Tuesday 28 February 2017

Children with cancer UK

Just had a phone call from children with cancer uk about joining Linda's lottery for £1 a week which I did in an instant, then he said about doubling my chances for £2 a week, I did that too and I've already decided that if I win the lottery then it's going straight back to them to fund more research into childhood cancer.

I think I've said on my blog fairly recently that cancer and children are close to my heart so CWC and Dogs Trust are the only charities I support now 'cos I lost my dad to cancer back in 2010, I love children and we got the pup from the Dogs Trust so I want to support those two charities as much as I can!

Just paid the Namehog stuff, so...

That's it done now until the end of April/beginning of May for Namehog stuff, so I can just put the money into B without worrying about it now.

Means that I can potentially spend £130 a week on groceries and put any that I don't spend, like this week, straight into B as soon as the shopping comes every week, which is, potentially, an extra £120 a month as well as the £40 which is £160 a month that I can keep saving up for things like the wheelchair insurance and SCBWI membership and stuff like that.

£160x10 is £1600 yeah.  Take off £600 for insurance and membership and expensive groceries and gifts and things like that, it's still a lotta money that I couldn't have even dreamed of saving a year ago.

I can so do this!!

Got paid again this morning, so...

I did a quick calculation - £315 for March's bills and £130 for the shopping next week makes £445 yeah?

That leaves me with £100 spare during March which I've moved into my other accounts 'cos it's easier to move money from there to my current account than it is from a completely different bank, move over the £50 for Namehog things when I need to... that'll leave me with £50 to put into my secondary bank at the end of March plus the £40 is £90 into B by the end of March.

This is where my maths potentially goes wrong, but 2x£90 is £180 yeah?

I get paid again in 2 weeks and then I'll go back to just the tenner a week into B then move any spare over at the end of each month so that I'm not tempted to spend it.

Does that sound about right?

Monday 27 February 2017

£90 in my back-up bank account now!

Just moved £30 into my back-up bank account and checked the balance.

There's £90 in there now, which means I'll be starting March with £100 in there 'cos this week's tenner will go in by the end of this week, then I can aim for £150 by April and I'll be well away then!

Hopefully I'll have £500 in there by the end of the year and that's without denying us anything!

Thank you to my Gods, Goddesses and online support for helping me get to this point... a short 6 months ago, there was no way I thought I would ever get to this point, and I'm not going to pretend it was easy, but I've pretty much cracked my spending addiction now!

Yaaaay!!  🙌

Blimey, they were quick tonight!

I booked the 6-7pm slot, same as every week.

The shopping came at literally a couple of minutes past 6pm and gone by ten past!

Marie and Steve are now in the kitchen, putting the shopping away and finishing off their mugs of tea/coffee!

Means I'll be able to have another early night tonight!  Yay!  🙌

Brilliant idea

WTG that Dad!

Sunday 26 February 2017

Took my prescriptions half an hour ago and...

I'm usually snoring my head off by now when I haven't taken my supplements, but almost 12 hours later and I'm still going strong!

I'm ready to head to bed whenever my body and/or mind tell me it's time to sleep.  I've started yawning a small amount but I'm not feeling tired at all!

I'll have to take my supplements every morning from now on... I've spent all day living in HD instead of grainy B&W!

It's definitely worth...

...taking me three supplements every morning.  I haven't yawned since I took them, I'm still wide awake and I'm not even thinking of taking me prescriptions yet which is pretty much unheard of for me!

It's 6pm and I'm usually curled up in bed by now, listening to the top 40 and I rarely make it to 7pm.

Not today though!  I'm wide awake, more positive, loads of energy.

Gonna leave it until 7pm when the Top 40 finishes then take me pills and head to bed... still an early night, but late for me!

Even better if you want to save money

If you're looking for a new supplement supplier and you want 20% off your first order from Simply Supplements, just use the "recommended by a friend" link on the first page of the Simply Supplements site and put my name (Amanda George) in the first box and hit the button.  It'll say that it knows lots of Amanda George's and ask you for my email address which is amanda.k.george@googlemail.com, hit the button again et voila!  20% off for both of us!

I love Simply Supplements and have been using them since the turn of the milleniumish as my supplement supplier of choice.

They are friendly, specialise in top quality supplements and you get 20% off just for an extra couple of clicks!  They are fast too!  And the cheapest you will find online - if you do find the exact same product elsewhere and you can prove it (website URL or leaflet something like that) they also offer a price match plus 10% guarantee - has to be provable though and the same strength for the same amount of pills and stuff... they are totally open about it in their FAQ if you don't believe be though!  😉  If you order before 12 noon UK time, they dispatch your order the same working day too!

