100 a week leaves me with £30 a month that I can either put into B or keep aside for emergencies or something like that.

You and me head-on now, spending addiction!

Wednesday 26 April 2017

£300 to last me 10 days

I realise you may be saying "that's easy maths!" until you hear that I need £100 for next week's shopping and £330 for bills.

In theory, it's tight but doable 'cos I'll be getting paid again the week after next and I can use £30 to make up the £330... just got to magic the £100 out of nowhere for the next lot of shopping then otherwise I'll be overdrawn again, which I'm desperate to not have happen!

Tuesday 25 April 2017

That's a bit good then!

Phoned the pharmacy to order my repeat prescriptions this morning.

I usually phone on a Monday and it's delivered on Friday, so, because it's Tuesday today I was thinking Saturday or Monday 'cos that's 5 days after today.


They said it'd be Friday as well!

Not only that, but the lady I spoke to just had my name and the first line of my address and she brought it up on the computer without going through all the security checks I usually go through like my date of birth and the name and address of my GP and stuff like that!  I didn't even have to ask for the prescriptions to be delivered and requesting the lower dose of the AP was no problem at all either!  👍

My GP and the pharmacy are next door to each other which is handy but I usually go through a list of security checks to get the repeats ordered so today was definitely a surprise that it was all there!


There was definitely some form of creature out there

Just got back from taking the pup for her walk and she definitely smelt something under the car parked outside our neighbour on the other side!

She was sniffing under the car at full attention, tail straight out, back in line with her tail, head in line and pulling forward on her lead ever so slightly.

Never seen her so attentive before!  It was definitely either a cat or a fox... more likely a cat because we're so close to a city and busy road.

Bless her little furry paws!

The pup protected us last night

The pup rarely woofs, but last night she woke us both up 3 times with her voice protecting me and 'im and the house from a cat or a fox or maybe even a burglar!

She's rarely vocal so when she is, her humans are on full alert straight away.

We still don't know what it was that she was barking at, but whatever it was didn't make it into the house or yard so she did a wonderful job of protecting us!

13 hours

I set the full virus scan going at 12.15pm yesterday.

It finished 13 hours later and moved some things into quarantine for me.

13 hours is more like the length I was used to, not 3 days or 6 hours!  lol

I'll definitely go back to setting it off on a Friday morning, then I can come down on Saturday morning and it'll be finished, so I can turn my likkle laptop off, take the pup for a walk and let the battery cool down  👍

Monday 24 April 2017

The shopping has already been

Shopping was booked for delivery between 6pm and 7pm.

It came at 6.10pm.

The driver took not the boxes but the bags with the groceries in them into the kitchen, took the mini mountain of carriers off with him and we bought just enough fridge and freezer stuff to fit in without having to leave any of the doors open which was good, the fridge is well-stocked and I don't think there were any substitutes either!

Going to have me booby buns for tea then head to bed for an early night, leaving AVG running until I wake up in the morning and see how much of it is done and dusted.

Take the pup out for her walk, celebrate with the gorgeous coconut milk, caramel ice cream then Steve'll go and get his legs changed.

We did it all without M too... it's tough going, but we did it between us!

That's more like the speed I'm used to!

4 hours, 10 minutes later and it's only done 12%... that's more like it!  I'll leave it running all night and see how quick it's been while I'm asleep.  It's gotta be faster than 3 days, hasn't it?  Surely?

Doing a full scan now

Realised I was doing a quick scan so stopped that and started a full length scan instead.

It's 12.15pm that I started it so we'll see how long it takes this time!  😮

So cute!

Dogs definitely recognise people by their smell more than anything else!

It's on Facebook and I haven't got a clue what'll happen if you don't have a Facebook account but it's definitely worth a look if you can see it!

That's lunch decided on then!

I was walking out to have a look at which Quorn things I had left when Steve suggested pasta and sauce with grated cheese.

It's been too long since we last had that, so we're having that for our lunch today!  Yay!  {drool}

Almost 3 hours later and...

Ten minutes off 3 hours later and we're at 53%... the next hour or so will be interesting to see if it stops at 75% or not!  lol

2 hours later and the virus scan is at 25% now

I set the virus scan off 2 hours ago and just checked the progress and it's at 25%.

Assuming AVG have sorted out their progress issues with it staying at 75% for almost 15 hours I'm loving AVG even more now!

A-ha! I've found the progress bar!

It's not immediately obvious how to get to it, but it's still there and it's already at 5% after half an hour.

I love AVG's new software... everything is still there, it just needs to be looked for closer and stuff.  It will scan for malware at the same time as viruses too as well as protecting me from hackers and identity theft and stuff.

Keep doing what you're doing AVG, just give us the option of when to install updates that require a reboot is all!

Initial thoughts on the new look AVG?

The new look seems to be cleaner and even better value for money 'cos it says it prevents hackers, protects your private data and payments.  It also adds some sort of app to your main browser that protects you while you use it or something.

I haven't found the bit that gives the percentage of how far done it is though, which is annoying.  It gives a green "progress bar" on the button or icon or whatever it is but I haven't found the percentage bit yet... I hope it's still there somewhere!

It's 8.25am and I've just...

Just set the virus scan going again, hopefully it won't spring up with any problems in the last 27%!  lol

It's the first scan since the new look so this is all new to me again... hopefully it won't take almost 3 days to scan this time either.

I've cleared the cache in both browsers, run the malware scan and backed up my hard drive, so it's just the virus scan that was missing yesterday... assuming it doesn't take 3 days I'll be a happy bunny and go back to scanning on a Friday with the new software.

I just wish they'd given me some sort of warning before it happened was all!

