Tuesday 24 June 2014

Money, money, money!

I'll be £540 richer than I was thinking in August 'cos I'm only getting 1 year insurance which is £110...there is 12 months warranty on the chair so I'll get both the chair and insurance at the end of July this year then spend the £650 next year for 3 years cover  :)

So, this is what my spending looks like now:
  • It's the end of June and I've got £500 going into my account this week which means I'm £650 in credit.
  • I ignore my spending addiction niggling at me until my July pay days, so it's £500 in, plus the £650 makes a huge £1150 at the end of July
  • Now spend £800 of that on the chair, which leaves me with £350 in my account yeah?
  • Now spend £110 on one year insurance makes £240 in credit
  • Fast forward to my August pay days... another £500 in plus the £240 that's already in there makes £740 in my account, yeah?
  • September pay days is another £500 in plus the £740 makes £1240
  • October is Steve's birthday (and a friend's birthday, but he's asked for his gift for Christmas because it's a joint gift) £40 (for easy maths) for Steve's gift makes it £1200 then £500 in for my October pay days makes it £1700 take £200 (for easy maths) for spare batteries for the chair leave's me with £1500 in November ready for buying Yule gifts for everyone in December!

Screw you, spending addiction!

I owe Steve £150 that I forgot about so I'll pay him back in August.

If I can get through the rest of the year without spending anything else, then hopefully I'll have beaten this addiction!

Wish me luck!

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