Go for it... you won't be disappointed - I never have been!

That's me supplements taken

Hadn't taken the calcium, iron or multivitamin for several days and was really feeling it.

Just taken them and I'm already feeling better than I was 10 minutes ago!

Gave the pup her spoon of coconut too - hadn't given that to her for even longer!

Also found a few more packets of treats for her in the bottom of the drawer, but didn't give them to her in case they'd gone off... got no idea how long they'd been in there, so didn't want to risk it.  Better safe than sorry and all that jazz!


Got £60 in my back-up account, that means that by the end of March I'll have £100 and it'll just keep going up from there!  Yay!

Saturday 25 February 2017

The virus scan has now finished

Took about 30 hours but I'm virus free again.  The first 2 or 3 hours and the last hour zipped by really quickly, it was just the 25 odd hours in between that dragged by... stayed at 73% for the whole night and most of yesterday afternoon too!

Need to remember to delete my cache's before I start the virus scan each time though!  lol

My first vlog with my new headphones and microphone

A long vlog this time... over a minute!  Let me know in the comments down there ↓ if I need to turn the volume up on my next one somehow... it's the first time I've used the mic since I've had the headphones so don't know if I need to turn up the volume on the video's or not!

It's only gone up 1%! lol

My weekly virus scan is now at 74%, so it's only gone up 1% in the last 24ish hours!  lol

That's the phone gone...

The cordless phone has just been picked up and hopefully Marie will take the duvet if she comes over to help with the shopping on Monday then I can tidy up the sides in the kitchen again (Steve's already put junk on the sides I tidied up last week) then I'll put the stuff on the side and read the instruction books ready for using them as soon as we've got the ingredients and instructions for making things in them.

I'm thinking pasta first so that I can use both the food processor and pasta machine... maybe ravioli so that I can use the ravioli cutters too or spaghetti to use the spaghetti cutter or lasagne or something like that.

Any recipes gratefully accepted, hint hint! lol

That's a relief then!

Just had a call from BC.

They've put my disabilities on my record and I'm still paying the same amount but they've stopped the interest and fees that I was paying so starting from now, I'm only paying off the amount that I owe, nothing else.

She said that because I'm not paying the minimum payment, there might be a default on my credit report in a few years time which'll stay there for 6 years and I just need to call them and set up a standing order instead of a direct debit and things will be fine again.

Basically I'm happy with everything now and I've got a freephone number for any questions or if I need reassurance or anything like that and it'll go straight through to the payment support department and they'll be able to talk to me about what is happening and make any other arrangements for me.

I can so do this now!

No interest and no annual fee, the £75 a month is just paying what I owe which is such a relief!

Friday 24 February 2017


Spent the best part of an hour filling in a survey, got to 90% of the way through and it crashed on me and wouldn't let me go back to it!

I'm off to bed now though and I'm not planning on coming down until at least 10am!

Yeah, right, like that's really going to happen!  lol

Has anyone got, please...

I want to start preparing home-cooked food for me an' Steve but the things I make are either raw or burnt.

So, me an' 'im have already agreed that I'll do the preparation and he'll do the cooking, but I haven't got the first clue about what to prepare!

We've got an electric stove, toaster, bread making machine, hand mixer, pasta machine, food processor and ice cream machine.

I'm after some easy to prepare, easy to follow and very basic recipes using the machine's we've already got that I can start screwing up as soon as we've got the ingredients in the house.

I'm a chocaholic vegetarian who's allergic to dairy and Steve eats loads of meat but doesn't like nuts and cucumber and mushrooms and peppers and aubergines.

We need to get more fruit and veg inside us and I don't mind preparing it as long as it's quick to do because I don't want my knees to give up on me in the middle of preparing the food and not being able to get up, so if we can use frozen veg instead, that'd be perfik!

I'm open to most ideas and I know that there are all sorts of recipes online that I can try, I just want to start slowly and use recipes that you, my blog readers, have already tried and tested that I can ask you questions about if I need to is all.

So come on then, either put the recipe in the comments of this post or give me trusted and true links to webpages online.  Please?

73% already!

It usually takes all day to get to 60% on my weekly virus scan but it's at 73% after only a couple of hours now!

