Monday 30 June 2014

Yappy barkday, Mitzi!

Our little puppy is 5 years old today.

My dad died 4 years ago today.

Not sure how I'm feeling  :-|

Sunday 29 June 2014

Happy anniversary Steve!

Me an' 'im have been married for 12 years today!

It hasn't all been smooth sailing but I love him to bits and pieces!

He seemed to like his gift from me when I gave it to him this morning... I just hope the bin men take the huge box it came in tomorrow!  lol

Happy anniversary, Steve!

Saturday 28 June 2014

What a productive morning!

It's just gone 11am and I've already walked, fed and watered Mitzi, let Steve's carer in, taken my supplements, had a shower, washed my hair, brushed my teeth and got dressed this morning!  Now I can concentrate on me, me, me!  lol

Adding stuff to my Amazon wishlists next, while reading the forum and email, then I'll get lunch for me an' 'im then carry on being selfish!  ;-)

Scratch that! lol

Steve's carer has just arrived so now my day looks like this:

Take supplements
Have shower
Get dried and dressed
Look for disabled stuff on Amazon
Look for jewellery making stuff on Amazon
Look for more beginner drawing stuff on Amazon
Read my email and forum posts
Take prescription pills
Read more emails
Head to bed

It's all go for me!  lol

Right, so, I'm gonna...

... take my supplements to be sure Steve's carer comes in the middle of it then I'll look after Mitzi until she's gone then jump in the shower, then get dressed ready for the rest of the day.

Then I'll go onto Amazon to find other disability aids to add to my wishlist.  Then I'll look for other jewellery things to make and other things to draw for the absolute beginner.

Then I'll take my prescriptions and mess around with my smartphone for a couple of hours and head to bed!

My days are jam packed full of activity, aren't they!  lol

Friday 27 June 2014

That really is it for the next 4 weeks now!

My shoes and trainer socks arrived this morning and the food shopping has just been delivered so I'm not buying anything else before the wheelchair at the end of July  - I've got £250 in direct debits coming out on 15th July but that's it.  I'm not spending any more until I've got the wheelchair and policies for it!

My spending addiction has been kind to me this week so hopefully it'll still be kind to me for the next 4 weeks too!

I can definitely do this now!

I've just checked my bank balance and I'm way over £800 in credit and I'm not even tempted to spend it right now!

I can, in theory, afford to get the chair now instead of next month, but that would mean I would go overdrawn when my direct debits come out  :-(  It just feels so good to see the "in credit" amount grow like this!

Feeling so good right now!  Really positive!

Thursday 26 June 2014

My maths is way out today! lol

I originally went online shopping to make use of the £12 off voucher code.

I put in an order for £25 (the minimum amount for delivery) and tried to use the code.

It came up with an error message.

Then I noticed that they were charging me £6.95 for delivery instead of the £4.99 I'd been expecting.

I looked on the site to see why they were charging me almost £2 more for the delivery.

This is where my maths went wrong.

The page said that because my shopping wasn't over £40 the delivery charge was higher.

I added more things to my shopping to make it over £40.

The delivery charge was back to £4.99.  Goodo!

I tried to use the voucher code again.

No go again.

I read the terms more carefully and it said that the voucher was only valid on shops over £80!

Basically I've spent an extra £15 so that I could save £2!

Maths has never been my strong point!  lol

I'm bloated now!

I'd forgotten how much drinking a litre of flavoured water with my supplements filled me up!  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I've taken them now, but I'm so glad I didn't eat anything or drink very much before taking them!

Just need to remember to take them before eating or drinking tomorrow!  lol

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Addiction or OCD?

I've been diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and I've, up to now, been assuming the spending was an addiction, but maybe it's the OCD playing me up with the spending instead of being an addiction?

I just don't feel the need to spend at any time other than the week I'm paid is all!   I don't get cravings to spend huge amounts, I can plan out my spending and mostly stick to it and I don't go OTT with the spending either!

Maybe it was the same with the chocolate too?  I didn't spend a fortune on chocolate and only eat chocolate at the expense of everything else.  I still eat chocolate and enjoy it but don't go OTT with it any more.

