Thursday 26 June 2014

My maths is way out today! lol

I originally went online shopping to make use of the £12 off voucher code.

I put in an order for £25 (the minimum amount for delivery) and tried to use the code.

It came up with an error message.

Then I noticed that they were charging me £6.95 for delivery instead of the £4.99 I'd been expecting.

I looked on the site to see why they were charging me almost £2 more for the delivery.

This is where my maths went wrong.

The page said that because my shopping wasn't over £40 the delivery charge was higher.

I added more things to my shopping to make it over £40.

The delivery charge was back to £4.99.  Goodo!

I tried to use the voucher code again.

No go again.

I read the terms more carefully and it said that the voucher was only valid on shops over £80!

Basically I've spent an extra £15 so that I could save £2!

Maths has never been my strong point!  lol

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