Yay!  👌

On Mitzi's walk this morning

When I was walking the pup this morning a car came down the road and the man got out and said good morning to us.

Mitzi usually wags her tail into a blur whenever she sees anyone - she's such a friendly pup.

Not this time though!  👎

The poor pup put her tail between her legs until we got in the house!

Steve says that she's like that with some men but this man was nothing but friendly but she just didn't like him for some reason!

She wasn't unfriendly or anything like that, she was just scared of him was all!  😟

Poor puppy!

Thursday 23 February 2017

Ideas no longer needed

I've just had a text from the Dogs Trust asking me to increase my text donations to a fiver a month which I gladly did, so as of today, I'm paying £8 a month and topping up my phone with a tenner each month too as well as having the money in there that I wanted to use up, so that leaves me with £2 to spend every month, on top of the money that was already there, so I'm a happy bunny now  👍

52 readers of one of yesterday's posts!

It's got me confuzzled about why some posts have a lot of readers really quickly, like yesterday's post, but most of them have maybe 3 or 4 readers total?

I originally thought it was the length of the posts, but yesterday's post that got the 52 readers was a long one so I don't think it's that any more.

I know one of my regular readers is C, a second is possibly D or M but haven't got a clue about the rest of them!

I'm grateful that my posts are read, I just want to know who my regular readers are so that I can thank them is all!

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Ideas please!

I've got £42.50 on my phone and no way to spend it.

I've got £50 in my secondary account.  By this time next month there will be £100 in there.

My main bank account isn't looking so healthy unfortunately.

So, what can I spend £30 on from my phone?  The hubby said to browse the internet, but that seems pointless to me when I've got a laptop so close to me!

So, I'm after a charity that I can donate to that takes the money off my phone instead of out of my bank account but haven't got the first clue about any that do that other than the 2 that I already support.

Might wait for Children In Need and donate £20 to them like I did last year.

Any other decent registered charities in the UK that I can donate to as well though?  Please?

£42.50 to spend now!

Just got everything sorted with O2... had a £15 invoice in my email account this morning and didn't even have the SIM card so got onto the O2 site and cancelled it.

I've also got £42.50 to use in my account so that'll be a lot of talks and texts to non-O2 numbers then!  lol

I donate £3 a month to the Dogs Trust on my phone and another £2.50 to a childhood cancer charity so that'll get it down a bit but I'll have to make lots of calls and texts to get it down again!  lol

Next month it'll be almost £50 even after the two charity donations come out but I've freed up a tenner a month that I can put into my secondary account each month on top of the tenner a week that's already going in there, so that'll be £50 a month ready for when I need it again.

It's not even like I miss spending the money my spending addiction was demanding either!


Tuesday 21 February 2017

It *was* a contract, so I've just emailed O2

Just read one of the emails from O2 saying that I'd been signed up for a 1000 plan on a 12 month contract.

I definitely didn't sign up for that and Vips on the O2 site said to call them but my mobile won't accept the number so I've emailed them instead and hope it reaches someone before they dispatch the SIM card!

If it *is* too late, I'll just send it back to them unopened and hope for the best.  Vips said I had 14 days to cancel in so hopefully that won't put me in their bad books!

Just had my mobile phone company on the phone

Just had a phone call from O2 and the man I was speaking to saved me a fiver a month and gave me more of the things that I use and less of the things I don't use!

Just got to find a way to turn off my auto-top up now!

The postie is going to be busy tomorrow... I'm expecting a set of headphones from Amazon and the new SIM card tomorrow too... gonna have a read of the instructions that come with the SIM card before I put it in though, just to make sure if it's still PAYG or if the fiver saved puts me into a contract with them.  Either way is fine, I just want to be sure before I swap the cards is all 'cos the bloke I spoke to just repeated everything he'd said I'd be getting and didn't tell me if it was contract or PAYG is all!

Monday 20 February 2017

Lunch today was...

Chocolate Pop Tarts.

Steve didn't have his tea until Midnight so didn't want to cook.  I had 2 Pop Tarts and Steve had sandwiches.

I hope we're not going back to having take aways again!  👎

Mitzi made *2* new friends today!

While we were outside on the pup's walk this morning, someone from the other side of the street came over and she sniffed his hand.

Then our neighbour let Mitzi sniff his hand but she wouldn't let him stroke her for some reason.

A carer came for Steve a few minutes ago and she let Mitzi sniff her hand but wouldn't let her stroke the pup either.   I can understand that more 'cos it's the first time Mitzi saw her, but she just wouldn't let anyone touch her today for some reason!