I've just spent £20 on a pair of shoes and 7 pairs of trainer socks... I was going to get myself some t-shirts too, but didn't - if it was an addiction then I would have easily spent over £100 instead of £20 wouldn't I?

Oh I dunno, I just want a name for what the spending puts me through is all!

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Gift ideas

There are 5 things that would be brilliant gifts for me...

The first is a one-off donation to WDC and an e-card to let me know you've done it
The second is to adopt one of the dolphins at WDC for me
The third is to make a one-off donation to the Dogs Trust then send me an e-card to let me know
The fourth is to sponsor one of the dogs at the Dogs Trust for me
The fifth is to send me an Amazon voucher or get me something from any of my Amazon wishlists

They are all brilliant gifts if you are stuck for ideas?  :-)

Money, money, money!

I'll be £540 richer than I was thinking in August 'cos I'm only getting 1 year insurance which is £110...there is 12 months warranty on the chair so I'll get both the chair and insurance at the end of July this year then spend the £650 next year for 3 years cover  :)

So, this is what my spending looks like now:
  • It's the end of June and I've got £500 going into my account this week which means I'm £650 in credit.
  • I ignore my spending addiction niggling at me until my July pay days, so it's £500 in, plus the £650 makes a huge £1150 at the end of July
  • Now spend £800 of that on the chair, which leaves me with £350 in my account yeah?
  • Now spend £110 on one year insurance makes £240 in credit
  • Fast forward to my August pay days... another £500 in plus the £240 that's already in there makes £740 in my account, yeah?
  • September pay days is another £500 in plus the £740 makes £1240
  • October is Steve's birthday (and a friend's birthday, but he's asked for his gift for Christmas because it's a joint gift) £40 (for easy maths) for Steve's gift makes it £1200 then £500 in for my October pay days makes it £1700 take £200 (for easy maths) for spare batteries for the chair leave's me with £1500 in November ready for buying Yule gifts for everyone in December!

Screw you, spending addiction!

I owe Steve £150 that I forgot about so I'll pay him back in August.

If I can get through the rest of the year without spending anything else, then hopefully I'll have beaten this addiction!

Wish me luck!

Monday 23 June 2014

Can someone please remind me, if I forget, to...

... apply for a car if I get my DLA money increased when I get the wheelchair and put Steve as the named driver of the car please?

That's literally all I know about it though, so I'm going to try doing more research into it this week... you watch me forget now!  lol

I hope Steve's carer comes soon!

I hope Steve's carer comes to dress his legs before my knees seize up and I hope he asks them to help him wash his hair too!

Bet he won't though  :-(

Sunday 22 June 2014

Just cooked Steve's tea but...

... didn't burn it to a cinder this time!  lol

I think it's about time we cleaned the oven though... it's burning my eyes and making my nose run like the smoke did yesterday!

Also, I can only do things that don't need me to reach into the freezer now though 'cos I'm such a short arse I can see myself reaching to get something then falling in and the top slamming shut and I'd freeze to death or something!

My imagination is working overtime, isn't it?  lol

Used car questions

Me again!

While I was in the bath the radio was on and one of the ads was for a new Renault car at £200 deposit and £200 a month.

I've just looked at the site and it doesn't have any cars big enough for Steve to fit in and it doesn't even mention the ad prices that were on the radio.

So, I'm thinking of getting a used car for us but haven't got a clue what to look for and I don't want to mention it to Steve or he'll start tutting at me!  :-(

I'd prefer a car that I can put the wheelchair in and with 4 doors instead of 2 so that I could sit in the back with Mitzi but I can't afford to spend much on it  :-(

What sort of car should I be looking for with 5 seats in it and 4 doors?
What's the minimum I should be looking to spend?
Would I be able to put my name down as the owner of the car even though I don't have a driving license?
Would Steve be able to drive it even though I was the owner?
Would I be able to own the car and Steve have insurance for it or would I have to buy the insurance too?
What about MOTs?  Would Steve be able to arrange an pay for the MOT and anything that needs to be fixed or would that come down to me as the owner?

What I'm looking for is for me to own the car in name only and Steve has the responsibility for the rest of it... am I asking for the moon on a stick please?

Bath time!

