Friday 25 September 2020

Haven't made any blog posts since this morning because...

...I forgot, TBH with you.  You've had the majority of the day to yourselves without me boring you with my drivel 😉


The call from the doctor that I was expecting after lunch came literally as soon as I got home with the puppy... didn't even have time to take her harness off.  He basically wants me to have a blood test for something or other to see if that's affecting my memory which I've gotta arrange next week then phone up a few days after the blood test to get the results.  He seemed shocked that my memory had been so bad since I came out of hospital in 2003 with no-one testing it before now, but things are happening now and I'll hopefully have some answers soon... hopefully it won't take the years and emergency hospital stay to work out what's going on, like it took to find out what my other illnesses are 🙄🤣

I've taken my pills scoffed half my Graze box... I will be mightily shocked and disappointed if I haven't put on at least a bit more weight than I did this week 'cos I scoffed about 3,000 calories but only burned half that on Tuesday according to my Fitbit graph 🤣

It's not even 7.30pm 🕢 yet, but I'm gonna have an early night I reckon... nite nite orl, sea ewe in the morning, as long as I remember this time 🙄🤣


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