Wednesday 30 September 2020

Fancy getting a computer game for free, legally?

Steve's just told me about Epic Games offering games for free for a day and he said that Rollercoaster Tycoon (one of my favourite computer games, alongside Theme Hospital and The Sims) is free today, so I've just signed up for a free account and installed it.  I'm thinking I'll use it as a reward for finishing NaNo so that instead of eating my weight in chocolate, I will spend the rest of the day every day until the Sunday playing it as my reward.


I recommend that you create a system restore point and close down all your other computer programmes before you install the game launcher in case something goes wrong... it didn't go wrong for me, but my arrow pointer thingy worked very very slowly and it messed up the order of the icons in my task bar as well as having to reboot which was slower than normal too.  It's done and dusted now though, so I can concentrate on preparing for NaNo then use it as my completion reward instead of the chocolate.  I'm still gonna have a reward of a J2O for every 5k words I write in a single day, so that I will, in theory, be finished on or hopefully before the 10th.  It's one less thing to have to find the money for though.


My Blue Badge has just been delivered! Yaaaay!

My Blue Badge has just been posted through the door and it's valid until September 2023 which is a huuuuge relief and means that I can get closer to where I need to go without having to walk very far.  My SIL can use it if she takes me to medical appointments and to have eye tests and stuff and C will be able to use it to park a lot closer to where we're going too!  Such a huuuge relief and one less thing to worry about now.

The puppy has been walked, fed and medicated now, so I'm gonna...

...listen to a SCBWI thing that happened on Monday evening while my internet connection was down, then have a bath ready for tomorrow, have my lunch, take my Calcium, then check my email for the first time in 3 days.


Pills taken, back-ups started for the second time... was totally my fault that I had to set the backups going twice... I forgot to unselect my documents in the second set so it was trying to back them up twice and I was wondering why the size of the second one was 63gb instead of 20gb, then it clicked and I deleted the original backups and restarted them again, making doubley sure that I deselected the documents folder this time 🙄🤣.  It's doing like it has done every week now, which is reassuring.


All my pills went down nice and easily this morning, so I'm hoping that means I'll have a good day today.


That's more like it!

I re-started the virus scan at about 10am 🕙 yesterday and it finished 37 minutes ago.  Clearing the browser caches definitely helped and my internet connection didn't drop the entire time it was running this time, so time for my backups and pills now.

Tuesday 29 September 2020

Pills taken, new boxes opened ready for tomorrow and...

 ...Patrick's batteries charged up ready for Thursday's flu jab.  Gonna go to bed soon-ish and hoping that the virus scan'll be finished by the time the groceries turn up tomorrow, so that I can do my weekly backups.

I was wrong in my last post

I think I said in my last blog post that I doubted I'd be having anything for tea.


I was wrong.


Steve's just made me 2 slices of toast with loads of spread on them, which will hopefully send my calorie count and the FitBit app graph through the roof 🤣  Gonna put it into FitBit now, while I remember... hold on❗




Ah yes, that's more like it... the graph is significantly red for the first time today, just as it should be to put on the weight my nurse wants me to put on before January.


Puppy's had both of her strolls and three meals today, so...

...she can curl up and snooze the evening and night away now, ready for a new day tomorrow.


I hope I'm wrong, but I don't reckon I'll be getting any more food before I head to bed, which means I'll only have eaten 492 calories all day, which won't help with my need to put on weight❗  Steve's got some cooked and chilled meat in the fridge, so he'll be OK, but there is nothing else I can eat other than toast and Steve'll want the last remaining bits of bread for his sarnies this evening, so it's yet another day at under 500 calories, and I bet it'll be the same tomorrow too 'cos it's Wednesday so instant soup day then our groceries delivered between 3-4pm so he won't want to cook anything in the evening either.  I've eaten a bowl of porridge and 4 biscuits all day.



 I accidentally opened my email instead of Word so decided to clear my browser caches and reboot and the Wi-Fi is working again now... yaaaaay!  I've restarted the deep virus scan and I'm hoping it'll be a bit quicker now that all those small files are no longer in my browsers.  Hopefully the Fitbit app will be able to sync with my tracker now that I've got my Wi-Fi connection back.

Needed to hit F5 for yesterday and today in the app then it updated itself seemingly easily, so it seems to need a Wi-Fi connection rather than a wired connection for some reason.  Everything is up to date again now though, so just gotta be patient with the deep scan again now.

I definitely don't trust Steve now...

...I asked Steve how much the grocery shopping came to yesterday and he said "about £50" which was fair enough 'cos he moved a fiver over to cover the extra at the end of last week.

I asked him to check through the order one last time and add the substitution voucher to it, which he said he did, then the conversation went like this:

Steve:  "they're throwing a wobbler about the toilet rolls.  They're saying the ones on our order are out of stock so are suggesting Andrex rolls instead"

Me:  "Oh right, they're gonna be a lot more expensive 'cos they're a big brand name though.  How much are the Andrex rolls?"

S:  "Getting on for £9"

M:  "There's no way I can afford that!  Maybe have a look for a smaller pack and see how much they are?"

Steve goes and has a look.

S:  "They've got a pack of 9 super soft rolls for just over £3"

M:  "There's nothing cheaper?"

S:  "Nope"

M:  "We'd best get 2 of those then"

Steve adds them to the basket and checks out.

S:  "It's cheaper than original taking off the voucher and including the delivery"

M:  "Coolies!  How much is it now?"

S:  "£51.32"

M:  "What??"

S:  "I've taken off my sausages too, 'cos there are already 2 packs in the freezer"

M:  "How much was it before?"

S:  "£52.97"

M:  "I'd best go in and take my stuff off then to take it to below the £50 absolute limit we had for this week"

I log in and tinker around to find a pack of 9 toilet rolls for £1.95, add them to the basket and take off the ones Steve found, then check out.

M:  "It's £49.50 all in now"

S:  "Oh right, cool"

Maybe it's just me but "about £50" means pennies over instead of very nearly £3 over!!

You're supposed to be able to trust your partner but that and so many other things mean that I no longer do.  At all.

Monday 28 September 2020

Puppy's been walked, fed and medicated today... and so have I lol

Had an up and down internet connection all day and Steve's still blaming my virus scan for not having a reliable connection.  That does it.  I'm definitely going to get my own internet connection, just for myself.


Gotta get ready for a Zoom meeting now... bet my internet connection dies again before it starts and during it as well.


What a morning!

I walked the puppy first thing then was messing around online, coded and uploaded my 2 exercise spreadsheets then my internet connection died.  I'm currently using a wired connection 'cos apparently my laptop isn't able to connect to the router wirelessly and Steve hasn't thought to fix it yet.  I'm seriously considering getting my own personal router so that I don't have to rely on Steve to fix the connection only when he wants to, not when it's needed.  Can't afford it atm so it'll have to wait for a while, but I'm gonna seriously start researching it now.