Going to jump in the bath and hope that Steve's second carer doesn't come, like she did yesterday!  lol

Apparently the second carer only comes a couple of times a month so I'm going to relax in a nice, hot, lavender scented, bubble bath now to ease my knees!

It's going to feel so good!

Edit - that was an amazing hour and a half!  I only got out because the bathroom was too hot and I forgot to open the window before I got in!  lol

Saturday 21 June 2014

Just almost burnt the kitchen down!

I was cooking Steve's tea and was keeping a close eye on the time.

I thought I could smell smoke after about 20 minutes but Steve said "it's just a cooking smell, don't worry!" so I believed him and left it for another 5 minutes.

I opened the living room door and there was a feint look of smoke... maybe it was just steam?

I went into the kitchen and opened the oven door.

I was met by a huge gust of white smoke that I couldn't see through so I opened the back door all the way and left the oven door open.

When the smoke had cleared enough to see through, I turned the oven off and took Steve's tea out and plated it.

My eyes are watering and my throat is burning now... I've learnt to trust my sense of smell now, not Steve's opinions on cooking time!

Has anyone got opinions on...

I've just seen a cereal that is made for me in terms of my vitamins etc that I'm deficient in but don't know what it tastes like and it's over £3 for a 500g box too so it's really expensive but if it tastes OK or better then it would mean I could take a lot less supplements than I do now!

The name of the cereal is "Kelloggs Just Right" so if you've got an opinion on it then please leave a comment on this post... the good, the bad and the ugly please!

I'm deficient in vitamin B12 and Folic Acid.
My Korsakov Syndrome is B1 deficiency.
I'm vegetarian so I could probably use Iron too.

The cereal has got those 4 and more in it which would, if it tastes OK, mean that I wouldn't need to take the B12 or B1 supplements every morning...

Is it worth splashing out more than double the price for half the weight of my normal cereal though?

Your opinions in the comments bit of this post would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!

That's two

Steve had someone (a carer) to come and dress his legs this morning, she did it and went on to her next job.  I had a shower and less than 5 minutes after getting dressed, another carer came!  She's taken Mitzi for a walk and put the dressings into the box but we totally forgot to ask her to wash Steve's hair with the MRSA shampoo!

You watch me forget to ask when she brings Mitzi back from her walk too!  lol

Edit - I remembered to ask her but Steve told her "not to worry"... it's her job for flip's sake, it's what she's employed to do!

Friday 20 June 2014

How are food allergies and intolerences diagnosed please?

Before moving to Gloucester in 1998 I went on holiday with Steve and had bought myself a bottle of concentrated peppermint oil for the first time in my life.

The dosing instructions said to put 5 or 6 drops in a cupful of water and to sip it slowly.

Because it was my first time taking it I only put 3 drops of it in a mug full of water and sipped it...

Within seconds I was totally buzzing... the happiest I've ever been in my life, talking so fast that Steve couldn't understand me and walking so fast that Steve had to jog to keep up with me!

I've avoided any form of peppermint ever since in case it happens again and haven't been hyper since.

The dairy allergy was diagnosed while I was in hospital in 2002/2003 because I threw up every time I ate or drank dairy so I avoid dairy now and don't throw up unless I have dairy.

Could I be allergic to peppermint or intolerent to it or was the first time just a case of bad timing?

Thursday 19 June 2014

The shopping arrived this morning and...

...I have 9 litres of Diet cherry Coke to get through!  lol

Only 1 litre has gone so far so it will hopefully keep me going until the next shop!  lol

Got 4 pasta salads and a 1kg box of Fruit and Fibre as well as 3 litres of soya milk to get through too  lol

Good going for just over £35 and less than 24 hours since I put the order in!

Hot day + hayfever = me right now

It's going to be an awful day for me today!


Because the hayfever is already affecting me and it's not even 9am yet as well as being too hot even for me when I took Mitzi for her walk first thing (8am)!

Ho hum!

I'll be having another cold bath to cool me down before I go and see Steve this evening!  lol

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Mitzi is having oneheckofa dream right now! lol

Mitzi is fast asleep, snoring and snarling in her dream, bless her!  So cute!