George family hair-cutting today

Me an' 'im were supposed to be getting our hair cut today.

We've both got sensitive bums today though and Steve's family are having their downstairs toilet re-plastered today so it's out of action.

If it had been available, we'd both have gone, but because it's out of action today and we've both got poorly bums we're leaving it for today.

Marie is having her hair cut this evening so she can't come over to help with putting the shopping away and I asked Steve to help me clear away the side by the bread machine last night so that I could put the ice cream machine there as the weather is getting warmer now... I'm thinking that I'll just put the chocolate soya milk and soya cream into it and see what happens 'cos we haven't got any other ice cream flavours in the house right now.

Sunday 23 April 2017

The pup's walk this morning

Usually walk the pup up and down the street 3 times.

Yesterday we increased it to 4.

The pup forced me to do it 5 times this morning and she's still wide awake, unlike yesterday!  My knees are killing me and I'm so tired though!  lol


That was pointless then!

AVG came up with a dialogue box saying it needed a reboot to apply the update and it closed the scan just before it came up so almost 3 days of scanning for nothing.

Doing the backup now then I'll turn my machine off for a few hours to let the battery cool down a bit and turn it back on when I've had me lunch.


Two and three quarter days and...

It's now 8am.

I set the virus scan going at about 1pm on Friday.

It's still only 73% done!

Gonna take the pup out for her walk and see how much it hasn't progressed by the time we come home.

Saturday 22 April 2017

Already taken me pills

Took them about an hour ago because I was so tired but I quickly became wide awake.  I'm starting to get tired now though, so I'll head to bed soon and leave my little laptop on again overnight... it's been on since 1.30pm yesterday so it's had a good run and it'll deserve the break when I've backed everything up tomorrow!

Over 2 million files now, but...

2 million files, but the progress percentage has gone down from 75% first thing this morning to 73% now!!  👎

Free of Malware

The anti-malware scan has just finished and I'm malware free again... just waiting for the virus scan now!

Almost one and a quarter million files

I'm totally wiped out and the virus scan is still at 75%, but it's just under 1.25 million files so far and I'm thinking it'll be done by 4pm or 5pm or something... later than usual but it's because it was started later yesterday... instead of 8am, it started at 1pm so hopefully it'll be done by the time I go to bed!

The poor pup is fast asleep in her bed now, bless her!

She's curled up in her bed, fast asleep because we did the extra third of her walk this morning that she wasn't expecting... she was totally up for doing another third so we did and now she's regretting it!

Gonna add one extra length a week and see how she copes with it... if she doesn't seem to be coping very well with the increase then I'll increase it every 2 weeks, I'll take the increases at Mitzi's pace though.

Gonna try and take the pup an extra length every morning

Usually walk up and down 3 times and I'm going to try increasing it by a length every Saturday, so we walked up and down 4 times today and for the rest of the week, next Saturday it'll be 5, Saturday after it'll be 6 etc etc

It'll help us both to keep losing weight and release endorphins for us both too... just gotta stick to it now!  lol

Friday 21 April 2017

Third time lucky

Took 3 reboots and Steve calling our ISP after he got home from his GP surgery and I'm prolly about to screw things up by saying this, but our internet connection is back and seemingly stable, so hopefully the third attempt at a virus scan will be sorted by the time I come down tomorrow morning.

If it has, I'll do my weekly malware scan, back up my C drive and turn my laptop off for a few hours!  I think it'll deserve it by then!  lol

75% at 11am

Looking good for finishing in the early hours again!

That's the virus scan started for the 2nd time this morning!

Seems to happen every Friday when I set the virus scan off.

The internet connection stays up for long enough to get the virus scan to 19% then it disconnects for some reason and only a reboot fixes it!

It's at 22% now and my internet connection is still up so hopefully it only needs one reboot today.

Thursday 20 April 2017

Just phoned my GP about staying on the lower dose

Carrying on from a couple of weeks ago, I'm happier on the 10mg so wanted to let my GP know that but he's on holiday until Monday!

Steve's just called him a slacker!  lol

I reckon he's entitled to holidays just like everyone else - he's a human, not a robot fer frig's sake!

The pup only wanted a third of her walk today!

Took the pup out for her walk and the usual length is three times up and down.

The pup only wanted to go up and down once today... I tried encouraging her, but she refused to move away from the door so I didn't want to force her, we came in and she ate and drank... Steve was asleep through it all and has just asked if I'd already taken her out!  lol

Wednesday 19 April 2017

We're getting our hair cut on Monday

That means we'll have seen Steve's family four or five times in two weeks but I haven't seen my mum since the Summer of 2010!

I gave up everything for Steve and he gave up bugger all in return yet he feels hard done by.

Yeah.  Right.  Whatever you reckon, Steve!

Looks like I'm the bad guy again

Steve and his brother are going to be watching the rugby at 8am-ish when the British Lions play New Zealand at rugby for the world cup or something.

Steve's brother posted about it on Facebook.

The brother's wife replied to the comment saying to put it on the calendar.

I totally innocently asked if she knew what else they were planning.

She didn't.

Steve said to leave it, so I just said to quiz her husband about it.

I left everything I knew and loved to move to Gloucester.

I gave up my health for Steve.

I've now been robbed of my independence and freedom of speech too!

It's bad enough when M comes over on a Monday but my own husband has just robbed me of my freedom of speech.  I'm so freaking fed up of it that I'm not going to say another word to any of his family, I'm going to avoid anything his family say and just talk to SCBWI members and friends who have nothing to do with Steve now.

He wants me to be silent so I will be from now on.  I'll only get my own shopping, won't talk to any of Steve's family or friends, I'll just be silent to anyone connected to Steve.