Sunday 27 September 2020

OK, thankfully that was easier than I was thinking!

Didn't need to update the navigation, just the initial walkies page and prepare the final quarter's page then that was it... a lot easier than I was thinking.  I'm gonna upload the updates now so that it's one less thing to worry about next Sunday.

Walkies page sorted for another week

Just updated the weekly walkies page and I've gotta remember to get the next quarter's page ready for next week, so I'll do that now but won't upload it yet so that I'm not getting stressed out over it next week.  BBS.

My supplements were dispatched while I was studying

That's speedy work by anyone's standards❗  I ordered my supplements at 8.12am, my Quidco cashback was tracked at 8.51am and my order was dispatched at 1.29pm.  I spent £61 so the delivery was free and next day too, which is even better❗  If you're in the UK and looking for a fantastic supplements supplier, I can't recommend Simply Supplements highly enough.

I studied another course with the New Skills Academy today and passed the course on my second attempt at the assessment.  Not gonna do any more courses now though, 'cos the puppy is getting ants in her pants for her tea and she needs her evening walk too, so I'll do that then check my email and catch up with Facebook and stuff until bedtime.  I'm gonna hopefully have an early night tonight too and not wake up and come down until a more sensible time tomorrow morning  😉

Puppy's been walked, fed and medicated a lot later than usual

That's the puppy walked and fed, went out for a poo 💩 and had the first part of her medication, so that's everything sorted until lunchtime now.  We're having cheesy scrambled eggs to try and get through a bit more of the mountain of eggs we've currently got, ready for getting a dozen more on Tuesday 😄 - I hope he remembers to pepper them today 'cos he forgot yesterday and my body didn't react well to the lack of pepper this morning 😏

We've had our porridge so I'm gonna take the dishes into the kitchen and start studying I reckon.

That's the rubbish and recycling out for another week.

Just one bag of rubbish that is amazingly light, the blue cardboard bag and a half full box of recycling this week... we appear to have had a very wasteless week this week❗  WTG us❗ 👍

Taken my pills, refilled the pill organiser and...

...ordered meself another years supply of all my supplements which'll be here tomorrow apparently, because my order qualified for super-speedy and free delivery.  It's expensive, but it's what my body needs for the year and a lot cheaper than anywhere else I've found online and definitely cheaper than on the High Street.  I got a years supply of 4 supplements for the same price as a years supply of half that many everywhere else❗  I love Simply Supplements

The puppy is fast asleep in her bed, so I won't wake her up to take her for her walk until she wakes up naturally.  Steve's asleep in his chair too, so I'm the only one awake in this house right now 🙄

Saturday 26 September 2020

I've just taken my last two pills of the day, soooo...

...I'm gonna drain my mug of decaf tea then head to bed for an early night I reckon.


Nite nite orl 🌛.


Just spotted...

...another 11 courses I want to take with the New Skills Academy.  Can't afford to get any of 'em yet though 😞 and I've already got loads of courses and literally hundreds of modules to study with them still so I think the new ones can wait for a while yet 😄.

Tomorrow I'm thinking I'll study another course and hopefully pass the assessment... keep yer fingers crossed 🤞 for me please❓❗

I've just though of another blog label... hold on!

 I've been talking about my FitBit a lot recently, so I thought it deserved its own label... every time I talk about FitBit within a post I'll try and remember to use that label along with the other ones I've got in the list.

It's just restarted and...

...the app doesn't fancy playing nicely today, so I'm gonna have to reboot again 😞🙄  BBS again.


That's the second stroll of the day completed, puppy fed, watered and medicated and... FitBit app has stopped working for the third time so far today.  If it doesn't work after closing and re-opening it, I'll have to reboot for the second time today to get it to play nicely again 😞

Cor lummy...

...just had my lunch (egg mayonnaise sarnies) and I'm totally stuffed now❗  According to my FitBit app I'm over my daily calories by 385 now and it feels it for a change❗  I've only eaten porridge and the sarnies so far today, but if I eat anything else I'll be bloated, which I really don't like and want to avoid if at all possible.  Steve asked me to bring in 2 lots of cake for our pud, but I really don't want to risk it right now.  If Steve fancies having the cake then I'll just finish off whatever he leaves for my tea... I really don't want to eat anything else now though.

Mornin' all

 I've taken my pills, eaten my brekkie, done stuff online and the puppy's just been out for a poo 💩, so time to go for our morning stroll now.  BBS.

Friday 25 September 2020

Haven't made any blog posts since this morning because...

...I forgot, TBH with you.  You've had the majority of the day to yourselves without me boring you with my drivel 😉


The call from the doctor that I was expecting after lunch came literally as soon as I got home with the puppy... didn't even have time to take her harness off.  He basically wants me to have a blood test for something or other to see if that's affecting my memory which I've gotta arrange next week then phone up a few days after the blood test to get the results.  He seemed shocked that my memory had been so bad since I came out of hospital in 2003 with no-one testing it before now, but things are happening now and I'll hopefully have some answers soon... hopefully it won't take the years and emergency hospital stay to work out what's going on, like it took to find out what my other illnesses are 🙄🤣

I've taken my pills scoffed half my Graze box... I will be mightily shocked and disappointed if I haven't put on at least a bit more weight than I did this week 'cos I scoffed about 3,000 calories but only burned half that on Tuesday according to my Fitbit graph 🤣

It's not even 7.30pm 🕢 yet, but I'm gonna have an early night I reckon... nite nite orl, sea ewe in the morning, as long as I remember this time 🙄🤣


Very early start again this morning

I've taken my morning pills, read and reviewed a picture book on my writing site, checked my emails, taken the puppy out the back for a wee and a poo (which she, of course, got rewarded for) and mostly finished charging up my FitBit which I bought exactly a year ago today and couldn't be without it now.


Time to take the puppy for her first stroll of the day now.


Thursday 24 September 2020

Puppy's been walked, fed, watered and medicated for the last time today now

It took a good few minutes to convince her to go on her evening stroll and the first few laps were filled with pure anxiety from being able to see clearly for the first time since she was last groomed in March, but she managed to overcome the anxiety and by the time we were half way she was back to her usual cheeky self again.  Tomorrow morning's walk might take a bit of convincing 'cos it's that bit longer but she will hopefully be fine after that.  


The way I'm trying to see and understand it is like being in a totally foreign country where you don't understand the vast majority of the language and you certainly don't speak any of it.  For 6 months you go without a hair cut and no way to request it either, so your fringe grows longer and longer which means you can see less and less then all of a sudden, 6 months later, you are taken to a strange car and driven to somewhere you don't remember, spend 2 hours away from everything you've got used to and left alone.

Your fringe gets cut so you can see again, but where are you?  You're then put back into the car and driven back home where everyone is excited to see you again but you have a huge sensory overload after not being able to see clearly for 6 months.  You crawl into your bed and fall asleep for a way to escape the sensory overload for a while.

