Sunday, 11 April 2021

Finished the manuscript, took my pills, checked my emails...

...dropped a pretty large chunk of a celebratory choccie biccie and I'm off to beddy byes now.


It's gonna be a busy day tomorrow - another call from the pharmacist at my GP surgery at some point in the morning, the enabler coming to check on my progress in the spare room and hopefully take the bags of rubbish I've cleared out so far, then our groceries are being delivered then hopefully that's it for the day.  I think I need an early night tonight in preparation for all the activity tomorrow, so I'm gonna say nite nite to you all now and I'll see you at some point tomorrow.

I've finished the manuscript now, so I haven't got a clue how I'm gonna fill my days now lol  Might start studying again or try to come up with a plan for my next novel, now that I no longer have a WIP!

No news on my writing site today, sooo...

...I'm gonna leave the other two, just for today, and start writing instead.  It'll mean I'll hopefully finish a couple of hours earlier than I did yesterday so that I can come out of my writing headspace and let my muse have the rest of the day off.  They've been working really hard so I'm gonna be kind to them today I reckon.

Already achieved a...

...pretty reasonable amount this morning:

  1. taken all my daily pills
  2. refilled my pill organiser 
  3. set the daily virus scan going
  4. taken the recycling out
  5. taken the rubbish out
  6. checked my email and the forum
  7. made a drink for both of us
I'm about to get started on the three sets of news, then I'll spend the rest of the day writing and hopefully finish the manuscript before 7pm, so that I can have my reward before I head to bed.
We're having egg and chips for lunch, apparently, which'll take considerably less time to cook and eat than yesterday's lunch, so I can, in theory, finish off the chapter, send Steve into the kitchen to cook it, then by the time I've put me laptop on the floor and the laptop stand in the space, lunch will hopefully be sorted, we can eat, then I can finish off the writing and breathe a huge sigh of relief that I've finished it in only 9 days.

Today is gonna be a good day.  I've decided.  😁

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Late start to the morning, but so far today...

Pills taken, breakfast eaten, virus scan completed, one set of news done, time for the rest of the news then hopefully get stuck into todays five chapters 🤞 written by the time I head to bed tonight.  Gonna go and do my exercises now before I forget again.

Friday, 9 April 2021

Feeling pretty proud of myself right now

After a slooooow start and wondering if I'd even get 3 chapters written today, I've managed another 5 today, on top of having about ¾ of an hour off for a particularly yummy lunch today.  I'm gonna take my evening pills now though and head to bed in hopeful preparation for an early-ish start tomorrow.


Nite nite orl.


Not too bad at all!

It's 11am and I've taken my pills, had my breakfast, started the virus scan, emailed my doctors surgery about when my new dose of the AP starts, advertised the wrapping paper on Freegle and someone is hopefully coming for something else today, so I'm already able to start writing today - just got 3 chapters to go and I'm at the half way point after only 6 days... hoping to write another 5 chapters today, so please keep your fingers crossed 🤞 for me that I achieve it again.


Thursday, 8 April 2021


I completed all the news, caught up with my emails and Facebook and managed to kick out a huge 5 chapters today too, which means that I only need to write 3 more tomorrow and I'll be half way through it in under a week!  I can so do this!  I can't remember if I've signed up to do Camp NaNo this year or not, but if I have it'll have been with this novel and I didn't even start it until Camp had been running for 3 full days lol 

One down, two to go

Mornin' all.


I've already done one set of news, so just gotta do two more then the rest of the day is mine.  


My prescription arrived first thing and as a result of yesterday's medical appointment, I've gotta reduce the FA down to twice a week instead of three times now, so no more for the rest of this week then it'll be Tuesdays and Thursdays from then on.  I wanna try and wean myself off it 'cos I'm already taking it in two of my daily supplements, so it would save the NHS a small amount each month if I was able to come off it entirely.  As of yesterday I'm reducing the AP by a third a day too, I've just got the extra third there just in case it's too little for me, but when I'm confident about the lower dose for that too then that will save the NHS a bit more money each month.  I realise that it won't be millions a month, but if everyone saves the NHS a few quid a month then it soon adds up❗


I've taken all my daily pills and had my breakfast, as well as two hot drinks.  The daily virus scan was clear so I've gotta do my exercise before I forget, then it's time to get on with the next set of news.


Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Not really achieved much since I had me lunch

Since having my lunch, literally all I've done is lig around on Facebook and put the FitBit weekly email report up on my site.  No studying and no writing (yet) 'cos I'm waiting for a couple of Freegle things to go - one was supposed to go 🕝 at 2.30pm and the other at 🕓 4pm.  The one that's late isn't too bad 'cos it's only small, but if the 4pm one doesn't turn up then I won't be happy❗  They've got 15 minutes before I start writing and they won't be getting brownie points from me.

Not as productive this morning, but...

...that's only because there wasn't any news to keep me busy.


I've had me breakfast (my daily two slices of toast), run my daily virus scan, taken my pills, had a mid-morning snack, paid two invoices, and caught up with my emails.  Time to do me exercises for the first time this week now, then it'll almost be lunchtime then one of the Freegle things is being picked up after lunch.

My hayfever is now in full flow, so that's it until about September, I'll get two weeks off then the cold season will start again 😞

Time to get on with my exercises for the first time this week, so that I don't forget again.  Wanna get on with my writing again this afternoon - I'm aiming to write at least two chapters a day... might sneak in a small amount of studying if there's time between finishing my exercises and having our lunch too.


Monday, 5 April 2021

Pretty good day so far today

The hayfever season officially started for me at 8pm 🕗 last night so my nose and eyes were streaming and I had no choice but to breathe through my mouth again.  I woke up gasping for air several times because I couldn't breathe and according to the FitBit app I was restless 20 times, but still somehow managed 9 hours and 11 minutes of sleep!

I had toast and a mug of PG Tips for breakfast, just after taking my morning pills and setting the virus scan going and while doing the news for each site (even though there was only news on my writing site in the end), then the groceries arrived, had lunch (5 doughnuts 🙄 🤣), took my Monday lunchtime pill, studied the first module of my next course and now I'm gonna spend the rest of the afternoon and evening writing another couple of chapters of my WIP.

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Achieved more than I thought I would already this morning!

I've studied a course, caught up with my emails and taken the rubbish and recycling out since my last blog post, which means I can spend all afternoon (after I've had me lunch 🍴) writing now, which is awesome.... wanna totally drain my laptop battery 🔋 first though, so that it doesn't die on me half way through a paragraph that I've forgotten to save.

Busy morning today!

Got a lot going on this morning - I've had my second caffeinated drink of the week to wake me up, taken my pills, sorted ⅔ of the news already, finished the daily virus scan (still clear, thankfully), got someone coming to pick up our smoothie machine (that I brought down from the spare room yesterday) at 9am and I've unplugged my laptop for it's monthly discharge of the battery... scratch that, the smoothie machine has just gone so it's just the news and my exercises to do now.

If you're in the UK, maybe you've seen those adverts about spotting a stroke?  I've got a headache just where the fire starts on that head, but my face, arms and speech are fine, so it's not a stroke for me, just a weird headache that's moving over to my right hand side temple and right eye now, so might break out a paracetamol so that I can get it stopped in it's tracks.

I wanna write at least another two (or hopefully more) chapters of my novel that I started yesterday and if I manage to speed through the last third of the news, I'm hoping to make a start on my WIP again and then reward myself with lunch.  Gotta keep an eye on the battery level though and very regularly save it so that I don't lose too much work when the battery dies on me.  It says there's 5 hours and 17 minutes left, which works out at about 2.15pm so I'll leave it running while I'm eating my lunch, then plug it back in after I've taken our plates out to the kitchen.

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Saturday, 3 April 2021

Friday, 2 April 2021

aaaaand relax!

Just finished studying the course and managed to pass the final assessment eventually... studied 5 modules and did 3 assessments in about 5 hours this afternoon/evening, so I can breathe a huge sigh of relief that it's one less "incomplete" course now and I can hopefully 🤞 spend all weekend writing now, before starting on my next incomplete course next week.


I'm off to bed now though, so I'll say nite nite orl and I'll sea ewe in the morning.


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Thursday, 1 April 2021

News and an opinion for 1st April 2021

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1st April 2021

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I've taken me pills, had me breakfast, done one set of news, so now...

...I'm gonna sort out the other 2 sets of news then start studying for a couple of hours, then start writing my newest book... wish me luck that I manage it before bedtime please!