If you still want to be friends with me, then keep reading my blogs.  I've fed up of being treated like shit now and won't put up with it any more!

Lunch today will be...

I'm having Quorn lasagne for my lunch and Steve's having chille - got 3 more Quorn things, stuffed mushrooms and stuffed peppers as well in the fridge, so I'll be sorted for lunch every day, including Monday, ready for the shopping to come on Monday evening... gotta have the mushrooms and peppers before the Quorn stuff though, 'cos they are fresh and will go off faster than the Quorn stuff!

I'm only having the lasagne today because it was left from last week's shopping lol

Tuesday 18 April 2017

20 seconds

We usually have our groceries delivered on a Monday evening between 6pm and 7pm.

We were out all day yesterday and we couldn't guarantee we'd be home in time, so we went with today instead and I booked the 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

The stuff arrived at bang on 6.30pm but Steve didn't believe me until the door was knocked on 20 seconds later.

All of the stuff we ordered was delivered too, no substitutes and the very brief note I put on the order was actually taken notice of too!  I asked that the boxes were taken into the kitchen by the driver and they were even before Steve had a chance to ask!  I'm thinking I'll leave the note on there every week!

Steve forgot to ask about taking the mountain of plastic bags with the driver though!  lol

8th May at 11.15am

Just phoned my GP practice and got an appointment for the blood test on 8th May at 11.15am.

Just gotta remember now!  lol

8th June has been announced as...

Our PM has announced a surprise general election on 8th June because she wants to "let the people decide" what happens next.  She'd originally said there wouldn't be an election until 2020 so that was obviously a lie then!  Typical politician!  lol

£3.33 left to last me until Monday

Just checked my balance and I've got £3.33 left to last me until Monday.

The groceries and most of my bills have already come out, thankfully, but less than a fiver to last me 7 days!

Steve's response when I told him that?

"You'd better not buy anything then!"

Most of the groceries are his!

Don't read this around the time you eat either

The pup hadn't poo'd for a couple of days so I said to Steve last night that if she didn't poo by today, we should take her to the vet just to make sure everything is OK.

Apparently she went out for a small, stinky poo last night so we can now officially stop worrying about it now, bless her little paws!

Monday 17 April 2017

2 weeks on Wednesday

It'll be 2 weeks on Wednesday that I got my lowered prescription of AP and I feel so much better on just that 5mg less... not foggy-headed, not asleep for 10-12 hours, more awake, don't have to take them 12 hours before I want to get up... brilliant stuff!

I get confused and unreal more often now which were the early alarm bells ringing before, but it hasn't gone any further than that so I'm going to phone my GP in the morning and ask him to prescribe the 10mg from now on.  Want to get it lower than that if I can, but not being ill is more important to me, so if I'm on 10mg for the rest of my life then so be it... if it's a choice between going onto 5mg and being ill or being on 10mg and just getting weird sometimes then I'm fine with that!  I'll definitely go with the 10mg and be a bit weird sometimes than to be on 5mg and for it not to do much of anything.

Gotta go for my blood test at some point to check that my liver and kidneys aren't damaged by being on the 15mg for so long... surely that's an ultrasound thing though?

Our street is ace!

Other than the people at each end of the street, there seems to be an unofficial neighbourhood watch going on too.

Steve saw a policeman going to next door and knocking.

I went out to see if I could help.

The policeman told me that someone in the street had contacted the police 'cos they hadn't seen him about for a little while.

I told them that they'd gone to India for a religious month.

"So he's OK then?" asks the PC.

"As far as I know he is, he just isn't in the country right now is all because of a holy month or something" says me.

"Ah right, OK, thank you" says the PC and walks off.

If he'd come an hour ago or if Steve hadn't seen him at their door, things could have escalated very badly, very quickly... that's what neighbours do for each other though!

We're only a small street, but we keep an eye out for each other and report our worries about each other even though we haven't got an official neighbourhood watch set up officially!

Hardly fair, is it!

By the end of today, Steve will have seen his family more in 8 days than I will have seen my mum since 2010!

He saw his sister last monday, his family yesterday and again today.

I saw my mum at my father's funeral at the end of June and again with Mitzi at the end of Summer 2010 with the pup.  I haven't seen her since.

We see Steve's family every Christmas, every New Year and when we get our hair cut every 6 weeks as well as his sister every monday.

I haven't seen my mum since 2010.

Hardly fair, is it.

Sunday 16 April 2017

Review of 9 Pcs Mini Plastic Pull-back and Go Car Model Toy Sets

*** out of 5
9 Pcs Mini Plastic Pull-back and Go Car Model Toy Sets

Half the size I was thinking - be careful with them!
These were bought as a birthday gift for my little nephew and from the pictures I thought they'd be bigger than they were.
They are great toys for young kids who like wheels and diggers and stuff, they just need close supervision with them so that your child doesn't put them in their mouth and choke on them and they are better to be used on non-carpeted floors to get the best effect.
Each car fits into a closed adult fist and you wouldn't be able to see any of the toy. It would be better to have 4 or 5 bigger toys for the same price.
My little nephew enjoyed playing with them, just don't leave your child alone with them is all.

They both finished the race in the top 10

Apparently there was some kind of team politics going on and BottomBottom had to let Lewis Hamilton through but BottomBottom and Rykikikikonen both finished the race safely and in the top 10 so that's fine by me!

Saturday 15 April 2017

Don't read this around the time you eat!

Steve spotted a "nugget of poo" stuck to the pup's fur and between us we got it off her and flushed it.