When you wake up, you are being encouraged to go for a walk but your anxiety is still through the roof.  You trust the people who are trying to encourage you though, so eventually let them put your harness on and take you for a walk.

More sensory overload.

You recognise the smells from your walk that morning, but everything is big and clear and scary so you stick close to the person who is with you for a while.

As you gradually regain your confidence and get on top of your anxiety, you start to enjoy the experience you haven't had for 6 months and slowly build up your confidence again.

You can so do this!

It's still scary, but you remember that it's safe and you know that you'll be getting your tea when you get home too, so you slowly start gaining more and more confidence as the walk continues.  By the time you get home you realise that you achieved it and you're still safe and you'll be getting your food and then you can sleep for the rest of the evening and night to recover from such a scary day.

So proud of you, puppy!


The puppy dog has just got home after about 1½ hours away from us and she looks soooo different now❗  The groomers did such a fantastic job that both of her ears are standing to attention again now, but they were floppy from the weight of all her fur before she went❗  Last time she got groomed she had a huuuge belly on her because her thyroid issues hadn't been diagnosed back then, but now, for the first time since being on her pills, you can actually see her waist and she's a lot healthier shape-wise too.


I've forgotten to post this for the last 2 hours - this book I'm reading then reviewing is just so good that I totally lose all track of time with it!  Woops!  I'll publish it now though, so that I don't forget again 🙄  Drinking a litre of hot chocolate has helped me to forget too 🤣

That's the puppy walked, fed and gone off to be groomed

Morning all.

The senior puppy was showing a great deal of Westitude this morning, but between us we managed to get her harness on her, out for her walk, dried off, fed and literally five minutes later Marie left her house to come and pick her up to be groomed!

The house already feels empty without her 😔

I'm impressed by these boots though.  It was hammering with rain but my feet are still warm and dry.

I've got changed into dry clothes too, so that will warm me up too.

The puppy is ready to come home after just over an hour, so I'm gonna publish this before I forget again 🙄 🤣

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Back-ups finished, restore point created, and I'm totally in awe of this book!

It takes a blimmin' good book to take my attention totally away from real life, but that's exactly what this book has done today and I can't wait to dive straight back into it as soon as I wake up tomorrow.


I'm off to bed for an early-ish night now, so that I can be awake early again so that I can get straight back into the novel... it's a must-read for everyone!


Nite nite orl.


Taken my Calcium, run the weekly virus scan for the second time today and...

...I'm truly loving this book!  Still a very well-deserved five stars and I haven't found a single thing that I don't like about it yet!


The groceries have just been delivered so our cupboards, fridge and freezer are well-stocked for another week now.  We're having Greggs for tea - unhealthy but doesn't require any cooking, so we're gonna dig in now 🍴 then I'll carry on reading the book.


Just taken my pills and prepared the review text file, sooo...

...I'm gonna take the puppy for her stroll when she wakes up and hope that this Wednesday's walk actually gets recorded now that I seem to have fixed the issue I was having with the sleep and exercise not being recorded... we shall see though.





My FitBit is working properly again!!!! 


The issue really was a PICNIC (Problem In Chair, Not In Computer) after all and I could have had a week's worth of needed data if I'd only realised sooner❗

Tuesday 22 September 2020

Off to bed now... gotta remember not to... my email programmes until the weekly virus scan has finished - hope I don't forget❗ 🤞

Nite nite orl... sea ewe in the morning.  💤

I've fixed one of the issues I was having with the FitBit app

For some reason my FitBit hadn't been logging my exercise or sleep for the last week.  All my online settings were the same and hadn't been changed so I figured I'd check the actual tracker that was around my ankle and try resetting it again.

I took it off my ankle, reset it and was suddenly inspired to check the settings on it.  It was set to "On Clip" rather than "On Wrist" for some bizarre reason, so I changed it back to the right setting and it obviously worked 'cos it tracked this afternoon's walk with the puppy automatically again 👍

I obviously don't know if it'll go back to tracking my sleep again, 'cos I haven't been up to bed yet and there's no way it could have happened by accident 'cos I had to press the button on the side, do several swipes and click on the screen, then swipe back to reset it, so I must have done it as an experiment and forgotten that I'd done it... d'oheth.

It's hopefully all sorted now though 😌

The photo's are now up and ready for your viewing pleasure

There's only 3 photos today, but that's better than nothing.  You can see them on my homepage if you want to.

Puppy walked, fed and medicated for the last time today...

...she was a great little girl again and it's time for her humans to have their tea now.  Got a photo of her to put on my site and she's actually looking through her fur straight at you this time, which is awesome 👌

Time to have our cake and put the photo on my site now.  BBL.

This week's email report from FitBit is up on my homepage now

Just coded and uploaded my weekly email report from FitBit, so that's everything sorted for another week now.


Had our lunch and my calorie count is right through the roof today

Thanks to the vegan spread for breakfast and the cake for lunch, I've eaten almost 3,000 calories today which will hopefully help the scales increase in 6 days time.  I've also got my official invitation for my flu jab and I wanna ask Marie to take me down so that I don't have to get into an argument with Steve about pumping Patrick's 🦼 tyres up again.  Hopefully he'll phone and ask before he goes to his medical appointment, but if not I'll try and remember to ask him to call to ask when he gets home.

The puppy has been walked, fed and medicated and is currently snoring away in her bed, bless 'er

It was slow going to start with, but by half way through, the puppy was walking normally and enjoying it so much that she walked me an extra length at the end.  Means that it's one less this afternoon too... you watch me forget though 😩.  As long as we do the right number of lengths a day, I take my lead from the puppy dog.

Fitbit fully charged and back around my ankle, another 500ml drunk and...

...we're having "treacle sandwiches" for breakfast and cake for lunch today, then it's zoop tomorrow 'cos of the virus scan.


Pills taken, FitBit mostly charged up and I've already drunk a litre of squash after...

...about 2 hours❗❗  That's a diabetic thing ain't it❓  Drinking a lot of liquids❓



Monday 21 September 2020

Busy afternoon!

I took the puppy out for her last stroll of the day, then fed her, Steve medicated her, I took loads of photos of her and I've just coded and uploaded them to my homepage.  I've taken my pills, adjusted the nightlight ready for the party tonight and I'm gonna drain my mug of decaf tea, take it out to the kitchen, go for a wee, then get ready for the party... hope my internet connection stays up for the hour that it's going on for!


This is potentially my last blog post of the day, so I'll say nite nite to you all now and I'll be back again tomorrow morning.


Lunch eaten, Calcium taken

I really enjoyed my lunch 🍴 today - pasta bol with grated cheese - yumsk.  Steve didn't think he'd used enough pasta today, yet he couldn't finish his lunch for a very rare change❗  I'm significantly over my calorie budget again, which will hopefully show on the scales next Monday when I weigh in again.  


