Wednesday 8 February 2017

That's the beanbag and dog ball gone

I'm going to take my pills and have a really early night tonight now that I can get upstairs again - the beanbag was on the bottom of the stairs so that we could get in and out of the kitchen and bathroom while the pup was getting spoilt this morning!  😃

Need to do a bit more sorting out... gonna make a start on the main bedroom tomorrow, just need to bin all the rubbish and put a new plastic bag in the bin really.

When I've done that, I'll work on my bit of the living room... again, that's mainly sorting out and binning stuff, then I'll have another few days off sort the bathroom out and then the biggest job of the lot at the weekend - the spare room!

Going to have a long, hot, relaxing bubble bath first though!  🛀

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