The pup knew that something was going to happen 'cos we got the treats out for her and Steve held on to her collar while I gently lifted her tail and wiped it before she could hide her tail and sit on it.

We had to work as a team and I got the messy end but Mitzi was an amazing little girl and got a treat and lots of praise as a reward.

She's almost 8 and a rescue pup from the Dogs Trust but she's such a huge part of my life now that I can't imagine my life without her in it any more... I'll be in fragments of pain and grief when she goes to Rainbow Bridge!

1st and 7th - proud of them both!

My two favourite drivers have been BottomBottom (Botas) and Rykikikonen (Raikonen) purely because I've got a way to remember their names.

I know that Lewis Hamilton is a Brit and he's qualified second and he's in the same team as BottomBottom 'cos they both wear white overalls but other than that I haven't got a clue who else is usually in the top ten and I haven't got a clue who drives for which team and stuff.

I'm proud of BottomBottom for getting his first career pole and Rykikikonen is seventh but they are both in the top ten for the race, so that's good isn't it?

Formula 1 qualifying

BottomBottom (Botas) is on Pole for tomorrow's race!  Yay!  The first three positions were close, but BottomBottom has got his first career pole!

WTG BottomBottom!

Haven't got a clue where Rykikikonen is, but I'll be supporting both of them if Steve watches the race!

30 hours

The virus scan was still on 75% after 30 hours so I gave up, stopped it and started the back-up going instead.

It stopped another threat while it was backing up though so it's still very much worth the money!

I'm gonna set AVG going on Thursday evening next week so that it'll hopefully be done by the time I wake up on Saturday... just gotta remember that though!

Mitzi has another bag of food now! Yay!

Steve phoned his mum to ask for more vet food for the pup and my FiL brought it over less than an hour later.

I've emailed Pooch & Mutt too to find out which food is most suitable for Mitzi so hopefully they'll get back to me after the bank holiday.  Hopefully Mitzi won't need to be on the vet food for much longer!

Just checked the use by date

Just checked the use by date on Mitzi's other food and there's no way I'm risking feeding her it.  The use by date was 22/08/16 so there's no way I'm risking it!

Ooh, also...

I've pretty much dropped another clothes size!



Had to pull my trousers back up before we left the house, and again on the second third of Mitzi's walk... just have to hope that my trousers and skirt stay up until I can afford to get the next size down!

Only got 1 size to drop now (after I get the new clothes) before I'm the right clothes size for my height!


It's taken 15 years but I've gone from size 6 when I was taken in to hospital, up to size 28 when I came out 2.5 months later and I'm now a size 12/14 and I wanna get down to size 10... I'm almost there now!


The pup has now, officially...

Just got back from walking the pup, then fed her and she's now officially run out of vet food.

Steve said to give her the other food that's in the kitchen, but I haven't got a clue how long it's been down there!  Don't know if it's gone mouldy or anything! 

Don't want to poison the pup!  😢

23 hours later and...

Set AVG going at 8.55am yesterday.

It's now 8.02am and it's still going!

Still at 75%!!

Malware bytes found 3 PUPs though, so they are quarantined and I just need to do the backup when AVG eventually finishes.

Friday 14 April 2017

Could my regular readers do me a quick favour please?

Over there ⇉ and⇊ is a followers option, could you all pop your name in there so that I know who my readers are please?

There are already 7 people in there so I still won't know who has read my posts on which day, I just want to be able to see who my regular readers are is all!  👌

Thank you so much!  👍

Thank you to the 12 people who...

Don't know what was so interesting about my AVG post, but I want to thank the 12 people who have already read it!

Thank you all so so much!

69% already!

I set the virus scan going less than an hour ago and it's already done 69%!

It'll speed through up to 75% then stay there overnight and finish at about 3am ready for me to do the malware scan and back-up then that's it for another week!

It'll be interesting to see if it picks up the 2 viruses in quarantine or if it deleted both of them when it protected me!  I hope it's deleted them 'cos I haven't got a clue where the quarantine bit is or how to safely delete them from my laptop!

It's at 75% now, so it'll stay there until like half an hour before it finishes in the early hours.

Last week it stopped at just gone midnight, so I reckon it'll be about 2am this week 'cos there's more email and stuff to go through this week.  Gotta remember to go into my Amanda folder to back-up everything tomorrow instead of the Users folder so that it doesn't back up all the system files and stuff!  lol

Weekly virus scan started

Remembered to clear the cache of both browsers before I started it and I've got to leave my laptop on for the next 24 hours now, do a malware scan when I come down tomorrow then back up everything and that's sorted for another week then!

Thursday 13 April 2017

That's the DLA update letter sorted

Had a thought this morning, while I was out walking the pup, that it might be a good idea to update my DLA claim.

Hate doing it, but I could, potentially, get fined if I didn't update them.

6 pages later and it's sorted... Steve had to phone up for the address to send it to though!

Just gotta find some sellotape before I send it though, so that I can make sure it stays sealed during its journey!

AVG has just protected me again

AVG has just popped up to protect me from a virus-infected email again... this is why I wouldn't be without it now!

So worth the money I pay for it just since the end of last week and the weekly virus scan I do!

That's the birthday gift delivered

The door was knocked so loudly that the people in the hospital would have been able to hear it, but that's H's birthday gift sorted ready for his birthday on Monday.

It's already wrapped and addressed to him, so we just need to hand it over to his parents on Sunday, ready for him to open on Monday!

Bless his tiny little heart!