We're doing so much better with our food than we have pretty much since we moved in, so at least two decades, and it's showing on our waistlines and weight too.  It just takes a bit of motivation to stop having junk food for every meal is all and it's significantly cheaper as well as being healthier too - what used to be two junk food meals each, is pretty much an entire week's grocery shop for us now.  We don't deny ourselves junk food, we just don't have it for every meal every day any more.


Puppy's been walked and fed, so we're both exhausted now

It's only once a week that we do our marathon strolls, but it's wiping us both out each week and keeps us healthy, so that's OK.  Don't think either of us will be moving far from the sofa today 😞😟

That's me pills taken, money moved across for the electricity and...

...daily virus scan started.

The pills went down nice and easily this morning, thankfully - just one gulp of squash for each one.

There was one "advanced issue" with the virus scan, but that was solved in a couple of clicks so I'm back to being safe and fully protected again now.

I've put my exercise spreadsheets up and am just uploading the FitBit spreadsheet now... hold on!  OK, that's the FitBit spreadsheet sorted out now too, so I'm gonna publish this post before I forget again.

Sunday 20 September 2020

Had me tea so now it's time for me pills

We had egg (and Steve had sausages) and chips for tea and apparently I get a point for badgering him to cook and he loses a point for breaking the eggs.  I'm not fussed about broken egg yolks... you've gotta break them before you eat them, so it's just saved me part of the job is all 🤷.


I've updated my navigation page with the completed course and certificate and put this past week's walkies spreadsheet up on my homepage, so time to check my emails, take my pills and head to bed now.

Nite nite orl.

Just finished the course and there *was* an assessment...

...which I failed the first time 👎 but passed the second 👍 with a score of 80% 👌, so it's time to code and upload the certificate and celebrate with egg sarnies for tea... my arse is gonna stink tomorrow 😄

Scratch that food bit up there... Steve's gonna make me fried eggs and chips and he's having sausages and chips, so my arse is still gonna be rancid tomorrow 🤣

I was wrong about...

...adding a new label.  Literally all I did was type it into the "Labels" section, saved and published the post, then started this one and it was there 😌 I like it when things are easy 👍 😄

Up to module 145 now, out of 164

Not bad going for 2½ days of studying❗  I'm seriously hoping that there won't be an end of course assessment 'cos I can't even remember the stuff that I learnt this morning, let alone on Friday.  Steve's meeting B via Zoom as soon as B wakes up so I'm hoping I can wait until the call has finished before the assessment happens so that Steve can give me the answers to the questions I don't even understand.

I've hopefully added another label to this post so that I can use that whenever I talk about what I'm eating - it won't be that easy though, will it❓❓

Puppy walked, fed and medicated...

...I managed to study a module before we went and Steve's just made our breakfast, so I'll put that into the app then carry on with the studying.  Steve's got a Zoom call with his family that starts "between 2 🕑 and 4 🕓 apparently" to quote Steve.  We're having a light lunch of "cakes and stuff" 'cos Steve "really can't be arsed to cook today, sorry".

Time to get on with my studying now.

Virus scan finished, pills taken... it's time to start studying until the puppy wants to go for her walk.

Saturday 19 September 2020

Last two pills taken, so...

I can spend the rest of the evening studying and getting as far as possible so that I've got more time to work on the end of course assessment tomorrow.


Puppy has been walked, fed, watered and medicated for the last time today, sooooo...

...when my laptop has recovered from the blue screen of death, I'll be able to keep on studying and hoping to reach at least module 110 before I head to bed tonight.  I'm currently learning about the basics of using Python and I wanna try and work out how to put a programme with the "magic 8 ball" on it.  The course has said how to do it but I haven't had the guts to try it yet, so I'm gonna finish the course and try it, with Steve's help, after that's done and dusted so that there's no time pressure and I can get Steve's support whenever I need it.


Wish me luck❗


Cheese and onion sarnies for lunch

Just had our lunch - I had sarnies but the bread wasn't thawed enough for Steve to have sandwiches too, so he had a make-do lunch of chicken slices, cheese and onion.  Simple but yummy and quick as well as involving no cooking, which is what Steve wanted today.


Time to carry on with the studying now I reckon.  I'm learning about the Python programme this afternoon, so may need Steve's help as it starts getting more complicated.


That's the puppy walked and fed, so time to start studying now

 I eventually managed to persuade our senior puppy to go for her morning stroll, she poo'd 💩 so I picked it up and we carried on with the walk.  When we got home I fed her and Steve put our porridge into the bowls, so we're all fed until lunchtime now.  Steve said it might be sarnies for lunch today 'cos he really doesn't feel like cooking, which is fine by me and the spread will significantly increase my calories too, which is even better.

Time to get on with studying now though.

She's displaying a huuuuge amount of Westitude this morning lol

 I've got her harness and lead on her, but she's refusing to move.  We're wondering if it's because she can't see (because of all her fur around her eyes) which makes her anxious maybe?

I'm not gonna give up now that she's ready to go though!

Taken my morning pills and am currently charging up my Fitbit while I...

...wait for our senior puppy to wake up so we can go fo... she wants to go now bless 'er, so I'll BBS.


Friday 18 September 2020

Given up on studying for the day now

I've got the nightlight thingamejig set up on my laptop to help my brain to switch off ready for me to go to bed.  It kicked in just over half way trough the module which made the information on the screen hard to read, so I've given up on the studying for the night now.  Gonna start again bright and early in the morning, so I'm gonna have an early night tonight in preparation.  Nite nite orl... sea ewe in the morning.

I've taken all my pills and I'm gonna aim for...

...studying 64 modules before I head to bed tonight, so that I can crack on with doing the other hundred tomorrow and hopefully 🤞 finish it by the time I head to bed tomorrow night.

Been studying all day and I'm not even a third of the way through yet!

This is the longest course I've taken for many months and I'm only up to module 40 out of 164 so it's gonna take at least another couple of full days then another one to pass the end of course assessment.  I've been dreading this course purely because of its length and my memory issues but I've started it now, so I'm determined to see it through completely.

Blimey Charlie!!

I love using the Simply Supplements site... it's so easy to use and they have never let me down as well as making it really easy to see which ones are suitable for vegans.  I've just ordered my 5 HTP using a code that was Buy one, get second half price and they were dispatched 24 minutes later❗  They will hopefully be here early next week and that's all my supplements ordered for the rest of the year now.

If you wanna save some money on already fantastic prices, just go here, put your wanted supplements in your basket and use my name (Amanda George) and email address ( in the "referred by a friend" bit at the checkout for I think it's 10% off your first order.  I wouldn't go anywhere else now.

Thursday 17 September 2020

Not much has happened today, which is why I've been...

...silent since this morning.


Got a call from my GP surgery about a letter I wrote to them thanks to a story in one of the magasines I write and I've got a telephone appointment with one of the doctors on 2nd October to discuss it.  I just need a "yes it's the same thing, go ahead and write to them if you want" or a "nope, they are different things with very similar names" in which case I won't write to the person in the story.  It just needs to be a quick "yes" or "no" that'll take less than a minute is all, but I want to be sure of the importance of that one word difference in our diagnoses is all.