That's the first in a while!

Steve phoned and asked that I find some sort of machine for him ready for his mum and sister to take in this evening... he warned me it was heavy but the bag weighed a tonne!  Fortunately I had got Mitzi  to move so that I didn't hurt her... I just hope it's the right bag now!  lol

I've also put in a small grocery shopping order to tide me over until Steve get's home, it cost £35 including delivery so that's pretty good IMO!  The last shopping order was back in March 2013 for £101 so that's a big improvement!  lol  Just the delivery was £6.95 so I reckon that's how Sainsbury's make their money!  lol

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Stuff and things

Steve's been in hospital for 3 days and things are definitely improving for him!

His doctor came to see him very briefly and said "I've just had your blood result's back, Mr George and they have improved 100% more than yesterday!" then she smiled at him and walked off so now that they know his treatment is working, hopefully it won't be long before he's home!  Yay!

Also, I was really hot when I got home so I ran a cool bath and got in... it was freezing!  I'd forgotten to pull the cord to warm up the water so instead of a warm and a cold tap running there was a cold and a freezing tap filling the bath up!  Brrr!

Ho hum!

It's also my pay days next week so that's going to be a hard week, but hopefully if I just keep the wheelchair and independence in mind then I won't spend anything... I can at least hope!  lol

This morning's walk with Mitzi

Our little girl was wonderful on her walk today!

She didn't pull me over, she did as I asked and didn't try to trip me up!

She's now on the sofa, fast asleep  lol

Monday 16 June 2014


Steve was taken back to hospital yesterday afternoon and I found out just before I went to sleep that he's got a chest infection so hopefully he'll be home soon.

It was a great day until I got home from seeing a couple of friends and had to call NHS Choices for Steve.  I walked from the car to the pub to sit down then I ate then back to the car and home again without using my quad cane once!  Yay me!

Also, I'm less likely to spend anything while Steve's not here... he doesn't encourage me to spend or anything, I'm just less likely to spend when he's not here for some reason.  For example, I went to Sainsbury's online yesterday evening to do a tiny bit of shopping to last me until Steve comes home, but I didn't spend anything at all!  Yay me!

Sunday 15 June 2014

My planned spending for the rest of the year - screw you spending addiction!

I just want to give another update to my spending that I can look back on for the rest of the year when my spending addiction niggles at me, so here goes!

I get £760 benefit money every 4 weeks
I've got £250 in direct debits coming out on the 15th of every month to pay off my credit card debts
The wheelchair costs £799
The policies for the wheelchair cost £650 every 3 years
I've got £401 in my account right now.

For the sake of ease of maths for me, let's say I get £750 in benefits money, the wheelchair costs £800 and I've got £400 in my account atm, yeah?  For even easier maths, let's take the £250 off the £750 so that I get £500 to spend every 4 weeks, yeah?

  • So, I've got £250 coming out today for the direct debits which will leave me with £150.
  • Fast forward to the end of June and I've got £500 going into my account which means I'm £650 in credit.
  • I ignore my spending addiction niggling at me until my July pay days, so it's £500 in, plus the £650 makes a huge £1150 at the end of July
  • Now spend £800 of that on the chair, which leaves me with £350 in my account yeah?
  • Fast forward to my August pay days... another £500 in plus the £350 that's already in there makes £850, take off the £650 for the policies makes £200 in my account, yeah?
  • September pay days is another £500 in plus the £200 makes £700
  • October is Steve's birthday (and a friend's birthday, but the friend's asked for his gift for Christmas because it's a joint gift) £50 for Steve's gift makes it £650 then £500 in for my October pay days makes it £1150 take £150 for spare batteries for the chair leave's me with £1000 in November ready for buying Yule gifts for everyone in December!

Saturday 14 June 2014

I'm so proud of myself right now!

I've always had trouble swallowing pills whole so I usually crunch them up into a fine paste and swallow them then.

I take 8 supplements every morning.  Two of them are supposed to be crunched up before swallowing so I'm not including them in this proud moment which takes it down to 6 pills I'm including in this message.

I swallowed half of them whole just now and didn't throw up or even heave!  

OMG!  What an amazing feeling!