What Steve was originally going to get him wasn't suitable for children under 9 years old so I found something similar that he can play with now instead of having to wait for seven years!  lol

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Well that didn't work then :-(

Spent the last ten minutes trying to pump Patrick's tyres up and didn't get very far, so I've just texted C to ask for his help and he's agreed.  Hopefully it'll be easier with me sat in Patrick 'cos my weight will push the tyre right down which will take the inner tube right down too, which will let the valve come out more than it is now, which, in turn, will make it easier to put the hose thing into the valve then the tyres can be pumped up, the hose unscrewed and everything works again!

In theory!


Steve's about to pump up Patrick's tyres

I asked Steve about doing it.

He said he'd do it later.

I said OK and started to stand up.

Steve's just gone out to pump them up for me instead!


When he's done that, he's going to make us curry for lunch and I'll tidy up in the kitchen when I've eaten ready for putting the mixer or food processor or whatever up on the side ready for doing the vegan toad in the hole after the shopping has been and gone on Tuesday.

Can't wait!

Gotta get my blood taken too, just to make sure the high dose of Olanzapine hasn't hurt my liver or kidneys.  When the tyres have been pumped up, I'll make the appointment... just need to remember that the form is in my neck bag!

We're having Quorn chicken korma for lunch 

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Just increased my monthly donation to WDC

Just had a call from a nice man about increasing my monthly donation to WDC from £20 to £25.  He originally asked for £30 but I couldn't afford an extra tenner a month so we split the difference and I increased it by a fiver.

I can't afford to support any other charities than I'm currently supporting right now though!

That's it until Sunday now

Other than walking the pup, I'm not leaving the house or going anywhere until Sunday now, when we'll be going to the in-laws then again on Monday for lunch, then Tuesday our shopping is coming.

Gotta sort the kitchen out again before then though, so that I can use the mixer or food processor or whatever on the side to prepare the batter for the toad in the hole without getting flour everywhere!  lol

Wish me luck!

Vegan toad in the hole recipes please?

Me and him were watching someone make toad in the hole earlier on but I'm semi-vegan (vegetarian with a dairy allergy) and Steve isn't.

I've found a recipe online and I've got veggie sausages, soya milk, flour and eggs on next week's shopping... do I need anything else please?  Do you have a vegan-friendly you wouldn't mind sharing with me?  Please?

Managed to walk all the way to and from

Met up with C at lunchtime and wanted to try walking all the way there and back on me own with C ready to catch me if I fell.

I only went and did it... did wonders for my confidence after I fell and struggled to get up the other day!

Not only did I do it totally alone, I managed to get up a kerb and conquered 2 slopey bits without C's help too!

Feeling so proud of myself!

Mitzi poo'd on her walk again this morning

The pup poo'd again on her walk but I managed to clear it up without falling over this time!  lol

She can do basic maths too.  I knew that she could count to three 'cos that's how many times we go up and down the street, but this morning she poo'd at the end of up and down once, I took her out again after I'd cleared up her poo and she counted another two before stopping at our door and me letting her in so she'd obviously done basic maths to know that she'd been up and down three times!

Mitzi is such an amazing pup!

Monday 10 April 2017

That's Steve's anniversary gift bought

Steve's a Star Wars addict and the newest film has just been released or something and he wanted to see it straight away via the Amazon Fire box thing that's apparently only available in the UK, but he wanted it, I was paid today so could afford it and he's watching it now... all he's missing is the popcorn!  lol

Zone Alarm has just protected me too

I'm loving AVG, MalwareBytes and Zone Alarm!  In less than a week they have all earnt the money I pay for them 'cos Zone Alarm has just protected me from an unsafe site... not bad going considering I only installed it 15 minutes ago!  lol

Literally just downloaded and installed

Just downloaded and installed Zone Alarm too so I'm now fully protected from all the nasties on the interwebs!  I'm just using the free version for now, but if it protects me as well as AVG and MalwareBytes then I'll pay for the full version too.

I love Malware bytes too!

Just like with AVG at the weekend, my anti malware programme has just protected me from 2 malware sites too!

They are the first things I install on a new computer, AVG and Malwarebytes, run a full system scan of both then, assuming they are clear, I start installing my programmes - even before my email, browsers and FTP!

Nowt like peace of mind in an uncertain time that's full of viruses and malware!

After most of my bills come out on the 15th, I'll have...

£199 in my bank, this week's shopping and the tyre pump have already come out, so, in theory, I'll be able to move £90 over to B at the end of next week and still be able to afford £109 for next week's shopping, and my bills being paid that come out on the 15th.

I've also got Namehog stuff coming out so the £90 will cover that too, then that's it for a few months, but it's good to know that I still have £100 left over every month that I don't spend on domains, shopping or bills or whatever.

Means I can put £100 into B every month that I don't have Namehog stuff coming out as well as the tenner I move over every week.

Considering a few years back we were both really struggling with debts, it's a relief that I can do that!

Just ordered a pump for my wheelchair tyres

Apparently when I sit in Patrick the tyres are flat to the floor, so I've just ordered meself a new pump that will be here tomorrow thanks to Amazon Prime.  Whats even better is that it's in a sale on Amazon so instead of paying just under £60 for it, it's less than £20 right now!

I just hope it works!  lol

Sunday 9 April 2017

Review: Best dairy free ice cream so far!

Just finished this off in one sitting and quickly took over mint choc chip as my favourite!
I'm a vegetarian who is allergic to dairy with a very sweet tooth and this ticked all the boxes for me!
The only negative is the price... a very expensive treat, but so worth it for the taste, I just won't be getting it every week is all.
Even if you're not vegan, this is worth a try to see if you like it... I honestly wouldn't have known it was dairy free if I hadn't bought it!
It's better than the dairy free vanilla with lashings of maple syrup which was the best I'd found until I tried this.
If you or someone you know has to be dairy free for whatever reason, do them a favour and get them this and a spoon... just don't expect there to be any left after the first taste!