Can almost guarantee that I'll forget by the time I go to bed though 😆

I've taken my last two pills of the day, so I'm gonna head to bed as soon as I've finished off my hot drink that Steve made for me.

Good morning again everyone

Mornin' all.


I've already taken all my pills, and I've definitely taken the Calcium this morning 'cos it's Thursday so I don't take the FA which means that I swallow the Calcium with all my other supplements.


Our senior puppy is snoring away in her bed so I don't think she'll want to go out for her first stroll of the day just yet.  Steve's put the heater on too, cos we were both tilly cold and I've put my jumper on, so hopefully we'll both warm up soon.


Wednesday 16 September 2020

Just taken my last two pills, so...

...I'm gonna check Facebook one last time, then head to bed for an early night.


Nite nite orl.


Didn't *think* I'd taken it!

I got the reminder on my phone and laptop that I needed to take my Calcium at 1pm, same as every day and because it's Wednesday today I took the FA first thing so couldn't take the Calcium until "a few hours later" according to the doc when I very first started taking the FA 'cos of what it said on the leaflet that came in the box.  I looked in the dosette box several times but couldn't see it anywhere so thought my memory was playing tricks on me again.


Steve asked for a plaster a couple of hours ago after he assaulted himself with a knife when he was cutting up the tomato for his sarnies at lunchtime and I took the dosette box out then, which must of been just enough movement to dislodge the Calcium from wherever it was hiding.


I've taken all bar my last two prescriptions now though, so I'll have me tea (chips and lashings of tomato sauce), take me pills and head to bed for an early night I reckon.  I'm hoping to put up a really short goodnight post, but just in case I forget, I'll say nite nite orl now and I'll sea ewe 2morro.


That was easier than yesterday!

I've taken my morning pills, they all went down a lot easier than yesterday, thankfully.


I've also set the weekly virus scan off and remembered not to start my emails so hopefully it'll be sorted, including the back-ups and restore point, by early afternoon today.

Walked the puppy but my Fitbit didn't log any steps or active minutes or anything, so I'm not a happy bunny.  It seems to be the same every Wednesday though, so I'm wondering if AVG and Fitbit clash as they are both running at the same time❓

Tuesday 15 September 2020

Back now and I've taken my pills and I'm feeling proud of myself because...

...I did my daily squats without holding onto the walls at all which is the first time in about 30 years so I'm feeling particularly proud of myself this evening.

I've had me Mugshot and burnt my tongue and roof of my mouth, but that's OK and totally my fault for being so greedy that I didn't wait for it to cool down slightly before shoving it in my mouth.

I'm gonna log off in a bit, so this is potentially my last post of the day.  I'll say goodnight now just in case, but I'll be back again at some point tomorrow for sure.

It's a lot later than I would have liked, but...

...I've just persuaded the puppy to go for her first and potentially only walk of the day.  When we came home I fed the puppy and did my squats without holding onto the walls at all which I'm feeling really proud of myself for.


It's Mugshot for tea, so I'd best put my machine on the floor in preparation... BBL.


What a morning I've had so far!

Started off with one of my supplements getting stuck half way down my throat, which is the exact reason that I can't take larger pills or capsules.  Took about an hour for the feeling of it being stuck to finally disappear.


The puppy hasn't fancied going out for her walk yet today and because it's the hottest part of the day now, I'm not gonna walk her until this evening when I'll lump the two walks together into just a single walk.


Had a call from a doc about my prescription and I've finally got the 56 pills per prescription again now... yaaaaaay 😌 Just gotta wait and see if I get the 28 I need for September as well now.  I requested them but it hasn't shown up on the online ordering thing yet so I hope they have been prescribed.

Steve's going to go and see his nurse in a couple of hours and he's not sure how he'll feel about cooking when he gets back, so it might be a Mugshot for me and a couple of Pot Noodles for him for tea tonight.  I just don't want him to stop cooking 'cos we really can't afford take-aways every day again now and I much prefer the taste of home-cooked food.

Monday 14 September 2020

The sit-ups and leg raises really are working!

I got Steve to take a couple of photo's of my belly at the end of July this year, which was around the time that I first started doing them.  He took another couple of photos this morning and the sit-ups really are reducing my belly flab!  I think my thighs are finally starting to shrink too 'cos the trousers aren't so tight on my thighs any more.


I've still got a way to go before I get a flat belly, but it's nowhere near as big as I was thinking, I just need to reprogramme the part of my brain that's still telling me I need to lose like 7 or 8 inches when in reality it's more like half that much!


These are my two before photo's:  

And these are today's photo's: 

It's very slllloooooowwww progress, but it's still progress all the same.

Still free of nasties and I've put all the...

...spreadsheets up on my homepage now, so time to take the puppy for her first stroll of the day, assuming she's gonna get out of her bed of course 😉


Another productive morning so far already!

I've taken my morning pills, checked my email, started the virus scan going and I'm about to sort out last week's spreadsheets, then I'll take the puppy for her stroll and get ready to phone my GP about the flu jab at 9am 🕘

Sunday 13 September 2020

Had me tea, taken my pills and I'm heading off to beddy-byes now

I'm absolutely cream crackered so I'm off to bed... see you all at some point tomorrow.  Nite nite orl 💤


Where on Earth has the day vanished to?!

I dunno what I've done all day, but it only feels like an hour ago that we were putting the rubbish and recycling out, yet I've just taken the puppy for her final walk 🐾 of the week and dealt with the walkies spreadsheets for this week and it'll be time to take my last two pills in about an hour and a half❗

Puppy, rubbish and recycling sorted out

I've walked, fed and watered the puppy for the first time today, put the rubbish and recycling out for another week and the puppy has been a pooing 💩 machine over the last week❗  She produced 2 on our daily strolls and another 7 in the back yard and hasn't even poo'd 💩 yet today either❗

We're having a very late breakfast (11am 🕚) so we're gonna have "cakes and stuff for lunch today, but I'll definitely cook tomorrow to make up for it" which is fine by me... it's not often that we have cakes for lunch and Steve cooks most days now, so I think he's allowed an occasional day off now and then 😀.

I'm gonna go up and scan in that article for my GP while I think of it though, so that I can bin the magasine when I've finished reading it.

Productive morning so far!

I woke up 2 hours later than I usually do and at a more sensible time for a change (7am 🕖 instead of 5am 🕔), then took my pills as my laptop was booting up, refilled the organiser and weighed myself again.  I'm now 52.58kg which is more like the weight I was on Thursday 🤣 and means I've put on 580g instead of losing 500g like it said when I tried it out for the first time last night... it's also more like the weight of my wee in my bladder rather than losing half a kg after 2 litres of liquid and two meals too.