Sunday 19 February 2017

Mitzi made a new friend this morning

Just after we got back from Mitzi's walk, Steve's carer came unexpectedly and Mitzi got loads of fuss from her!

Bless her tiny furry paws!

She's such a friendly little girl and couldn't be without her any more!

If I say I'm cream crackered...

If I say I'm knackered before lunchtime from now on, can someone remind me to take my supplements, especially my multivitamin please? 

I haven't taken them for a few days and I was really feeling it but within a couple of minutes of taking the multivitamin, I'm fine again now... powerful stuff!

Also, I've worked out that I only need to sleep for 8.5 hours with my current AP, instead of 12 hours minimum with my previous one!  Yaay!  👍

Saturday 18 February 2017

A couple of quick polls for you

I just want to know if you prefer my shorter, couple of sentences and that's it posts or if you prefer my longer posts.  That's poll one.

The second poll is if you prefer mainly text entries with occasional vlogs or if you want to see more vlogs than text.

Both are totally anonymous and all I will know is how many people have voted for which option is all... no names or ages or addresses or anything like that, just a click in each poll and that's it.

Just gotta work out how to do it now!  lol

Want to fill in surveys and get free products?

I'm with paid offers and I've taken surveys, signed up for freebies and things like that without paying for any of it.

If you sign up with them using the link up there 👆 then you'll be able to get stuff too.

What do I get out of it?  £10 for each person I introduce!

Most of the stuff is free and confidential and only ask for the first part of your postcode and the first digit of the second half, so if, for example, your full post code is AB1 2YZ then you would put AB1 into the first box and just the 2 into the second box.

I haven't paid a penny for anything on the site but it's introduced me to sites I didn't even know existed and my opinion in the surveys goes a little way to shaping the future of products within the UK!

You've got nothing to lose and lots to gain from signing up with Paid Offers!

Was going to have pizza for me lunch today, but...

I ordered 2 pizza's with last week's shopping.

We were going to have them for our lunch today.

Steve cooked them but mine was burnt to a crisp and almost totally black.

I'm a fussy little bitch and didn't want to eat something so burnt, so Steve's having 2 pizza's for his lunch and I'm having fruit and chocolate!  lol  👎

I've also just had BC on the phone about the letter they sent me that was delivered on Monday.  The first person I spoke to asked if I could still afford the payments, I said I could, she transferred me to someone else and the line went dead!  I'm waiting and hoping that they will call back soon, 'cos if I call them, I'll be waiting for another 5 days for them to call me back like they were supposed to do yesterday but didn't actually do it until lunchtime today!  👌

Going to run out of Mitzi's food soon

I've asked Steve to ask Marie about taking the pup to be weighed and get her another bag of food on Monday.  The current bag has lasted since before Christmas so I've got my money's worth out of it!

Friday 17 February 2017

Didn't go to bed until midnight last night/this morning

I was filling in a survey thing and it took forever!

I've had 57 people reading one of my posts yesterday or the day before or whenever it was though!  Yay!

Thursday 16 February 2017

Just taken me prescription and Steve made...

Just taken my 2 prescriptions and the hubby made what he promised was "strong" tea but I've just slurped it and it tastes of barely anything other than hot water!

Neither of us could remember if I had sweeteners in my mug of tea but I don't reckon I do, just in mugs of coffee because it's so much stronger than I'm used to.

I might ask Steve to put 2 teabags into the mug next time he makes me a mug of tea... he squeezes out the single teabag out so that there isn't even a hint of tea left in it and even then the tea is barely strong enough lol


Stuffed mushrooms and hash browns for lunch today

Yummy scrummy in my tummy.

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Had egg sarnies for lunch today

My bottom is going to be loud and smelly tomorrow lol

I've added mayonnaise to the shopping to try and get the egg to stay in the sandwiches next week lol

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Just got back from seeing C

My vitamin B12 levels were dropping and I could barely keep my eyes open so I'm going to take my B12 spray now to hopefully wake me up.

It's almost like an illegal drug to me but I couldn't be without it now that Ive found it!

Monday 13 February 2017

Just signed up for...

Expect loadsa reviews on this blog soon 'cos I've just signed up to test and review products.  The first 2 will be a Samsung Galaxy 8 (if I'm accepted to test it when it's released) 📱 and/or a hand-held vacuum cleaner which is another thing I've wanted for years... I'll be able to vacuum the stairs as well as the floors down here.