S'getti and meatless meatballs for lunch today

Just had our lunch.

S'getti and meatless meatballs.

Steve's stomach (the internal organ) is definitely shrinking 'cos he left a tiny bit of s'getti and a couple of meatless meatballs 'cos he was too stuffed to finish them off.  Wasn't so long ago that he would have polished ⅔ of the meal off and still be hungry.

Slowly and surely wins the race!  For both of us!

Saturday 8 April 2017

I love AVG!

It's just stopped a trojen virus thingy and safely removed it from me laptop.

It's not cheap but so worth the money for this kind of protection the whole time I'm on the computer!

A week today, I need to remember to...

I backed up the Amanda folder again this morning when I'd come back from walking and feeding the pup.  Waited 5.25 hours before I remembered that I needed to go into the folder then copy and paste all the folders within it instead of backing up my Amanda folder!

It only took an hour or so to back it up this afternoon, instead of over 5 hours this morning!

Hopefully next week I'll remember!  👅😲 lol

Virus and malware free for another week

My virus and malware scans finished at about 12.30am so I'm safe for another week.

Currently backing everything up just in case something goes wrong with me laptop.

Yeah, yeah, I know how unlikely that is, but I reckon it's better to be safe than sorry though and it's only once a week!

Friday 7 April 2017

Just taken me supplements and the result is...

I'm usually living life in HD for a while after taking me supplements but now that I've got my new glasses, everything is in HD all the time.

I've just taken me supplements and I'm more awake and aware now.  I can see the stitching in my top clearer and everything just seems sharper.

The difference isn't so obvious but it's still definitely there!

Be interesting to see what happens when I take...

Usually when I take my multi-vitamin, everything seems to go into HD within seconds.

Thing is though, everything is already in HD because of my new glasses!  I'm wondering what'll happen when I take the multi-vitamin today?  Nothing probably!  lol

Just been out to clear up Mitzi's poo

The pup poo'd on her walk this morning, so I brought her in and got the scooper and a bag... it's what I always to when she poo's on her walk.

Got to the poo, tried to scoop it up and fell backwards.

Right into a wet recycling box and knocked our bin over.

My carer just stayed in the house while I struggled to my feet, cleared up the poo and picked the bin up then binned the bag of poo.

When I asked him if he heard the bin fall over, he just said "I thought you'd kicked it out of the way or something".  Didn't even think to come out and see what had really happened!

I've now got wet trousers, wet cardie and I'm shaking like a leaf.  My carer just carries on watching the telly.

He'll have to take his keys with him because there's no way I'm answering the door - if he doesn't do things for me, I won't do things for him!

That's the cache cleared and virus scan started

Just started my weekly virus scan going... gotta to try and remember to see if I can set the malware scan going automatically too.

That's it until the early hours now though!

Thursday 6 April 2017

Just been into town to get my glasses and...

Just been to pick up my new glasses and get a new lamp for the bedroom 'cos the one that's in there atm blew it's top at me last night.

I'm thinking all it needs is a new fuse and it'll be fine again but we haven't got any fuses, so I bought a new lamp and bulb after getting me glasses, just need to unplug the current one, put the bulb in and plug the new lamp in et voila!

Gotta remember to put the current one on Freegle tomorrow instead of binning it!  It's done me well, it just needs a new home now with people who know how to change fuses is all!  lol

I approve of the new AP!

When I first took it, it made me tired so I went to bed.  By the time I got upstairs I was wide awake so I messed around on my Kindle Fire for a couple of hours then went to sleep.

I woke up this morning with a clear head, totally awake and ready to start the day.

Maybe I was on just 5mg too much of the AP?

Just gotta remember that it tastes yucky every evening now!  lol

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Just taken me first reduced strength AP

My AD (Citalopram) and AP (Olanzapine) were delivered this morning.  I've just taken the first reduced strength AP and it was tiny compared to yesterday's pill size... easily half the size, maybe even a third of the size.  Got a bit of an eye/headache now, but I think that's cos I haven't been drinking pop all day so my blood sugar is kinda going "I need more sugar!"  lol

I'm not diabetic, I just usually bleed sugar through every pore and I've only had a couple of mouthfuls of pop today!  lol

The AD was a different brand and tasted horribly sour compared to the one I took last night... might ask the pharmacist to give me the Accord version again... just got to remember now!  lol

I've decided which Smartphone to get

My current Android phone isn't coping very well with having so much stuff being on such a small hard drive thing so I've decided to go for a Samsung Galaxy J3 that I can put a micro SD card up to 128GB in which'll keep me going for literally years with all the apps and texts and stuff I want on it.

Means that I can keep everything on the SD card and take it with me if I decide to upgrade my phone at any time.

It's far from cheap at £120 but it'll be worth it when I've saved up for it!  I'm already putting £40 a month into B so, in theory, I'll be able to afford it in 3 months time!

That's my prescription delivered, so...

Me new prescription has just been delivered and I've texted C about tomorrow, so as of tonight I'll be trying my new dose of my AP.

I worked out this morning that 15mg is a huuuuge dose 'cos when I first started it, I was only taking 2.5mg!!

So tired!

Going out and about on Monday has really taking it out of me!

Getting my new prescription delivered  today then going to get my new glasses tomorrow then that's it for the year!  I'll go into town once a week to get me out and about further than half way up the street every day. 

Gotta remember to text C to see if he wants to meet up in town tomorrow 'cos I'm going to pick up my glasses anyway so might as well make the most of me being out and about anyway!