Just had a thought actually... I didn't calibrate the scales before I took yesterday's reading, just got on them and assumed that was it, but I'm sure I read in the instructions that you need to step on, calibrate them, step off so that it turns itself off, then step on again to get an accurate reading, which I forgot to do, so I'm totally ignoring yesterday's reading 'cos it was completely my fault that it was wrong and this morning's reading is the accurate one.  Means that a combination of a full bladder and eating significantly more calories than I burn has meant that I've put on half a kilo since Thursday morning... I just hope I can control my OCD now and not weigh myself multiple times a day.  Monday is my only weigh-in day that I'm allowed.

Saturday 12 September 2020

The puppy didn't want to go on her second walk either, so I hope...

...she's back to her usual self again tomorrow and maybe today she was just feeling her age more than usual.  She's eating, drinking, weeing and pooing absolutely fine, it really has just been her reluctance to go for either of her walks today is all.  We're all allowed an occasional off-day as we age, after all and she is in her late 70's in human years so missing an occasional day of exercise is OK we reckon.

The scales have just arrived and...

...I'm feeling mightily impressed by them already.  They are incredibly easy to use, read and most importantly for me, brilliantly stable too.


I've hopefully worked out a way to put the picture and info below this sentence, but if not, you can find out more about them here too.


Just click on either the hyperlink or the picture and it'll hopefully take you straight to the page where you can get yourself a set too... for under £13 and on Prime they are already worth the money to me❗ 👍

The puppy hasn't felt like going for a walk at all so far today, soooo....'ll be a looong one at 5pm-ish to make up for it.  It'll hopefully be cooler by then too, 'cos it's pretty warm out there right now, 'cos I've just been for a walk to try and get some active minutes racked up on my Fitbit app.


Enjoy music? Got an Amazon account? Want free music for...

...the next 90 days❓  If you answered "yes" to those 3 questions, just follow this link and sign up for it.  It's free for 90 days then there's a monthly payment (£12.99 a month for Prime members or £14.99 each month for an individual or £19.99 per month for a family plan) that renews automatically until you cancel it.  Go and grab it before Amazon change their minds❗

Pills taken, breakfast eaten, just waiting for...

...the puppy (and hubby) to wake up now, so that I can take her for her first walk of the day and let her have her brekkie.


Written to my GP too about something I read in a magasine last night - she's got a very similar diagnosis to me (I've got an extra word in the middle of mine) and I just wanna check with my GP that it *is* similar to my diagnosis so that I can maybe try and get her email address so that we can both get to know each other and support each other with things that we are both going through with our illnesses the way that people without it will never understand 'cos they ain't going through it.


I'm expecting another package from Amazon at some point today with me scales in so that I can keep track of how much I weigh and aim for those 5kg by January.


I've gotta remember to phone my GP surgery on Monday to rearrange my flu jab 'cos it says on the site that you have to be able to stand for 10 minutes and there won't be any parking, so I'll have to charge up Patrick's batteries and go down there in 'im instead of getting Marie to take me down there.

Friday 11 September 2020

The puppy has been walked and fed for the last time today

Just got back from our little girl's final stroll of the day, fed her and had a slurp of my cuppa, so just waiting for the call from the CPN now.  Steve doesn't think it's gonna happen, but I'm still kinda hoping that it will.  He's got until I take my pills before I give up until Monday 👌


Amazon package arrived so now I'm just waiting for...

...the call from the CPN, then I can take the puppy out, take my last two pills of the day and head off to bed.


Steve's just brought a mug of tea in for me, so I'll walk the puppy then have that when it's cooled down a bit.


Calcium taken, so just waiting for...

...the CPN to call back and the Amazon delivery to turn up now.  It's on the map and 9 stops away atm, so hopefully it'll be here by about 3.30pm 🕞 then I'll just have to wait for the call from the CPN so that I can go to bed for hopefully an early night.


Lunch eaten, puppy's food paid for...

...Calcium taken, so just waiting for the CPN to call back and my Amazon delivery to turn up, I'll take the puppy for her last stroll of the day, then that's it until this evening then - all go today❗

Taken the puppy for her first walk of the day

Just got back from taking the puppy for her first walk of the day... took a while to get her out of her bed and her harness put on her, but she can relax for the next few hours now.  It's the getting started that she finds the hardest.


Still waiting to hear back from the CPN and I'm expecting an Amazon delivery between now and 4.30pm, so it's changed 5 times since it was put out for delivery 🙄 😄


Steve's just given me a five minute warning, so I'd best go and get it now, but I'll be back afterwards.  TTFN.

The CPN has just called back and...

...the pharmacist is on annual leave today (so he's had a lucky escape 😉) but the CPN is gonna have a word with a doctor about it and call me back later today to let me know what's happening.  I like this CPN - he gets things sorted out straight away and knows where to go to get things moving.  Hopefully I'll have a prescription for the missing 28 pills prescribed and sent to the pharmacy by this evening and my repeat prescription adjusted so that I can have 56 pills at a time of both the 2.5mg as well as the 5mg so that I don't need to have a phone appointment every month to ask for the missing box.

Keep yer fingers crossed 🤞 for me that it'll finally be sorted out by the time I head to bed tonight❓

Just had the call with the CPN and...

I have, potentially, got the pharmacist into trouble for halving the number of boxes I can get at a time.  The CPN is gonna call the pharmacist now to find out why he did it then phone me back.


Hopefully 🤞 I'll be able to get another box prescribed today and then the 56 tablets every two months again after that.  If it does happen like that then I'll hopefully be stable enough to not have to see anyone about my psychosis for the rest of the year and potentially into next year too.  I still get paranoid when I forget to take them so I still get psychotic without them so I still need them, but I want it to be a mutual decision with a doctor or CPN rather than a pharmacist who was talking to me about a different illness that I've got❗ 

Mornin' all

Remembered to start earlier today then❗ 😌 👍

I've just taken my morning pills and because it's Friday, I ain't gonna take the Calcium until this afternoon so that it doesn't mess up the FA.

Done the daily virus scan and I'm still free of nasties.  I'm expecting a delivery from Amazon today as well as a call from a CPN about my meds in the next hour or so... hope they don't happen at the same time 😟  Gotta take the puppy out for her first stroll too but I'll take my lead from her with that... she's wanted to go out at lunchtime instead of in the morning for the last couple of days, so maybe her legs take a bit of warming up now or summat❓

Sugary/chocolate porridge for brekkie today 🤤

Apparently my credit score has changed - I hope it's a positive change 'cos I certainly haven't taken out any more credit anywhere❗ 😯

It was the mortgage, apparently we're "a month and a bit in arrears" but it's taken a month to appear on my credit score.  Looks like I'll be using my savings to clear it again and won't get any credit for it.  Again.

Thursday 10 September 2020

Haven't posted all day 'cos I forgot and I'm going to bed soon, but...