I'm easily pleased lol

It already *is* a direct debit!

Just logged into online banking and BC already is a direct debit!

I'm completely lost about why the reduced payments are coming to an end then... I've still got 50 months to pay it all back in!

4 years, 2 months to go

I've just worked out that I've got 4 years and 2 months, tops, until I'm debt free.

BC finishes then and I'll have finished paying off SB and CO by then too

Got a letter from BC this morning to say that my reduced payments will expire soon and to call them, which I've just done, and they are going to call me back at home in the next 24 to 48 business hours which makes it the end of the week, doesn't it?  Steve reckons so!

I haven't got a clue why the reduced payment is expiring... everything is the same except my debit card number!  I'm going to try and remember to ask them to set up a direct debit each month, instead of coming off my debit card otherwise I'll have to go through this every couple of years!

I hate using the phone at the best of times and I'll never remember to ask about the direct debit in a few hours, let alone days!  lol

Just taken me supplements again

Taken me supplements for the day and they are making me feel more human again.

Love them!

I'm taking calcium and magnesium because I'm allergic to dairy, iron because I'm vegetarian and a multivitamin just to top up my levels of anything that is getting low.

If you're looking for a great supplement supplier online, I definitely recommend Simply Supplements and use my name (Amanda George) in the referred by a friend box, we will both get 20% off our next order and if you order before mid-day they dispatch the same day too!

I swear by them and have done for years... wouldn't go anywhere else now!

How did they know??

Just had an email from Zooplus saying that Mitzi's food is running low... it is, but how on earth did they know that??

Steve reckons I should get another 6kg bag like I got before Christmas but I reckon she won't need it for the next 3 months!

Steve reckons that she's enjoying the food and eating it all so I should get another big bag, but the way I see it, is that it's like still following a Weight Watchers programme even when you're at your target weight!

What do you reckon I should do please?

Two new friends this morning!

Just got back from taking the pup for her walk and she met our next door neighbour who she's never seen before and someone came up the alleyway and said hello to us too!

Mitzi's little tail was wagging non-stop, bless her!

Sunday 12 February 2017

More awake now

I'm still going to have an early night, just not at 3.30pm  lol


Totally wiped out for some reason, so...

I'm gonna try the B12 spray but take my prescription pills ready for another early night.

Scary stuff!

This year is our 15th wedding anniversary.

Next year we'll have been in our ickle 'ouse for 20 years.

I've been disabled for 17 years.

I'm going to be 40 this year.

Scary dairy!

That's me supplements taken

They are already kicking in even though it's less than a minute since I took them!

I'm more awake, more positivity, more aware of what is going on around me... everything is in HD instead of grainy black and white!

I know I should take them every day, but the brain damage means that I just don't remember until I take my prescription pills before I head to bed... if I took them then, I wouldn't be able to sleep, so it's supplements in the morning, prescriptions at night!  Just need to get into that routine now!

This week's shopping comes to...

£118.40 which is £7 less than the £125 maximum spend and we've got everything we want including a pizza each and a big multi-pack of crisps and it leaves a bit of room for any substitutes that cost more too.

Yay!  👍

Saturday 11 February 2017

Getting more and more confused about my money

According to what I worked out originally, I've got £203 left to come out of my account on Wednesday which means £44 has come out, which is my Namehog stuff yesterday or whenever it was, so ignore the blog post I made this morning.

I really have got £203 left to pay.
 I really will be able to spend £127.50 on the shopping for the next two weeks.
 I really should stop panicing about my money!  lol  😆😋

4 Valentine's cards from...

I've just had 4 Valentines cards from my four sponsor dogs at the Dogs Trust!

Now I feel loved  lol  💓

The £12 was either...

My usenet account that comes out on 11th of every month, but that's £15.  Or my Audible book thing, but that's £8.  Or something else entirely!  I haven't got a clue, but I'm going to keep a close eye on my bank account until I find out where it has disappeared to.

I very much doubt it's fraud for such a small amount and why didn't they clear out my account instead of taking only £12 if it is fraud?

OK, so I'm getting confused about my money again

I've got £468 in there as of Monday.
My remaining direct debits come to £237 for the rest of the month.
That leaves me with £231 for the shopping for the next fortnight, yeah?

Divide the £231 by 2 for the two weeks until my next pay day leaves £115.50 a week for the shopping.