If not, hopefully we'll meet up on Sunday instead... I'm really missing him!

Tuesday 4 April 2017

That's Patrick charged up again

Just unplugged most of Patrick from his batteries but this time I couldn't get the lead out from the plug board.  Sunday I managed everything except separating the batteries and today I managed that but couldn't take the wire out of the electric bit of the chair.  *sigh*

I know it takes 4 hours to fully charge him from just touching the red bit of the power to fully charged and he can constantly be on for 2 hours which is plenty of time to do stuff in Gloucester... wanna try going in to Cheltenham at some point though... haven't been there for 1.5 decades!

Won't be long before I've lost another clothes size!

I'm wearing size 14 trousers and skirts atm.

That means I'm half the size I was when I came out of hospital in March 2003 and almost a size 12.  It's been a long journey but I'm so close to being size 10 now... a long way off from the size 6 skirt that was being held up by my hip bones in June 2002.

Thank you all for your support, especially my Gods, Goddess, wights and everyone who has supported me in my weight loss over the last 14 years!

Fast work by Vision Express!

I got my eyes tested 24 hours ago.

The person I spoke to said that because they were so strong they would have to order them in and it'd take a couple of days.

24 hours after ordering them and they are ready to be picked up!!

Express is definitely right!

That's Patrick's batteries on to charge again

Just plugged Patrick's batteries in to charge up... had a tiny row with Steve about not being able to put one of the leads into the socket and couldn't find the bit under the controller to connect it up either.

Basically it was harder than it needed to be but it's sorted now and I'm going to leave them plugged in until it stops humming which means it's fully charged ready for going into town again on Thursday to pick my glasses up.

It should hopefully only take a few hours then that's it until I get my prescriptions delivered tomorrow from the pharmacy.

Can't remember if the optician said 2 days or 2 weeks though!  lol

I'll just wait until I get their call to say they are ready to be picked up!  lol  👌

Blatent advertising by me

This post is just advertising for things I use that you can save money on or get cashback from.  If you don't want to be advertised to, that's totally OK, just skip this message and move on to a different one, I just want it all in one place so that you've got it all in one place and I don't keep pestering you with it is all.

OK, so first up is the only supplements place I go to now... Simply Supplements - scroll down to the "referred by a friend?" bit, bung in my name (Amanda George) and my email address (, have a look around the site, put in your order and we'll both get 20% off each.  Pretty much the only thing that they don't do is oral sprays that I go to Amazon for instead.

Next up are cashback sites - Quidco is my favourite, then Top Cashback, then Swagbucks.

Then there's survey sites - if you've got an opinion about something, that's all you need.  I suggest you set up a separate email address especially for surveys.  I would also suggest that you search online for survey opportunities in your country and only go for sites that offer you surveys that you don't spend anything to join... the whole point is that they pay you, not the other way around  😜

Just taken me supplements

Haven't taken my supplements for a few days and I really noticed it so I've just taken them and I noticed the difference within seconds... before I even took the multivitamin, so my body needed either the calcium, magnesium or iron.  The multivitamin is kicking in now and I can see in HD again instead of grainy B&W!

I've got no idea if it's just my mind telling me the supplements are acting so quickly or if it really is the supplements kicking in, but I love them and will definitely be getting them again and again!

If you're looking for a decent online supplement supplier and you want 20% off your first order, just click on this link to go to Simply Supplements, click on the "referred by a friend" link, type in my name (Amanda George), click the little button, then type in my email address ( and we'll get 20% off each.  Wouldn't go anywhere else now!

Monday 3 April 2017

Exactly 6pm

The shopping was delivered at exactly 6pm this evening.

Marie came took off her coat and then the shopping came... she didn't even have an opportunity to sit down before the shopping arrived!

That means I can have an early night tonight, knowing that's everything done until Wednesday when my prescriptions will be delivered, hopefully my glasses will be ready on Thursday and Steve goes to get his legs changed on Friday... busy week this week!

So unbelievably proud of myself this afternoon!

Not only did the eye test go well, but my prescription review went even better!

My GP checked my blood pressure and said it was well within the normal range, he's decreased my AP by 5mg and said that I will probably have a couple of dips in mood and increased anxiety but they will only be about day 5 and day 20ish as my body gets used to the reduced level.  I've got to keep my 15mg pills as back-up in case the down days and anxiety are too much to cope with or they last more than a couple of days but apparently the Olanzapine puts me at risk of probs with my liver and kidneys.

On the way back, the poor taxi drivers blood pressure went through the roof when I said I wanted to pay by card.  Just as his anxiety slowed down, my card was declined.

The colour of the poor drivers face drained, but Steve said that might happen so we just did the payment again and it went through the second time... the poor driver will be glad to get home when he finishes his shift today, bless him!

I've got to have a blood test at some point soon, just to check my liver and kidney function and to test my cholesterol and thyroid because I don't see him much any more... it's just been my annual MOT today is all!

Both the optician and GP gave me good news in that there's nothing urgent that needs to be sorted and I'm prolly not going to die or go blind any time soon, I've just got to keep an eye on my vision, avoid flashing lights and get my blood tested at some point soon.

This afternoon couldn't have gone better really!


Just got back from me eye test

I was out and about for about 2 hours and Patrick coped well with it.

I didn't fall out or freeze so that put Steve's mind at rest.

Apparently I've got a squint and I've got to avoid bright flashes of lights to reduce my risk of getting a detatched retina because my sight is so bad.