...I went to see the nurse again this morning and she's happy that my blood pressure is stable and I've put on 1kg of weight since I was last weighed, so she didn't mention the dietician again, thankfully.  I've also applied for my Blue Badge and got an initial appointment for my memory test on the 25th then we'll see what happens from there.  


I've got a CPN appointment tomorrow morning on the phone, so I hope I remember to ask him to adjust my repeat prescription to 56 tablets of the 2.5mg that the pharmacist halfed to 28 pills per repeat prescription request for some bizarre reason.

I've also got an appointment that I knew nothing about on 1st October for my annual flu jab so it's all go for me, medically speaking 😄

I've taken all my pills for today, so as soon as my evening ones start kicking in I'm gonna head to bed for an early-ish night.  Doubt there will be another blog post before then, so I'll say nite nite orl and I'll see you all again tomorrow... hopefully sooner than today 😁

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Virus free for another week

The virus scan has just finished and I'm still free of nasties, so time to start the weekly back-ups now, then take the puppy dog out for her stroll, have lunch, bring the groceries in, have a bath and get ready for tomorrow.

Aksherly, I might put my Fitbit back around my ankle (it's been charging up for the last couple of hours) and see if the puppy is ready for her stroll yet, 'cos she really didn't fancy it this morning and she's been finding it harder and harder to get going each morning for the last week or so, but is usually fine again by lunchtime and has more energy in the evenings for her second walk... I'm taking my lead from her now though.

Totally forgot about the weekly virus scan, but...'s underway now, after a reboot.  I've taken my pills and I'm trying to persuade the puppy to go on her first stroll of the day now, but she's currently walking up and down the back of the sofa 😀

Steve had a look at the shopping last night, while I was in bed, and discovered that I'd taken my pop off so he's gonna ask his mum to get more for me when they do their shopping.  Bet it'll be cola or lemonade so that he gets even more drinks but I still don't, which'll be my fault too, just like with my father.

I've given up on trusting people now 'cos they always break my trust but automatically assume that I won't break theirs and I'm fed up of it now.  I'll do whatever the other person wants and forget about my needs and opinions again, same as always 😞

Tuesday 8 September 2020

Honest opinions please?!

I'm pondering on going back to the once-a-day blog posts again, but I haven't made up my mind yet, so I'm putting it out there for your views on if you prefer multiple short posts a day or if you want just one long one❓  Personally I don't mind either way, which is why I'm throwing the floor open to all of you, to see what you would prefer.


Leave me a comment in reply to this and just let me know if you want multiple short ones or one long one a day... you can remain anonymous if you want to, I just want to go with what the majority want is all.


Had our tea and it was easy and yummy...

...need to let it "go down" before I take my last two pills of the day and head to bed though❗

Puppy's been walked and fed for the last time today

She was a good girl on her walk and absolutely devoured her tea, bless 'er.  Just waiting for the humans to have their tea now.

Got some photo's of our beautiful little girl on my homepage now

Just taken a few photos of our beautiful little puppy that I've put up on my homepage now... she's desperately in need of a grooming session, so it's a good job she's booked in for the 24th 😉


The puppy has been walked and fed, I've taken my pills and...

...adjusted the shopping so that Steve could have even more stuff and I haven't got any pop for the next week now.


The stuff just for Steve (meaty things mainly) come to £10.70 but mine (literally a bottle of squirty soap for the bathroom and another bottle of squash) comes to £2.60 - hardly fair, is it❓  Means that Steve'll be drinking pop and squash as well as tea and coffee next week, but I'll be having water so that I've got enough squash to last for my pills.  He used the "I put £3 in that we haven't used yet so that'll cover the extra £3 over budget" excuse again, but for the last two weeks we've been £2 over the budget, so if I'd left my pop on, we'd still have been £4 over the budget for the last two weeks or £7 before his added £3 but I bet he'll use the same excuse again next week, same as always.


Monday 7 September 2020

Puppy's been walked and fed, I finished a course with a score of...

...90% and I've taken my pills, so I'm gonna head to bed for an early night in a bit, so I'll say nite nite to you all now and I'll see you again tomorrow.

That's the puppy walked and fed as well as...

...the rubbish and recycling been collected and the bags and boxes brought back in.


My Fitbit app isn't working so I'm gonna have to reboot... BBS.


Mornin' all

Hello everyone

I've had me breakfast and sorted out the spreadsheets for another week, as well as taking my pills so I'm all sorted until lunchtime when I take the Calcium now.  The rubbish vehicle has just reversed down the street, so I'm gonna go for a wee, bring the rubbish bag in and then walk the puppy dog.

Sunday 6 September 2020

Prescriptions taken, so as soon as my watch has finished charging up...

...I'm gonna head to beddy-byes.


Had me lunch, taken the puppy out for her walk, put the...

...walkies spreadsheet up on my site and I'm charging up my Fitbit and watch ready for tomorrow.  I'm gonna have an early night tonight I reckon, 'cos I'm totally wiped out for some reason and I wanna make sure my body can cope with 'marathon Monday' tomorrow.


Puppy's had half her morning walk, so...'ll be the other half before she has her lunch today.   Maybe I'm being naive again, but I reckon the reason the puppy didn't want to go on her stroll first thing, was because she needed a poo 💩.

She's just taken me out for part 2 of the walk and seemed to enjoy it more than she did this morning, so naive or not, I'm gonna keep thinking that she was being kind to me this morning.

Time for lunch 🍴 now.

Food waste and blue bag taken out too, so I'm gonna...

...recover for a while, then take the puppy out and have my lunch.


Glass has gone out now too, so just need to...

 ...walk the puppy for the first time today now, then I can relax until this evening.  It's only once a week, thankfully - don't think I could cope with it more often 😖

That's the rubbish and recycling gone out

Took the recycling out, cleared up the puppy's poo 💩, then the rubbish and finally sorted out the glass jars that were on the top of the hob.  Gonna take the glass out now then try and walk the puppy again... we'll see what happens after that.


Breakfast eaten, pills taken, organiser refilled, Fitbit charging up, but...

...the puppy doesn't want to go for her walk and Steve doesn't want to do the rubbish and recycling 😣  Seems like it's gonna be another late start to the day with the first walk of the day and getting the stuff outside ready for it to be collected in the morning 😔😒

Saturday 5 September 2020

Coffee cake for tea, pills taken and college course found

The pills are already starting to kick in, so this'll be a short blog post, but I've found a free college course that is entirely online but I'm pretty sure I've already emailed the college about it and decided against it 'cos I haven't got the Benefits Agency letter about my ESA award any more (but that was getting on for 20 years ago now... can you honestly say that you have got every single piece of paperwork you've ever had for the last two decades❓).


I've sent the URL to Steve to see if any of them take his fancy 'cos he's got a very recent letter to say his benefit is continuing so hopefully 🤞 he'll be accepted.