The trick to me doing it seems to be to eat immediately before taking them so that I can trick my throat into accepting capsule sized and shaped pills.

What I'm going to try doing tomorrow is to have a couple of mouthfuls of cereal then crunch up the third mouthful and pop one of the supplements in my mouth then swallow it.

If that works, I'll do that for all 6 pills for a couple of weeks then take it down to eating a mouthful then swallowing the supplement six times for a few weeks then go onto the final stage of hopefully swallowing the pills without eating or crunching them up!

I'm so close now!

I really can do it!


All my direct debits will be coming out tomorrow which means I can stop worrying about them until 15th July and I'll still be comfortably in credit (£150ish).  I'll be getting paid again in the last week of June and I'll have £500 still to play with 'cos I've already allowed for the direct debits to come out of my benefit money and another £500 in July when I'll be able to comfortably afford the wheelchair and spare batteries.

In August I'll be able to get the wheelchair insurance, warranty and breakdown cover.

In September I'll get 2 birthday gifts ready for October then save up for Yule in December!

I just need to remember that!  lol

I'm doing well with not spending so far - it's the first few days after being paid that are nightmareish but if I can get through the week after I'm paid then the other 3 weeks are a breeze!

Wish me luck!

Yesterday's blog posts

Four posts yesterday!

They weren't exactly short posts either!

I think I've recovered from my nervous excitement about the wheelchair now, thankfully.

I'm going to try taking the B12 first this morning just to see if it *is* that which makes me feel better so quickly but I prolly won't remember though.  lol

I'm being forced to watch the rugby right now, England V New Zealand and the right team are winning, 10-3 right now (after 14 minutes of play) - I can almost guarantee that things will be turned on it's head if I start watching it though!  :-(

Ho hum.

Friday 13 June 2014

Getting nervously excited about the wheelchair now

I've just emailed Lloyds Pharmacy about which battery the Aries takes so that I can get 2 spare ones at the same time as the chair. 

Just call me Paranoid Pandora but it's got me nervous that in about 6 weeks I'll have the ability to go further than the end of the street alone after more than a decade.

I'm going to slowly take Mitzi on longer walks but the first week will make me so nervous about being out and about alone!

It'll be the first charge of the batteries and the first 40 miles that will make me nervous!

I'm thinking my first trip should be down to my GP just to prove to myself that I can get there and back alone and the chair can deal with crossing roads.

Then I'll go into Gloucester city centre and just have a look around and refamiliarise myself with it again.

Then I'll go to the bus station and pick up leaflets for buses that are wheelchair friendly.

Then I'll go to the train station to see if I can find information about trains to wheelchair friendly places.

Then I'll come home and congratulate myself on being out and about alone for the first time since 2001 and I'll be buzzing with excitement for the rest of the day and night!  lol

The day after I get the chair, I'll start taking Mitzi on longer walks and see how she does with crossing roads and stuff.

I'm already counting down the weeks!  lol

I think I'm finally...

... persuading Steve to change GP surgeries after them screwing up every time he requests tubi-grips for his legs!

Steve's clinically obese so the pharmacy have to order them in for him but the nurse who prescribes them seems to be totally unable to write on the prescription that Steve wants a box of tubigrips, not individual ones!

It's not like it's a huge deal to change surgeries, you just fill out a form, hand it in and a couple of week's later you've got a different GP at a different surgery!

Men!  Grrr!  lol

Friday the 13th? Pah!

Today is Friday the 13th, but it hasn't been a day with everything going wrong so far!

It's just like any other Friday!

My direct debits will be coming out on Sunday and I still haven't spent anything so add the £104 for the PPC to the £401 that's already in there and I'll have £505 on my June pay days and £505 on my July pay days (I've already allowed £250 a month for the direct debits) so I'll definitely be able to get the electric wheelchair next month!  So unbelievably close now, I can almost feel my freedom coming back to me and it feels so good! 

Just got to check whether the policies are £600 are per month, per year or a one-off payment every 3 years... I'm thinking it's a one-off payment every 3 years which will be brilliant! 

Screw you spending addiction!

Mitzi was...

... a wonderful little girl on her walk this morning!