So where has the other £12 come from on my other bank balance post??

It's snowing out there!

Just taken the pup for her walk and it's snowing really lightly out there!

It's not cold enough for it to stay on the ground, fortunately, but there are definitely tiny flakes of snow coming down.

Apparantly it's going to be 11⁰c out there on Wednesday so maybe it's the Green Man helping me to say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring?

Apparently we had a visit from the police last night

I had a really early night last night, but when I came down this morning, Steve said we'd had a visit from the police last night at 8pm or 9pm.

Apparently they said that they could arrange more police coming round here on the beat and putting a CCTV camera up and go over and see the idiot again - things like that.

Steve said not to worry about it yet so the police said to keep reporting things as they happen so that they could build up a case against the idiot.

Basically the idiot is just making things worse for himself the more he does.  If he wants to keep doing things like that and not acting his age then that's fine by me!  I just want to know what we've done that was so wrong is all so that I can do something about it!

Tsk again!

Friday 10 February 2017

Blimey that was easy!

The lady I know from freegle has just said about the membership they offer on the Dogs Trust site.  I went to sign up for it and it said to phone a certain number if there's already a direct debit set up to them.  1 minute 37 seconds later and the pup is covered.

I doubt we'll ever use it, but the £25 a year will go towards helping the dogs that are already waiting for a home and will help them to pay any other claims that other people make as well.  £25 is a tiny amount to pay for the peace of mind it gives you!

If he's got nothing better to do with his time...

The idiot at the end of the road has been at it again this morning.

This time he dipped a tampon in red paint and left it on our door step for Steve's carer to find this morning.  It wasn't there when I took the pup out so he put it there in the hour between us coming home and Steve's carer arriving.

TBH I feel sorry for him.

If he's got nothing better or more mature to do with his time than to make anonymous complaints about the pup to the RSPCA, the non-existant poo to the council and leaving tampons on our door step then I feel sorry for him and we'll just keep reporting it to the police each time.

We took an Amazon parcel in for number 3 yesterday, number 10 have known us the entire time we've lived here and the husband and wife next door to us say hello to us and the pup whenever we see each other!

We are aware of the lady on the other side of us and I've told me mum that the house is up for rent, we are aware of the people next door to number 10 and we say hello to each other if we spot each other, the same with everyone else in the street!  It's just the idiots at each end of the street that have a problem with us for some reason.

It really is just the idiot at the end of the street who has a problem with us and we would much prefer that he tells us what we are doing wrong so that we can change it... just like we did with the people at the end saying that Mitzi was upsetting their dog on her morning walks by barking at it.  We stopped going up there and haven't had any other issues with them since then.

Same with the lady next door, she said that the paint was peeling off her wall that is next to our bathroom.  I went to have a look and agreed to pay for it to be sorted, she then came back with a photo of our bathroom roof being damaged and we paid for that too.  It's just who we are!  If we are aware of the problem we can do something about it and we'd much rather do that and stay on the good side of everyone than have the idiot doing immature things like he has been doing!

The police have told us that we're not doing anything wrong and they've been to see the idiot which is when all the immature, anonymous stuff started happening!

If he wants to keep doing things like that then we'll keep reporting him to the police and they'll build up a case about all the things he's been doing ready for whatever the police say is the next step!

Doesn't bother us!


Thursday 9 February 2017

That's most of the main bedroom sorted

Just had a big tidy up in the main bedroom... there's still a bit to do, but that can be done when I've got my energy and breath back.

Filled up 2 black bags and a smaller, flimsier white bag with just the rubbish by the bed.  Just got the bathroom (small job) and spare room (hugest job of the lot) to do now then we just need to keep on top of it.

I can't help being peed off with Steve though.  I asked him to tidy up the worktop that I'm not tall enough to reach and he still hasn't done it... I asked him to do half of what I did in the kitchen then I did an extra 2 rooms on top of that!

I'm going to give him until the weekend to make a start on it and if he doesn't, I'll ask Marie on Monday.

Wednesday 8 February 2017

That's the beanbag and dog ball gone

I'm going to take my pills and have a really early night tonight now that I can get upstairs again - the beanbag was on the bottom of the stairs so that we could get in and out of the kitchen and bathroom while the pup was getting spoilt this morning!  😃

Need to do a bit more sorting out... gonna make a start on the main bedroom tomorrow, just need to bin all the rubbish and put a new plastic bag in the bin really.