I'm gonna have a really early night for a change and head to bed before 8pm 🕗.  Nite nite orl 💤

Yummy pasta bake for lunch today

I was wrong when I said we wouldn't be having it today - Steve proved me wrong and said he enjoyed making it, so we'll hopefully be having it semi-regularly now.  I've already added another packet of grated cheese to the next grocery order that's due on Wednesday early afternoon.  Apparently we'll be getting a dozen eggs as standard, without needing to request them each week too, so that's waffles and eggs or egg and chips or omlette or whatever each week now too, as standard.  Gonna add the oil to the shopping order so that we can have non-stick things that come up the sides of the pan too.


I forgot!

Just taken the puppy for her morning stroll then fed and watered her, but forgot to take my morning pills first... no wonder I've felt cruddy and unsteady since I woke up❗ 😞  Hold on and I'll take them now, before I forget again...

Taken them now... they all went down pretty easily, thankfully, so that's me dosed up until this evening now.

Started virus scan, had breakfast, about to...

...take my pills (it's Saturday, so I don't take the FA which means I can take the Calcium), then I'll walk the puppy.


I've remembered to put liquid soap onto Wednesday's order and it's only £1.30 for 500ml rather than the 90p for 300ml that Steve found and put on there first❗


The puppy wants to go outside, so I'll take her out, put the bowls in the sink and then hopefully take her for her first stroll of the day.


Friday 4 September 2020

Very unhealthy day today

Evening all.

We had cake for lunch and junk food for tea so my calorie count is now through the roof... hopefully that'll go a small way to helping me put on the weight that the nurse wants me to though❗

The puppy was more willing to go for her evening walk today, then we came home and she had her tea and went for a poo in the back yard so got a biccy as a reward.

I'm thinking it'll be a late night tonight 'cos my stomach won't appreciate doing 150 sit-ups so soon after eating and I don't fancy going to sleep feeling sick either, so I'll give it until at least 9pm 🕘 or even 10pm 🕙 before I even think about heading to bed.

Had my breakfast, took my morning pills... Facebook and I've just taken my Calcium, so I'm all dosed up until this evening now.


Had chocolate porridge for brekky for the first time in my life... for some reason it sent the temperature of the porridge through the roof and Steve didn't believe me until he had a mouthful of his too.


We're having chocolate cake slices and angel cake for lunch 'cos Steve "can't be arsed to cook today, sorry" which is fine by me as long as it doesn't get back to being junk food and take aways for every meal again... I much prefer home-cooked food and always have, as well as it being considerably cheaper.


I've just requested 🥺 pasta bake for lunch tomorrow and Steve's agreed but I can almost guarantee he'll complain about how long it takes to cook tomorrow 🙄

Morning again everyone

I've set the daily virus scan running, taken my pills, updated my NaNo project ready for November and I'm about to have my breakfast, then I'll take the puppy out for her first stroll of the day.


Thursday 3 September 2020

Book Review: "On The Verge" by Zane Martin

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5
This should be interesting... I rarely laugh at anything, especially books and I've never read a graphic novel in my life, so this should be an interesting experiment!

As predicted, not even a glimmer of a smile, let alone laughter.  I've no doubt that some people might enjoy this book and laugh out loud at it, but it didn't float my boat at all unfortunately.  The only reason I'm giving it 5 stars is because every book I review starts off with 5 stars and it wouldn't be fair to knock off a star just because it didn't tickle my funny-bone.  If your humour is tickled easily and you want a quick read that takes under an hour from start to finish, then you might enjoy this book more than me, it's just not my kinda thing though, unfortunately.  Sorry.

Had our lunches and the puppy didn't fancy...

...her second stroll this afternoon, so I went on me own and even ventured a touch further up the road than I go with her... only an extra few steps, but every step counts 😉.  Think I'll go on our standard strolls with the puppy, but if/when I go out on my own, I'll work on going to where I went today and take it from there.

Just taken loads of photo's of the puppy dog

Our beautiful puppy is definitely back to herself again now 'cos she's not looking at the camera in most of the photos I've just taken of her, which is normal for her 😀.  They are all up on my homepage if you wanna go and have a look at 'em❓

Puppy's been walked and fed, Steve's gone to get his hair cut so...

...the rest of the day is mine now❗  Bit peeved that Steve will have seen his family the same in 5 days (by Friday) as I've seen my mum since the start of 2010.  Hardly fair, is it❓

Book Review: "We Are Family" by Nicola Gill

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

This is a good book so far... my only complaint is that there is very little speech between characters so far.

Almost half way through and I'm still mostly enjoying it, but she's sprinkled in a few big brand names that I hope the author has got written permission to use, or she could get herself into serious legal trouble.

Only got 67 pages left to read then it's finished!  The only reason it's not getting the full 5 stars is the brand names that are used is all... a little thing, but it could save the author oneheckuva lot of trouble if she'd got permission to use them before publishing her book.

Just finished the book and I have to admit that it was pretty disappointing.  The beginning and end weren't too good, but the middle was a great read.

Wednesday 2 September 2020

Puppy's had her first meal of the day and...

...absolutely devoured it.  No ill effects yet, but assuming it all stays inside her and doesn't affect her poo's too badly then things are hopefully 🤞 back to normal and the puppy just had a bit of an iffy tummy this morning was all, like everyone does occasionally.  As long as her poo tomorrow is solid then I can, officially, stop worrying.


Time to take my evening pills now and check my email for the first time today, then head to bed for an early night with any luck.




Just walked the puppy, but...

...she had diarrhoea so I'm not gonna feed or walk her today or tomorrow and I'm not gonna get my hair cut tomorrow either, so that I can look after her while she recovers, poor little puppy dog.

Virus scan started, pills taken, anxiety through the roof

It's the weekly "quick scan" that takes until well after lunchtime to complete, but that's OK 'cos it's only once a week.  I've taken my morning pills and must have been completely wiped out 'cos my Fitbit says that I was asleep for 7 hours and 45 minutes but not awake or even restless at all❗


I've remembered to record my achievements yesterday on the Fitbit Community site and the planks were weird again last night, especially on my right side again, but apparently that will improve if I keep doing it... I hope so❗


Tuesday 1 September 2020

Puppy fed and walked, tea eaten, so now it's time for bed...

...nite nite orl.


Puppy walked and fed for the second time today

We've caught up with this morning's lengths now and the puppy is fast asleep again, but just our normal lengths left for this evening now.


I've also updated my Fitbit page with the email report that came through while I was out with the puppy dog.  I'm getting incredibly anxious about tomorrow, even though it's not for 24½ hours yet❗  I just hope I'll be accepted is all.

Busy morning so far

I've walked and fed the puppy, taken my pills, was going to review a book that's coming out a month later now, taken a survey, had my breakfast and done my morning squats.  Managed 15 this morning, and it definitely helped to have my legs at shoulder width instead of next to each other❗  The puppy only wanted to do two thirds of her walk this morning, so I'll take her out again soon to do the other third, then it'll be back to normal again this evening.