She gets so excited when I come downstairs.  When I put her lead on, her little tail is a blur of wagginess!  lol

She wanted to go into our neighbours house today though, bless her little heart!  She was stood there waiting for me to open the door and didn't want to move until I walked past the door and called her!  lol

Mitzi is such a little sweetheart!

Thursday 12 June 2014

On her walk this morning, Mitzi was...

... a spectacular pup!

She didn't pull too much, she didn't try to trip me up, she went the way I asked her to and she didn't bark or sniff at anything to wake our neighbours up!

Mitzi is wonderful!

Wednesday 11 June 2014

I definitely notice the difference when...

... I take my supplements!

I don't know which it is but I think it's either Vitamin B1 or B12 that has the most noticeable effect of the 8 that I take every morning.  Whichever it is, it works within a couple of minutes of taking it!

Tuesday 10 June 2014

That went better than I was dreading!

I found the 5 sites in just over 3 hours this afternoon!

Not having a good morning :-(

IE has decided not to work for the last 24 hours and I don't know why... whatever the reason it's annoying me incredibly!  I'm going to give it until noon then reboot to see if that works.

Stoopid IE!

Monday 9 June 2014

I'm about ready to give up for the day! :-(

It's not even 3pm yet and I've already had enough for one day!

I've still got to invite 5 ladies to join 3 online communities and I'm not having much luck  :-(

Then I've got to bring the shopping in and I'm already weak and shaky after having to go up and down the stairs twice to reboot the router so my legs just won't keep me upright for much longer!

Sunday 8 June 2014

Yick, yack, yuck!

It's only 5.48pm but it's raining out there and is getting darker too... we're supposed to be in Summer, not Autumn fer flip's sake!


There was onehellofa storm early yesterday morning!

When Steve's carer came yesterday morning, she said that the storm at about 6am had blown the window, frame as well as glass,  completely out!

Then, because there was nothing in the hole that was left, the rain hammered in!

Luckily she had some builders plastic or something that she put over the hole to stop most of the rain.

Steve thinks the window hadn't been put in properly.

I think it must have been near-hurricane winds.

What do you think?

Saturday 7 June 2014

Yesterday, Steve asked...

... why I get up so early.

Today answered his question.

His carer came at 7.45am and I answered the door like I always do!

If I got up later than 7am, Steve would get stroppy with me about having to answer the door himself!  He would only be wearing a pair of y-fronts and a t-shirt which would make him even more stroppy!

Hopefully he'll stop asking now, but I doubt it!  lol

Is it Friday or Saturday today?

I'm all mixed up for some reason!

My head is saying it's Friday but the multiple The Bills on telly are saying it's Saturday?

I've already taken Mitzi for her walk and she was a brilliant little girl today!

Oh I dunno!

Friday 6 June 2014

My eyebrows are thinning and I don't know why! :-(

I noticed last night that my eyebrow is noticeably thinner.

It's only my right eyebrow, only at the outer corner and only on the bottom half.

I've done a quick online search and the only things it came up with was age (I'm 36 so I don't think it's that), chemotherapy (I've never had it) and thyroid disease (been tested and I don't have that either).

So I'm, maybe wrongly, thinking that it's either another rare illness or that it's part of Korsakov Syndrome.  I don't want it to be either, but then I don't want thin eyebrows either  :-(

The most make-up I've ever worn is concealer and lip gloss when I was at school and lip balm on my lips when they crack since then.

That's honestly the only make up I've ever worn and if I totally loose my eyebrows, they'll just have to stay gone!

Ho hum!  :-(

Thursday 5 June 2014

My site has a new look!

I've just changed the look of my site with my favourite colour and a close-up photo of Mitzi on each page too!

Best thing?

It only took a few seconds when I'd created the background image and the image at the top of the page and I did it all totally alone!

I'm ace!  lol

100 posts! Yay!

As of this post, I'm 100 blog posts in!  Yay!

Wednesday 4 June 2014

That's a point!

When I took Mitzi for her walk this morning, it was only spitting until we got to the front door and it started hammering down just as I opened the door!

What timing eh?


Want to know how to peel and chop onions without crying?

I've just put a page on my site that tells you how to do it!