When I've done that, I'll work on my bit of the living room... again, that's mainly sorting out and binning stuff, then I'll have another few days off sort the bathroom out and then the biggest job of the lot at the weekend - the spare room!

Going to have a long, hot, relaxing bubble bath first though!  🛀

My bank balance, before Monday, will be...

£35 after all my bills have come out.

Another £230 on my next payday (Monday) takes my balance up to £265 take off £10 to go into my secondary account makes it £255 which means the spending limit for next week's groceries is £127.50 which we have never even approached, even at Christmas so I'll be able to get some things for myself next week instead of it being totally Steve's stuff like it was this week!

Yay! 👍

The pup's back now! Yaaay!

Mitzi has just been brought back by Marie... apparently she's got a scabby bit on the back right side that we need to keep an eye on and take her to the vet if it get's any bigger.

As predicted she's totally wiped out now so is laying in her favourite position on the back of the sofa bless her!

Her eyes are huuuuge again now and still as cute as we remembered... I predict she'll be getting her own way a lot now - she just needs to look at us and it'll happen!  lol

Steve's taking a photo of her now and I'll take lots of photo's of her too... she's such a beaaautiful girl to go along with her amazing personality!

Best dog.  Ever.

The pup has just gone and...

...I'm missing her already.

Today is going to drag until she's back 😞

The pup is going for her grooming today

I hate when she has it done 'cos I miss her so much for those few hours!

She comes back wiped out and with her fur cut short so sleeps well for 24 hours after she's had it done then starts getting all hyper and excited the next day and she seems to enjoy it there too, bless her furry little paws!

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Blimey Charlie!

Just added up a rough amount for my April renewals with Namehog.

I was thinking it'd be £100 minimum.  👎


Less than £50!  👍

So basically I can keep topping up my secondary account with the tenner a week and still be able to afford to easily pay for the domain renewals out of the money I have spare after the shopping and bills have been paid, like I paid for Steve's new clothes this month... the clothes were £44 and the Namehog stuff is £49 so there's a fiver difference, which is what I'll have left after my bills come out next week.

April won't be so tight after all!

Yaaay! 👌

Just had an email from Namehog

They will take out £44.39 tomorrow.

My bills will come out on the 15th.

I'll have £15 left in my account until the end of the month then nothing else will come out other than the shopping each week.

Save up the tenner a week to go into my secondary account as well as the spare money I don't spend each week and that's it after my bills come out on the 15th of each month to go save up for my April Namehog stuff.  I really can do it!

Monday 6 February 2017

That's one side sorted out

Just finished off tidying up the side of the kitchen except the corner I'm too short to reach.

Next up is putting the cans and packets away then I'll move the pans and tubs into one of the cupboards.

Then I'll ask Steve to help me put the cookware things on the side 'cos I is not strong enough 💪 to lift them all to my chest height.

Then I'll have a well earned break before starting on the other side.

Steve's got rid of the stickiness that was on the side (thank you Steve!  💖) so I just need to sort out the cupboards over by the freezer so that we can actually start using them again!  👍

Not bad going for less than 3 days labour, mostly on me own!

Found 2 boxes of Pop Tarts on the side too, so that's breakfast/lunch sorted for 4 days too!  🍴

Going to have a few days off first though!  I think I deserve it!

Had 2 people asking for the beanbag and dog ball

One of the people got her dog from the Dogs Trust too and her dog is 7 too, so I kinda hope that the 2 people I've promised the things to are unreliable so that the Dogs Trust lady can give her dog some happiness and comfort in his new home!

That's my prescription ordered

Hate doing it every month, but it's ordered now and will be here on Thursday.

It's just the first bit that I hate... I never know what to say!  lol

Sunday 5 February 2017

That's another quarter done, but...

...that really has to be it until tomorrow now 'cos my back's killing me, my knees are wobbly and I just don't want to risk falling and not being able to get up on Mitzi's walk tomorrow.

There's just the corner that I can't reach 'cos I is 'ickle and the mountain of plastic bags to give back to Sainsbury's tomorrow when they deliver the shopping and a few old tins that'll prolly be binned 'cos they will be so far out of date  lol


Started tidying up the kitchen and...

Just started tidying up the side in the kitchen and I've already filled one bin bag!

I'm in the mood for doing it now though, but my knees are killing me so I'll leave it for now so that I can still take the pup out for her walk tomorrow morning - Steve's just said he'll ask Marie to take the bag to the tip tomorrow when she comes over on Wednesday to take the pup to be groomed.

