Monday 6 February 2017

That's one side sorted out

Just finished off tidying up the side of the kitchen except the corner I'm too short to reach.

Next up is putting the cans and packets away then I'll move the pans and tubs into one of the cupboards.

Then I'll ask Steve to help me put the cookware things on the side 'cos I is not strong enough 💪 to lift them all to my chest height.

Then I'll have a well earned break before starting on the other side.

Steve's got rid of the stickiness that was on the side (thank you Steve!  💖) so I just need to sort out the cupboards over by the freezer so that we can actually start using them again!  👍

Not bad going for less than 3 days labour, mostly on me own!

Found 2 boxes of Pop Tarts on the side too, so that's breakfast/lunch sorted for 4 days too!  🍴

Going to have a few days off first though!  I think I deserve it!

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