My new lenses will be ready in a few days but I'm not entitled to new lenses in my current glasses because the voucher is only for one set.  That's fine by me though, I'll just keep these glasses somewhere safe and get the next set of new lenses in these frames... I've just got to remember to wear the new glasses each time I get them done!  lol

Got my yearly prescription review at 4pm and I'm getting a taxi there and back which'll be £12 but Patrick went into the red on the battery charge by the time I crossed over by the railway bridge, so didn't want to risk it just in case I got stranded and couldn't get to the surgery or back home in him.

Better to be safe than sorry and all that jazz!

Wish me luck!

I've got £48 to last me until next Monday and I'm hoping that will be enough to cover getting new lenses in my glasses today.

I get NHS prescriptions because I'm on benefits so hopefully it'll be enough for both 'cos I haven't got any other money until the end of the month!

Wish me luck that it's all covered by the NHS!

Steve's worrying about me falling out of Patrick or freezing to death or something, bless him!  lol  😄

Sunday 2 April 2017

Medical capsule taking question

I've never been able to take capsules.


Thing is though, my Olanzapine pills are a similar size and shape to capsules and I can take them without a problem 95% of the time because they are pills.

I had to take 30 days worth of Vitamin D soft capsules when I found out I had a deficiency in Folic Acid and vits D and B12.

I explained to my GP that I couldn't take capsules and he said to try and take them to see what happened for those 30 days.

It was a struggle to start with, but when I got used to it I just needed to say to myself that I could do it and convince myself to at least try taking them.

I managed those 30 days but never again.

Thing is though, should I try again?

I'm going in to town tomorrow for my sight test then I've got 3.5 hours to waste until my prescription review... so do I pop into Holland and Barratt or Boots or Superdrug to see if they do a really short course of vitamins in capsule form that I can try just for that month or whatever, just to see if I can do it or do I waste time going through all the little side streets and getting lost and stuff?

If I do go for it, I want to start soft and small to get my body used to something it hasn't had to cope with for a year or eighteen months, but do I risk doing it or not?

I'm getting nervous at just the thought!  lol

I'd love to be able to take capsules as easily as I take my AD and AP, but is it a psychological thing more than a physical thing though?

It would just open up so many doors for me to be able to take capsules!

£185 after all my bills come out

Just done a few quick sums and I've got £185 to last me until next Monday (not tomorrow, the one after) when I'll be paid again and then most of my bills come out on the 15th.

I'm sure I've got my sums wrong somewhere though!

The total for all my bills every month is £322.

Take off the £47 that'll come out tomorrow, that leaves £277 left to pay, yeah?

Then take off the bills that don't come out until the end of the month (£108) leaves me with £167 which is more like it!  lol

I've got £352 in my bank account after tomorrow's bills come out, so take £167 off the £352 leaves me with £185 so I got my sums right for a change!  lol

I've got a £37 bill from Namehog mid-April leaves me with £148, take off £100 for tomorrow's shopping, leaves me with £48 to move into my secondary account at the end of the month, on top of the £40 that's already in there, leaves me with a nice start to saving not spending... better than being constantly overdrawn like I was a few years back!

Yay me!  👍

Keep going Oxford!

Cambridge almost rowed into a bridge but Oxford are getting a small gap between the boats now.


It was closer than the women's race, obviously, but the right team won the men's race!  WTG Oxford men! 

That's more like it Oxford men's!

The Oxford men didn't get stuck like the women did and they are slightly ahead already.

The oars almost clashed but they separated before that, thankfully.

Come on Oxford's men!!

Well done Cambridge women's

For the first time since 2012, Cambridge women's have just won and it wasn't even a close race this year.

Well done Cambridge women's for winning the boat race  😞

Got a tenner on Oxford men's to win... I just hope they have a better start than the women!


Bad start from Oxford women's

Something went seriously wrong for the Oxford women right from the first stroke, it's not looking positive for Oxford but I'll still keep cheering for them to win even though I know it's really unlikely now.

Keep going, Oxford women... keep doing your best!

The boat race is going to start soon


Saturday 1 April 2017

I asked Steve to do a form and php page for me, but...

Steve's a wizzkid when it comes to computers.

I thought he'd jump at the chance to create a form and a php page for me.

I've been asking him for at least a week and he still hasn't done it, so I did it meself this afternoon.

It's far from flashy, but my carer didn't do it so, like with Patrick, I did it meself.

I don't ask Steve to do much for me but when I do, he agrees then seemingly forgets about doing it  😞

Found my second pair of glasses too

Last year, I had a slight change in my sight so didn't change the lenses because I didn't have my second pair with me and I kinda forgot to go back until I got yesterday's letter.

I've got my second pair in my bag now though, so assuming the new lenses don't cost a fortune, I'll get them changed on Monday so that I'm seeing things as I should be then I'll get the lenses changed in these glasses too... I really can't afford too much though, unfortunately  😕

Just made an optician appointment

Monday at 12.05.

So I'll aim to be in town for 11.45, have my vision tested mess around a bit in town until 3.30 then make my way up to get my prescription reviewed then come home.

I'll have to have a bath tomorrow then!  lol  Gonna be out in Patrick from 11.30 until about 4.15 so it'll be a real test of how well charged his batteries are!  lol

Backing up my hard drive now

Just taken the pup for her walk and the back-up is coming along nicely, so at 9am I'll phone my optician to see if the sight test is free 'cos I'm living off benefits.  If it is, I'll make an appointment either for this afternoon or for Monday lunchtime so that I can get it done and dusted for another year.

Wish me luck!


The virus scan finished at 11.08pm last night and I'm virus free.

The anti-malware programme scanned the laptop 4 hours ago and I'm malware free too.

Gonna back up my hard drive now then turn my machine off to let the battery cool down a bit while I take the pup for her morning walk then that's it for another week!