I really appreciate Marie's help with all things householdish you know!  I just wish Steve did more than watch the rugby on the telly while he's snoring away in his chair is all!

Chips for lunch today

Chris had something on today, so we didn't meet up and me Quorn lasagne was a couple of days past it's use by date, so instead of risking it, I just finished off the bag of oven chips with Steve.

Going to tidy up the side in the kitchen so that I can start unpacking and using the food processor and pasta roller and ice cream machine ready for using them and making more things from scratch instead of pre-prepared stuff in boxes.

I'll do the stuff by my wheelchair in the hopes that Steve starts to sort out the other side too.

Don't reckon he will even though he keeps promising that he will though... it'll be left up to me again! 

Saturday 4 February 2017

Grocery shopping on Monday

I'm having to be so tight with the shopping that I've had to take everything off that I put on there for me, like the mushrooms and peppers and squash and it's less than £2 under the limit with literally just Steve's stuff on there.

We haven't paid council tax this month and we won't be paying it again next month, so Steve has got an extra £100 a month for February and March and I'm just getting stuff for him with the groceries.  I'll have a grand total of £1.75ish to last me until the end of February now but Steve doesn't want to even help to pay for his groceries next week - it's all left up to me.  Again!

I give up, I really do.

For lunch today, I is having...

Quorn sausages and hash browns.

Steve reckons the sausages are small but I reckon they are the same size as normal sausages... it'll be interesting to see if they shrink as much during cooking as meat sausages!

Friday 3 February 2017

On Monday morning, can someone pretty please remind me...

I'm going to run out of pills 2 weeks today and like to have a week's buffer just in case, so can someone remind me to phone the pharmacy on Monday morning so that I can get my prescription sorted please?

If I get it done before they close for lunch on Monday, they will be delivered on Friday and I'll still have a week's buffer zone... I just don't trust the brain damage is all!

Your electricity supplier - who are they and would you recommend them?

Our current electricity supplier is nPower and we found out at lunchtime, on the News, that they are planning on increasing their prices by 15% soon!

We currently pay £56 a month for medium duty usage.

If you're in the UK, who is your electricity supplier, how much do they cost each month and would you recommend them please?

E-On looks good so far... we can save £20 a month on what we are currently paying, it'll be fixed for 12 months, it can all be done online and as long as they don't need to fit a new meter then they're looking good!

Who is your supplier and would you recommend them please?

Gonna have to be tight with the groceries for the next couple of weeks

I've got £378 in my account atm.

Bills come to £244 on the 15th so that's £134 left in my account.

Namehog bill comes to £45 which leaves me with £89 for the groceries next week.

Get paid again on 15th so everything is back on track again after that, just gotta be really tight with the shopping next week is all  👎

Thursday 2 February 2017

So cute!


This just came up on my FB timeline and it looked so sweet and made my heart smile!

New look to my navigation page now

Just finished the new look of my navigation page - 67% of people wanted it to be a subtle colour instead of a textured background so the new look site is done and dusted now!

Just gotta let Steve think about how to put tables within tables in the CSS files so that I can make the site look even better then I'll leave it be for a while and just change the images in the files instead of re-coding it every time 'cos I'm lazy like that!  lol


I hope any Pagan readers of my blog have a blessed Imbolc today!

Wednesday 1 February 2017


My navigation page that I've been working on is now online and looking good!

I can now take me pills and head to bed with a huge grin on my face!


I've hopefully managed to...

Spent all afternoon working on my navigation page and hopefully it'll work straight away.

If it doesn't, I'll cry!

Just got back from taking the pup on her walk...

She only wanted to do ⅔ of her walk this morning!  There were bins in the middle of the pavement and all sorts of drilling and stuff from the house they are building at the end of the road, so it might have been that, but she opened the front door herself and came straight in, dragging me behind her so something obviously scared the poor pup!

She's up on the arm of Steve's chair now, looking out of the window, so she's obviously more comfortable now that she's away from whatever she wanted to avoid outside.

Poor pup  😟


Steve's just watched something on the telly and said he had a scary vision of his mum using a drill.

So of course I piped up that I'd used a drill at school.

Steve chuckled and said that was even scarier!  Charming!

He said he had an image in his head of the drill bit getting stuck in a piece of wood and me being span around like in a cartoon!

It was part of my woodwork lesson though... I would have let go of the trigger if it had got jammed too as well as a teacher coming to my rescue!