Take a trip on over to and it's hopefully obvious which link to click on!  lol

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Feeling incredibly proud of myself right now!

I know this may not seem a lot to be proud of to most of you, but I've just cooked 4 quarter pounders for Steve's tea, put them in 4 buns, squirted mustard and tomato sauce onto each and brought them in for him.

Why is that such a big deal?

Because I've never done it before and because I left the burgers under the grill on full blast for double the time when I realised the burgers were only just unfrozen when I went to flip them over half way through.

I had to get him 2 bits of foil for his burgers too because he's talking to someone on Skype now!  Grrrr!

I'm now shaking too much to do my own tea so I'll finish putting the information into the spreadsheet then take my pills and head to bed.

I've had as much as I can take for one day! 

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Just what I wanted!

I've been looking for an elasticated headband to keep the hair out of my eyes and Steve found 2 in ASDA that came with yesterday's shopping and I've just put one of them in my hair.


Exactly what I wanted!

I get the feeling that it's thin elastic so I'll need to be careful putting them on and taking them off but other than that they are perfect!

I've just bought this one as well... I'll wear the current one when I go out and about and the Amazon one around the house, assuming I remember of course!

Monday 2 June 2014

Thank you God and Goddess!

What usually takes more than 8 hours was done in just over 3 hours today!

I don't know what to do with the rest of the day now!  lol

What am I on about? I hear you ask.  Well, I have weekly assignments to do on 3 of the communities I'm with... I have to find 5 sites a week to join each of the three communities and it's that which was taking most of Monday for me to do weekly.  Usually it takes all of Monday but not today!

My Higher Powers were looking out for me today and got me to find this week's sites amazingly quickly!  I don't think I even asked for their help in a prayer... they just did it for me without prompting!

The Green Man and Mother Earth are amazing if you believe in them!

They keep answering my prayers as long as they are solved amazingly quickly as long as they are small prayers that can be  answered by them clicking their fingers or saying "done!"

They also answer bigger prayers too, but because they take more input on their side they don't get answered so quickly.

Every night I pray that they help me get through the next day without spending anything and I've bought 3 things in the time I've been sending out my nightly prayer to them.  I bought the PPC at the end of last week, 2 pairs of leggings and a Tiger's Eye pendant to help with my addiction to spending but that's it and I haven't even been tempted to buy anything else!  Usually I would have bought those and more the week of my pay days!

Even better is that I'm still comfortably in credit at the bank too!  That wouldn't have happened before I sent out my nightly prayer!  They haven't been answered as quickly because they are bigger than the smaller prayers but they are still definitely answered!

Mitzi is going to be naughty all day :-(

I took Mitzi for her walk this morning and she was naughty before we even got out of the door, then she was naughty on her walk then naughty when she got home too!

I could swear it was PMT but she's been spayed so it can't be, can it?  Or can it?

Sunday 1 June 2014

Just got back from having lunch with C

Just got back from having lunch with C.  The vegetable lasagne was lovely and my dad would have approved of the temperature of it 'cos it was so hot you could prolly have seen steam coming out of my ears!  lol

H has now moved into her own flat now and taken her cat with her - apparently she's closer to her Church now and she can have housegroup meetings there too... she just needs to buy the furnishings for it that she was told would already be there!  Tsk!

If she's anything like me, it will take her several weeks to feel at home there but today is the start of the rest of her life of independence now!

Yay for me!

I've just edited the html on my domain ready for a whole new navigation by the end of Summer!

It doesn't look very different but the annoying extra border is now gone and when I want to change the image at the top, I just archive the current image and use the same file name and size for the new image et voila!

Just need to work out how to code the navigation now!

Could do with going back to bed!

I've just walked and fed Mitzi and I could do with going back to bed now!  lol

I've also got a huge, painful zit in my right eyebrow that I'm trying not to pick  lol

Thankfully I've still got £505.62 in my account... I just need to not spend anything until I get the wheelchair and policies now!  Thankfully my spending addiction is behaving itself right now  :-D

Meeting up with a friend for lunch today and I've got to let Steve's carer in too, so I hope the carer comes this morning otherwise Steve will have to answer the door himself!